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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
3581 C 021 dihydrochloride
Potent CCR4 antagonist
8007 C 101248
Selective and potent inhibitor of both mouse and human THIK-1
7040 C 176
mSTING antagonist
2489 C 75
Potent fatty acid synthase inhibitor; proapoptotic
5484 C 87
TNF-α inhibitor
5821 C-DIM 12
Nurr1 activator; inhibits NF-κB-dependent gene expression
7273 C-Laurdan
Two-photon polarity-sensitive lipid membrane probe
3520 C-type natriuretic peptide (1-22) (human, rat, swine)
Endogenous peptide agonist at NPR2
5382 C16
PKR inhibitor
7715 C25-140
TRAF6-Ubc13 interaction inhibitor
7692 C26-A6
Disrupts MTDH and SND1 interaction, enhances immune surveillance
7546 C28
Potent LMTK3 inhibitor
5373 C34
TLR4 inhibitor
4200 C 646
p300/CBP inhibitor
4863 CA 074
Selective cathepsin B inhibitor
7457 CAM 833
Selective orthosteric inhibitor of the BRCA2-RAD51 interaction
3337 CART (55-102) (rat)
Neuromodulatory neuropeptide fragment; satiety factor
5050 CASIN
Cdc42 inhibitor
5903 CATPB
FFA2 (GPR43) inverse agonist
2928 CB 13
Potent dual CB1/CB2 agonist
7379 CB 5083
Potent p97 ATPase inhibitor
2663 CB 65
High affinity, selective CB2 agonist
7591 CB 839
Potent glutaminase GLS1 inhibitor
6724 CBA
Selective TRPM4 blocker
6319 CBM 301940
Potent malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitor; orally bioavailable
7890 CBMR 0083
Potent allosteric FFA1 (GPR40) and 4 (GPR120) agonist
7018 CBR-470-1
PGK1 inhibitor; activates Nrf2
6258 CC 401 dihydrochloride
High affinity JNK inhibitor; also inhibits HCMV replication
5236 CC4
High affinity and subtype-selective α6β2 and α4β2 nAChR partial agonist
0452 CCCP
Oxidative phosphorylation uncoupler
5233 CCG 1423
Rho/SRF pathway inhibitor; induces intermediate mesoderm differentiation from ESCs
0333 L-CCG-l
Potent group II mGlu agonist
1166 CCK Octapeptide, sulfated
C-terminal octapeptide of CCK
3837 CCMI
Positive allosteric modulator of α7 nAChRs
2435 CCT 018159
Hsp90 inhibitor
4968 CCT 241533 dihydrochloride
Potent Chk2 inhibitor
4546 rac-CCT 250863
Potent Nek2 inhibitor
7799 CCT 369260
Molecular glue; induces degradation of BCL6
2554 CD 1530
Potent and selective RARγ agonist
3824 CD 2314
Selective RARβ agonist
3800 CD 2665
Selective RARβ/γ antagonist
3302 CD 3254
Potent and selective RXRα agonist
1549 CD 437
RARγ-selective agonist
6391 CD38 inhibitor 78c
Potent CD38 inhibitor; active in vivo
4737 CDDO Im
Nrf2 signaling activator
7372 CDK8/19i
Potent and selective CDK8 and CDK19 inhibitor; maintains pluripotency of mouse PSCs in culture
5869 CDN 1163
SERCA2 allosteric activator
3235 CDPPB
Positive allosteric modulator of mGlu5 receptors
4793 CE3F4
Noncompetitive Epac1 inhibitor
5969 (R)-CE3F4
Epac inhibitor; R-enantiomer of CE3F4 (Cat. No. 4793)
7952 CELT-133
Selective hα1A adrenergic receptor fluorescent antagonist
7953 CELT-211
Fluorescent serotonin 5HT2B receptor ligand for HTS
7954 CELT-327
Potent and selective hA2B/A3 adenosine receptor fluorescent antagonist
7955 CELT-426
Potent and partially selective hD2 dopamine receptor fluorescent antagonist
8108 CEP
Chemoproteomic reagent, clickable electrophilic purine for RNA binding profiling in live cells
4924 CEP 1347
Inhibitor of JNK signaling
7991 CEPT Cocktail Kit
Cell culture supplement for improving stem cell survival
