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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
7700 MitoBrilliant™ 646
Universal red fluorescent mitochondrial stain for both live and fixed cells
7701 RAGE 229
ctRAGE-DIAPH1 interaction antagonist; reduces inflammatory signaling in diabetic mice
7705 Masitinib
Potent colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor (CSF-1R) tyroine kinase inhibitor
7706 ADU-S100 disodium salt
STING agonist
7709 Trametinib
Potent and selective MEK inhibitor; orally bioavailable
7710 Vismodegib
Potent hedgehog pathway inhibitor
7711 Polybrene
Viral transduction enhancer
7713 AMG 510
Potent and selective KRASG12C inhibitor
7714 EDA-DA
Unnatural dipeptide building block with alkyne group for functionalizing peptidoglycan
7715 C25-140
TRAF6-Ubc13 interaction inhibitor
7716 N-methylated pomalidomide
Functionalized cereblon ligand for generating Degrader negative controls; also used as Pomalidomide negative control
7717 Disitertide
TGF-β1 inhibitor
7718 3',2'-cGAMP sodium salt
Induces expression of STING and STING-related genes; antiviral
7719 TH 9619 disodium salt
MTHFD2 inhibitor
7720 SJ 6986
Molecular glue; induces degradation of GSPT1/2
7721 SJ 11646
Potent and selective LCK Degrader (PROTAC®)
7722 JQ1-FITC
Fluorescent BET bromodomain probe; suitable for use in TR-FRET
7723 RGD peptide
Minimal recognition sequence for integrin binding; potent integrin inhibitor
7725 GLP-2 (3-33)
Peptide antagonist of glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) receptor
7726 DMSO, Cell Cryopreserve Grade
Intracellular cryoprotective agent
7727 SJ 10542
Potent and selective JAK2/3 Degrader (PROTAC®)
7728 VU 6015929
Potent and selective discoidin domain receptor 1/2 inhibitor
7729 Phenyl-glutarimide 4'-piperazine
Piperazine-functionalized cereblon ligand for PROTAC development
7730 AS2717638
Selective, brain penetrant LPA5 antagonist
7732 Pomalidomide 4'-alkylC10-amine
Cereblon ligand with alkyl linker and terminal amine for onward chemistry
7733 Thalidomide 5'-amine-alkylC10-amine
Cereblon ligand with alkyl linker and terminal amine for onward chemistry
7734 proTAME
Cell-permeable APC/C inhibitor
7735 Thalidomide 5'-amine-PEG1-amine
Cereblon ligand with PEG linker and terminal amine for onward chemistry
7736 Thalidomide 5'-amine-PEG2-amine
Cereblon ligand with PEG linker and terminal amine for onward chemistry
7737 Thalidomide 5'-amine-PEG3-amine
Cereblon ligand with PEG linker and terminal amine for onward chemistry
7739 Polyamine Supplement x1000 (lyophilized)
Media supplement to boost cell growth; used as component of CEPT cocktail to enhance stem cell viability
7741 STING agonist C53
Pan-polymorph STING agonist
PAR3 peptide agonist
7743 Linifanib
Potent inhibitor of PDGFRβ, KDR, FLT3 and CSF-1R
7745 CST 905
Potent and selective BRAFV600E Degrader (PROTAC®)
7749 ICG-d7
Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent dye; partially deuterated form of Indocyanine Green (Cat. No. 7510), suitable for in vivo imaging.
7750 Ac4GlcNAlk
Metabolic chemical reporter for studying glycosylation and glycoproteins
7751 1-Hex-GlcNAlk
Metabolic chemical reporter for studying glycosylation and glycoproteins
7754 M4K2163 dihydrochloride
Potent and selective ALK2 inhibitor
7755 Asunaprevir
Potent hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS3 protease inihibitor
7756 DAF FM diacetate
Cell permeable photostable nitric oxide (NO) fluorescent indicator
7757 AZ 13824374
Potent and selective ATAD2 bromodomain inhibitor
7758 VH 101, acid
VHL ligand, carboxylic acid functionalized at the benzylic position
7759 UNC 1215, acid
Functionalized L3MBTL3 ligand for PROTACs
7760 Selinexor
Selective exportin 1 (XPO1/CRM1) inhibitor
7761 Ivosidenib
Potent inhibitor of mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase (mIDH1)
7762 EED 226
Potent and selective EED inhibitor
7764 DMHBO+
Fluorescent upon binding to Chili aptamer; for imaging RNA in cells
7768 Disulfide biotin azide
Azide-activated biotinylation reagent; labels alkyne moieties via copper-catalyzed click chemistry
7771 TP-040
Potent and selective O-GlcNAcase (OGA) inhibitor
7773 tDHU, acid
Functionalized cereblon ligand for PROTAC development
7774 VH 032
Inhibitor of VHL; blocks interaction of VHL and HIF-α
7778 TH 10785
OGG1 activator
7780 β-GalNAc-PEG4-Azide
Asialoglycoprotein receptor ligand with PEG4 linker and azide group for onward chemistry
7781 tri-GalNAc-C5-amine
Asialoglycoprotein receptor ligand with alkylC5 linker and amine group for onward chemistry
7783 Upadacitinib
JAK1-selective inhibitor
7786 GSK 2256098
Potent focal adhesion kinase (FAK) inhibitor
7787 Ortho AP 1867
Selective binding ligand for FKBP12F36V; precursor for dTAG compounds
7788 TBIA
Bivalent SHAPE cross-linking reagent
7789 IA
SHAPE-JuMP monoadduct control for TBIA (Cat. No. 7788)
7791 WS 6
Induces growth and proliferation of pancreatic islet cells, murine totipotent stem cells, GABAergic neurons and hippocampal neurons
7794 CTPI 2
Selective mitochondrial citrate transporter (SLC25A1) inhibitor
7799 CCT 369260
Molecular glue; induces degradation of BCL6

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