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Tocris Bioscience is your trusted supplier of innovative and high-performance life science reagents, including receptor agonists and antagonists, enzyme inhibitors, ion channel modulators and fluorescent probes and dyes. Located at an industry leading, state of the art chemistry facility in the UK, Tocris leave nothing to chance in providing you with the most effective life science tools available, making Tocris the supplier of choice for your research needs.

A Short Video About Our Company

Filmed in our state of the art chemistry facility in the UK, this short video provides a brief overview of the products and services available from Tocris for life science research, including small molecule and peptide agonists, antagonists and inhibitors for use in vivo and in vitro, as well as agents for fluorescent imaging.

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Introduction to Tocris

Tocris is Trusted by Researchers Worldwide

Tocris has been working with scientists for over 30 years to provide the life science community with the latest research tools available. We have collaborations with research institutes and pharmaceutical companies around the world to ensure you have access to the tool compounds necessary to drive your research forward.

Our products are cited in over 30,000 publications by researchers worldwide, including in high impact journals such as Nature, Cell Press, and PNAS. 30,000 is a lot of publications, so we believe that Tocris products are the best solution for your research, but don’t just take our word for it, our customers agree, with over 90% of our product reviews being 4 or 5 stars*.

  Parthenolide as a behavioral cocaine antagonist

“I have used Tocris’ Parthenolide (Cat. No. 0610) for a few years in my research program searching for behavioral antagonists of cocaine. This research has resulted in 5 peer-reviewed papers and the discovery story is included in a chapter of my book The First Brain: The Neuroscience of Planarians. There are at least 4 more papers in preparation and the project is still going strong. In the initial phases of my project, I evaluated several suppliers of parthenolide and Tocris’ offering consistently came ahead in terms of customer service and compound purity, and I do not intend to change suppliers. I recommend this product and the company without reservation.”

Dr. One Pagan, West Chester University, PA, USA

We Can Help Advance Your Research

We love science, as much as you do, and like nothing more than helping scientists advance their research. The Tocris catalog contains over 4,000 compounds covering more than 400 targets, enabling you to modulate the activity of numerous signaling pathways and physiological processes. But science doesn’t stand still, and neither does our portfolio. We are continuously adding new products to our range, so you will always find the latest and most effective tools for your target or pathway of interest.

Tocris products offer the best solution for you to explore the mechanism of action of your biological system; validate a biological hypothesis in cellular or animal models of disease; and identify targets for the development of potential therapeutics; adding to and enhancing your dataset as you move towards publication.

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Our Promise To You

Exceptional Quality

At Tocris we understand the need for researchers to trust their research reagents, which is why we are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality product available, so you can publish your experimental data with confidence. Our experienced chemistry and analytical teams ensure that we deliver compounds to extremely high purity (≥ 98% by HPLC), as well as perform extensive analysis not undertaken by other suppliers, to ensure there are no unwanted impurities in the final product.

Consistent Resupply

Life science research is constantly moving forward, with new discoveries being made every day, so we understand that you won’t want to delay your experiments waiting for your order to arrive. Tocris ensures that over 99.5% of products are in stock at all times, and that we deliver within 1-3 business days of receiving your order. You can also have confidence that if you need to scale up your experiments, we will have the same product available to be shipped to you as soon as you place your order.

An Innovative Stream of New Products

Innovation is the cornerstone of our mission to drive life science research forward and make new discoveries possible. Tocris has a dedicated team of PhD qualified product managers who are continuously identifying the most innovative tool compounds available for us to provide to the life science community. We introduce around 400 new products a year, many of which are exclusive to Tocris, so make sure you keep checking out the new product releases on our website, or sign up to receive our newsletter, so you don’t miss the next best and innovative solution for your research.

A Quick and Easy Ordering Process

When you decide to place an order with Tocris you can be assured of a quick and easy ordering process. Once your institution or company is registered with Bio-Techne you can order through the Tocris website with our easy to use cart process. Alternatively you can contact our dedicated customer service team who will process your order quickly and efficiently.

Start browsing the Tocris product range today and begin your journey to your next publication.

*Review data taken on the 11th June 2018 from 189 product reviews.