3430 CFTRinh 172
Voltage-independent, selective CFTR chloride channel blocker
7425 CG 428
Potent tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) degrader
7426 CG 428-Neg
Negative control for CG 428 (Cat. No. 7425)
7427 CG 858
Selective BRAF-V600E protein Degrader (uSMITE™)
7428 CG 858-Neg
Negative control for CG 858 (Cat. No. 7427)
6965 CGI 1746
Potent, reversible BTK inhibitor
2639 CGK 733
Induces apoptosis in prematurely senescent cells
1134 CGP 12177 hydrochloride
β3 partial agonist. β12 antagonist
1024 CGP 20712 dihydrochloride
Highly potent and selective β1 antagonist
2966 CGP 3466B maleate
GAPDH inhibitor; neuroprotective
1245 CGP 35348
Selective GABAB antagonist; brain penetrant
3219 CGP 36216 hydrochloride
GABAB antagonist; displays activity at presynaptic receptors
1114 CGP 37157
Antagonist of mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchange
1469 CGP 37849
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist
1409 CGP 39551
Potent, selective and competitive NMDA antagonist
2569 CGP 42112
Selective, high affinity AT2 ligand
1247 CGP 46381
Selective GABAB antagonist; brain penetrant
1246 CGP 52432
Potent and selective GABAB antagonist
2442 CGP 53353
Selective inhibitor of PKCβII
1088 CGP 54626 hydrochloride
Potent and selective GABAB antagonist
1248 CGP 55845 hydrochloride
Potent and selective GABAB antagonist
2731 CGP 57380
Selective inhibitor of Mnk1
5471 CGP 60474
Potent cdk inhibitor
2199 CGP 71683 hydrochloride
Highly selective and potent non-peptide NPY Y5 receptor antagonist
5472 CGP 74514 dihydrochloride
Potent CDK1 inhibitor
1493 CGP 78608 hydrochloride
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
1513 CGP 7930
Positive allosteric modulator of GABAB receptors
3012 α-CGRP (human)
CGRP agonist
1161 CGRP (rat)
Potent vasodilator
1181 CGRP 8-37 (human)
CGRP antagonist
1169 CGRP 8-37 (rat)
CGRP antagonist
0638 CGS 12066B dimaleate
5-HT1B agonist
1699 CGS 15943
Potent adenosine receptor antagonist
1241 CGS 19755
Potent competitive NMDA antagonist
1063 CGS 21680 hydrochloride
A2A agonist
2512 CGS 35066
Endothelin-converting enzyme (ECE) inhibitor
2255 CGS 9343B
Calmodulin antagonist
3858 CH 223191
Potent aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) antagonist
5029 CHC
MCT inhibitor; decreases glycoloysis
6725 CHDI 00390576
Potent and selective class IIa HDAC inhibitor; brain penetrant
7879 CHDI 00484077
Potent and selective HDAC class IIa inhibitor
8063 CHDI 113
Potent HTT pre-RNA splicing modulator
6695 CHIR 98014
Highly potent and selective GSK-3 inhibitor
TB4423-GMP CHIR 99021
CHIR 99021 synthesized to cGMP guidelines
4953 CHIR 99021 trihydrochloride
Hydrochloride salt of CHIR 99021 (Cat. No. 4423); selective GSK-3 inhibitor
1049 CHPG
mGlu5 selective agonist
3695 CHPG Sodium salt
Selective mGlu5 agonist; sodium salt of CHPG (Cat. No. 1049)
3595 CHR 2797
Aminopeptidase inhibitor
5326 CHR 6494 trifluoroacetate
Potent and selective haspin inhibitor
6753 CHS 828
NAMPT inhibitor; active in vivo and cytotoxic
1296 CI 966 hydrochloride
Selective inhibitor of GAT-1
2227 CI 976
Selective ACAT inhibitor
2607 CI 988
Potent and selective CCK2 antagonist
7494 CIA 1
COUP-TFII inhibitor
6544 CID 1375606
GPR27 agonist
4959 CID 16020046
Selective GPR55 antagonist
4293 CID 2745687
GPR35 antagonist
3327 CID 755673
Selective protein kinase D inhibitor
5521 CIM 0216
Selective TRPM3 agonist
7812 CIMBA hydrochloride
Potent and selective G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) antagonist
5605 CINPA 1
Potent CAR antagonist
4105 CIQ
Potentiator of NMDA receptors containing GluN2C/GluN2D
3683 CITCO
Selective CAR agonist
7811 CITFA
Potent G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) agonist
3950 CK 666
Arp2/3 inhibitor; inhibits actin polymerization
5329 CKI 7 dihydrochloride
CK1 inhibitor
6142 CL 075
TLR8 agonist
1499 CL 316243 disodium salt
Highly selective β3 agonist
2632 CL 82198 hydrochloride
Selective inhibitor of MMP-13
5582 TAT-cyclo-CLLFVY
Selective HIF-1 dimerization inhibitor
5242 CLP 257
Selective KCC2 activator
6758 CLP 290
K+/Cl- cotransporter 2 (KCC2) activator; orally bioavailable prodrug of CLP 257 (Cat. No.5242)
6933 CM 10
ALDH1A inhibitor; depletes CD133+ cancer stem cells
6416 CM 11
Homo-PROTAC® for self-degradation of pVHL30
6677 CMA
Murine-selective STING agonist
2186 CMPD-1
Selective inhibitor of p38α-mediated MK2a phosphorylation; also tubulin polymerization inhibitor
5642 CMPD101
Potent and selective GRK2/3 inhibitor
5963 CMPI hydrochloride
Potent positive allosteric modulator of α4β2 nAChRs; also inhibitor of (α4)2(β2)3, muscle-type and Torpedo nAChRs
4642 4-CMTB
FFA2 agonist; also exhibits positive allosteric modulatory activity
0190 CNQX
Potent and selective non-NMDA iGluR antagonist
1045 CNQX disodium salt
Potent non-NMDA iGluR antagonist; more water soluble form of CNQX (Cat. No. 0190)
6354 CNV Dopamine
Caged dopamine; photolysed by UV light
3405 COG 133
ApoE peptide fragment
5320 CORM 3
Water-soluble carbon monoxide-releasing molecule
4193 CP 100356 hydrochloride
P-gp inhibitor
3649 CP 122721 hydrochloride
High affinity NK1 antagonist
2779 CP 154526
Selective, non-peptide CRF1 antagonist
3542 CP 316819
Selective glycogen phosphorylase inhibitor
3212 CP 376395 hydrochloride
Potent and selective CRF1 antagonist; binds at an allosteric site
6558 CP 43
Potent TAOK inhibitor
2932 CP 465022 hydrochloride
Selective and non-competitive AMPA antagonist
5993 CP 673451
Potent and selective PDGFR inhibitor
4556 CP 690550 citrate
Potent JAK inhibitor
4190 CP 775146
Selective, high affinity PPARα agonist
3041 CP 809101 hydrochloride
Potent and selective 5-HT2C agonist
1032 CP 93129 dihydrochloride
5-HT1B agonist
1317 CP 94253 hydrochloride
Potent and selective 5-HT1B agonist
4236 CP 945598 hydrochloride
CB1 antagonist
2893 CP 96345
Potent and selective NK1 antagonist
3417 CP 99994 dihydrochloride
High affinity NK1 antagonist
1028 CPCCOEt
Selective non-competitive mGlu1 antagonist
5331 CPI 203
BET bromodomain inhibitor; arrests cell cycle at G1 phase
0247 (R)-CPP
Potent NMDA antagonist; more active enantiomer of (RS)-CPP
0173 (RS)-CPP
Potent NMDA antagonist
0972 CPPG
Potent group III mGlu antagonist
1265 D-CPP-ene
Potent competitive NMDA antagonist
7800 CPS2
Potent and selective CDK2 Degrader (PROTAC®)
4400 (±)-CPSI 1306
Reported macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) inhibitor
2688 CPT 11
DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor; antitumor
1645 8-CPT-2Me-cAMP, sodium salt
Selective Epac activator
4568 CPYPP
DOCK2-Rac1 interaction inhibitor
3605 (R)-CR8
Cdk inhibitor; potently inhibits cdk1 and cdk2; also inhibits CK1; acts as molecular glue
4803 CRANAD 2
Near-infrared probe that detects Aβ40 aggregates
7219 CRBN PROTAC® 14a
Cereblon Degrader (PROTAC®)
6948 CRBN-6-5-5-VHL
Potent and selective cereblon Degrader (PROTAC®); cell-permeable
1151 CRF (human, rat)
Stimulates ACTH release
5479 CRID3 sodium salt
Potent NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor; inhibits IL-1β production
4975 CRT 0066101
Potent protein kinase D (PKD) inhibitor
5922 CRT 0066854 hydrochloride
PKCι and PKCζ inhibitor
6273 CRT 0105950
Potent LIMK1/2 inhibitor
4543 CS 2100
Selective S1P1 agonist
7982 CS 640
Potent CaM kinase I inhibitor
7089 CSN5i-3
Potent and selective CSN5 (COP9 signalosome) inhibitor
7532 CSN5i-3-NEG
Negative control for CSN5i-3 (Cat. No. 7089)
8066 CST 530, Phenol
Functionalized IAP ligand for PROTACs®
8021 CST 626
Potent pan IAP Degrader (PROTAC®)
7745 CST 905
Potent and selective BRAFV600E Degrader (PROTAC®)
4726 CTA 056
ITK inhibitor
1560 CTAP
Potent and selective μ antagonist
5130 CTCE 9908
CXCR4 antagonist; antitumor
1578 CTOP
Potent and selective μ antagonist
7794 CTPI 2
Selective mitochondrial citrate transporter (SLC25A1) inhibitor
4884 CU CPT 22
Selective TLR1/2 inhibitor
4883 CU CPT 4a
Selective TLR3 inhibitor
6479 CU CPT 9a
Highly potent TLR8 inhibitor
7820 CU-76
Selective inhibitor of cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (cGAS)
5414 CU-T12-9
Potent TLR1/2 agonist
1710 CV 1808
Non-selective adenosine A2 receptor agonist
5164 CVT 10216
Potent and selective ALDH2 inhibitor
6174 CVT 313
Cdk2 and cdk5 inhibitor
5495 CW 008
PKA signaling activator; promotes osteogenesis from hMSCs
6144 CX08005
Competitive PTP1B inhibitor
2980 CX 546
AMPA potentiator
5149 CX 614
Positive allosteric modulator of AMPA receptors
6436 CY 09
NLRP3 inhibitor; active in vivo
1249 CY 208-243
Selective D1-like agonist
4677 CYM 50260
Potent and selective S1P4 agonist
4678 CYM 50308
Potent and selective S1P4 agonist
4679 CYM 50358 hydrochloride
Potent and selective S1P4 antagonist
4948 CYM 50769
Novel non-peptide NPBWR1 antagonist
3601 CYM 5442 hydrochloride
Selective S1P1 receptor agonist
5418 CYM 5520
Selective S1P2 allosteric agonist
4897 CYM 5541
Selective S1P3 receptor allosteric agonist
4606 CYM 9484
Potent NPY Y2 receptor antagonist
1843 CYN 154806
Selective sst2 antagonist
6071 CZC 25146
Potent LRRK2 inhibitor
4877 CaCCinh-A01
Calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) inhibitor
2664 Cabergoline
D2-like agonist (D2>D3>D4)
6264 Caerulein
CCK agonist
2743 Caffeic acid phenethyl ester
Specific inhibitor of NF-κB activation
1935 Caffeic acid-pYEEIE
Phosphopeptide ligand for src SH2 domain
2793 Caffeine
A1 and A2B antagonist. CNS stimulant
7181 Caffeine Orange
Selective, BODIPY-based fluorescent caffeine chemosensor
5119 Calcein AM
Cell permeable compound; hydrolyzed to become fluorescent in living cells
2700 Calcipotriol
Vitamin D3 analog
6031 Calcitonin (human)
Endogenous calcitonin agonist; inhibits bone resorption
1159 Calcitonin (salmon)
Affects bone formation and resorption
2551 Calcitriol
Vitamin D receptor (VDR) agonist
4387 Calhex 231 hydrochloride
Negative allosteric modulator of calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR)
2561 Calmidazolium chloride
Calmodulin antagonist
1626 Calphostin C
Potent, selective and photo-dependent PKC inhibitor
1336 Calyculin A
Protein phosphatase 1 and 2A inhibitor
7137 Cambinol
nSMase2 inhibitor
3193 Camostat mesylate
Orally active protease inhibitor; inhibits entry of SARS-Cov-2 into lung cells
1100 Camptothecin
DNA topoisomerase inhibitor
4791 Candesartan
AT1 antagonist
5916 Canertinib dihydrochloride
Potent EGFR kinase inhibitor
1570 (-)-Cannabidiol
Natural cannabinoid; GPR55 antagonist, weak CB1 antagonist, CB2 inverse agonist and AMT inhibitor
3021 Cannabigerol
Cannabinoid receptor partial agonist
0462 (E)-Capsaicin
TRPV agonist
0464 Capsazepine
TRPV antagonist; also activator of ENaCδ
6781 Capzimin dimer
Selective proteasome inhibitor
4098 Carbamazepine
Inhibitor of neuronal NaV channels; anticonvulsant
2810 Carbamoylcholine chloride
Non-selective cholinergic agonist
3096 Carbenoxolone disodium
Gap junction blocker. Also inhibitor of 11 β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
4852 Carbetocin
Oxytocin analog
0455 (S)-(-)-Carbidopa
Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase inhibitor
2626 Carboplatin
DNA cross-linking antitumor agent
0458 5-Carboxamidotryptamine maleate
5-HT1 agonist; also has high affinity for 5-ht5a and 5-HT7
0323 (S)-4-Carboxyphenylglycine
Competitive group I mGlu antagonist; also weak group II agonist
2509 Cardamonin
Inhibitor of NF-κB activation; anti-inflammatory
7188 Carfilzomib
Potent irreversible proteasome inhibitor; active in vivo
5358 Cariporide
Selective NHE1 inhibitor; cardioprotective and antitumor
2685 Carvedilol
Potent and non-selective β antagonist; also potent α1 antagonist
0759 Castanospermine
Glucosidases α and β inhibitor
7139 CeMMEC1
TAF1 inhibitor
6955 Ceapin A7
Selective inhibitor of ATF6α; sensitizes cells to ER stress
7454 Cediranib
Potent inhibitor of VEGFR, PDGFR and FGFR
5867 Ceefourin 1
Selective MRP4 inhibitor
3203 Celastrol
Inhibits TNF-α-induced NF-κB activation
3786 Celecoxib
Selective cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor
5476 Cell Activation Cocktail 500X
Cell activation cocktail
7368 Cell Counting Kit-8
Cell viability and proliferation assay test solution
5687 Centrinone
High affinity and selective PLK4 inhibitor
5690 Centrinone B
High affinity and selective PLK4 inhibitor
0744 Ceramide
Ser/Thr protein phosphatase activator
4448 Ceranib 1
Ceramidase inhibitor; antiproliferative
4500 Cercosporamide
Potent Mnk2 inhibitor
4492 Cerestat
Potent and noncompetitive NMDA antagonist
6905 Ceritinib
Highly potent ALK inhibitor; also potently inhibits IR, IGF1R, STK22D and FLT3
3536 Cetrorelix Acetate
Potent GnRH receptor antagonist
3689 Cevimeline hydrochloride
Selective M1 agonist
2020 Ch 55
Potent RAR agonist
4504 Chaetocin
SUV39H1 inhibitor
1330 Chelerythrine chloride
Cell-permeable protein kinase C inhibitor
7116 Chemerin-9, Human
Potent CMKLR1 agonist; c-terminal peptide of full length human chemerin
7117 Chemerin-9, Mouse
Potent CMKLR1 agonist; c-terminal peptide of full length mouse chemerin
0846 Chicago Sky Blue 6B
Dye used as counterstain in histochemistry; also potent inhibitor of L-glutamate uptake into synaptic vesicles; also inhibits MIF
0456 Chlormezanone
Positive allosteric modulator of benzodiazepine site
1705 2-Chloro-N6-cyclopentyladenosine
Potent and selective A1 agonist
3136 2-Chloroadenosine
Adenosine receptor agonist
4436 8-Chloroadenosine
Cytotoxic nucleoside analog; inhibits RNA synthesis
3697 7-Chlorokynurenic acid sodium salt
Potent competitive inhibitor of L-glutamate uptake. Sodium salt of 7-Chlorokynurenic acid (Cat. No. 0237)
0237 7-Chlorokynurenic acid
Potent competitive inhibitor of L-glutamate uptake
0938 p-Chlorophenylalanine
Tryptophan hydroxylase inhibitor
0440 m-Chlorophenylbiguanide hydrochloride
Potent and selective 5-HT3 agonist
0442 4-Chlorophenylguanidine hydrochloride
Urokinase inhibitor
4109 Chloroquine diphosphate
Antimalarial; inhibits apoptosis and autophagy
3306 8-(3-Chlorostyryl)caffeine
Selective A2A antagonist. Also MAO-B inhibitor
7945 Cholesterol
Component of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs); modulator of lipid bilayer fluidity
7163 Chroman 1
Highly potent and selective ROCK 2 inhibitor; improves cell survival after cryogenesis
1412 Chromanol 293B
IKs blocker. Also blocks ICFTR
1475 (-)-[3R,4S]-Chromanol 293B
IKs blocker. Enantiomer of Chromanol 293B (Cat. No. 1412)
6357 Ciclesonide
Glucocorticoid antiasthmatic prodrug
6384 Ciclopirox
Pan-histone demethylase inhibitor
5870 Cilengitide
Potent and selective inhibitor of integrins αvβ3 and αvβ5
4529 Ciliobrevin A
Hedgehog (Hh) pathway antagonist, inhibits ciliogenesis; also inhibits dynein
2629 Cilnidipine
Dual CaV1.x and CaV2.x blocker
0915 Cilostamide
PDE3 inhibitor
1692 Cilostazol
PDE3A inhibitor. Also adenosine uptake inhibitor
0902 Cimetidine
H2 antagonist, I1 agonist
6170 Cinacalcet hydrochloride
Allosteric Calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) agonist; also CYP2D2 inhibitor and Ca2+ channel blocker; orally bioavailable
0460 Cinanserin hydrochloride
Selective 5-HT2 antagonist; also 3C-like proteinase inhibitor
0888 Cirazoline hydrochloride
Selective α1 agonist
1695 Cisapride
5-HT4 agonist; stimulates intestinal ACh release
2251 Cisplatin
Potent pro-apoptotic anticancer agent; activates caspase-3
1427 Citalopram hydrobromide
Highly potent and selective 5-HT uptake inhibitor
5763 (R)-Citalopram oxalate
Enantiomer of escitalopram oxalate (Cat. No. 1427)
3812 Cl-4AS-1
Steroidal androgen receptor agonist
6321 10-Cl-BBQ
Potent aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) agonist; orally bioavailable
1104 2-Cl-IB-MECA
Highly selective A3 agonist
5292 Cladribine
Deoxyadenosine analog; pro-apoptotic
1453 Clemastine fumarate
H1 antagonist
6798 Click N-Acetylmuramic acid - alkyne
Bacterial peptidoglycan derivative; suitable for 'click'-conjugation to fluorescent dyes
7506 Click N-Acetylmuramic acid - azide
Bacterial peptidoglycan derivative; suitable for 'click'-conjugation to fluorescent dyes
0752 Clobenpropit dihydrobromide
Highly potent H3 antagonist and H4 partial agonist
0898 Clocinnamox mesylate
Irreversible μ antagonist
2600 Clofarabine
Deoxycytidine kinase (dCK) substrate
0824 Clofibrate
PPAR agonist
0690 Clonidine hydrochloride
α2 agonist. Also I1 ligand
1820 (+)-Clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate
Selective P2Y12 antagonist
2490 (±)-Clopidogrel hydrochloride
Selective P2Y12 antagonist
4096 Clotrimazole
Cytochrome P450 inhibitor; antifungal
0444 Clozapine
Dopamine antagonist with some D4 selectivity; also 5-HT2A/2C antagonist
4936 Clozapine N-oxide
Activator of hM3Dq and hM4Di DREADDs
6329 Clozapine N-oxide dihydrochloride
Activator of hM3Dq and hM4Di DREADDs; water soluble version of Clozapine N-oxide (Cat. No. 4936)
2456 Co 101244 hydrochloride
GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist
1364 Colchicine
Inhibitor of tubulin
3945 Colivelin
STAT3 activator; also protects against β-amyloid neurotoxicity
6476 Compound E
γ-secretase inhibitor; induces neuronal differentiation
2585 Compstatin
C3-binding peptide; inhibits complement activation
3796 Compstatin control peptide
Control peptide for Compstatin (Cat. No. 2585)
2656 Concanamycin A
H+-ATPase (vacuolar) inhibitor
7056 Conduritol B epoxide
Irreversible glucocerebrosidase (β-glucosidase) inhibitor; used to generate Gaucher disease models
6830 Conivaptan hydrochloride
Very high affinity vasopressin V1A and V2 antagonist; orally bioavailable
1085 ω-Conotoxin GVIA
CaV2.2 blocker
7920 CoraFluor™ 1, amine reactive
Terbium cryptate FRET donor for TR-FRET assay development; amine reactive for conjugation
7950 CoraFluor™ 2, amine reactive
Terbium cryptate FRET donor for TR-FRET assay development; amine reactive for conjugation
2294 Cordycepin
RNA synthesis inhibitor
3685 Corticosterone
Endogenous glucocorticoid
3374 Cortistatin 14
Endogenous neuropeptide; binds sst1 - sst5, ghrelin receptor and MRGPRX2
7485 Covidcil-19
Binds to SARS-CoV-2 frameshifting element and reduces frameshifting efficiency
4368 Crizotinib
Potent c-MET/ALK inhibitor
6025 (S)-Crizotinib
MTH1 inhibitor
1571 Cucurbitacin I
Selective inhibitor of STAT3/JAK2 signaling
7394 Cy5B-trisulfo, NHS
Restricted conformation cyanine dye with high quantum yield and long fluorescence lifetime for advanced microscopy applications
2953 CyPPA
KCa2.2 and KCa2.3 (SK) channel activator
6457 Cyanine 3 Tyramide
Orange fluorescent reagent widely used for signal amplification in IHC and FISH
6458 Cyanine 5 Tyramide
Red fluorescent reagent widely used for signal amplification in IHC and FISH
5436 Cyanine 5, SE
Red fluorescent dye (Reactive group: NHS ester). Application: confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry
0993 Cyanopindolol hemifumarate
5-HT1A and 5-HT1B antagonist; also β-adrenergic antagonist
3116 Cyclapolin 9
Selective, ATP-competitive PLK1 inhibitor
3180 α-Cyclodextrin
Cyclic complexing agent
3181 β-Cyclodextrin
Cyclic complexing agent
0970 Cycloheximide
Inhibitor of protein synthesis
1623 Cyclopamine
Inhibitor of Hedgehog (Hh) signaling
6137 8-Cyclopentyl-1,3-dimethylxanthine
High affinity adenosine A1 receptor antagonist
1702 N6-Cyclopentyladenosine
Potent and selective A1 agonist
4091 Cyclophosphamide
Alkylating agent; chemotherapeutic
1235 Cyclopiazonic acid
Inhibitor of SERCA ATPase
3493 Cyclosomatostatin
Non-selective sst antagonist
1101 Cyclosporin A
Calcineurin inhibitor
6982 Cyclosporin H
Enhances lentiviral transduction
0713 Cyclothiazide
Positive allosteric modulator of AMPA receptors; inhibits AMPA desensitization
5062 Cyclotraxin B
TrkB receptor antagonist
2601 Cyprodime hydrochloride
Selective μ antagonist
7337 Cysmethynil
ICMT inhibitor; arrests cell-cycle at G1 phase
4520 Cytarabine
Nucleoside analog; inhibits DNA replication
1390 (-)-Cytisine
Potent and selective neuronal nAChRagonist
5474 Cytochalasin B
Inhibitor of actin polymerization
1233 Cytochalasin D
Disrupts actin filament function
5459 Cytosporone B
High affinity Nur77 agonist

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