Chemical Sourcing

Our global supply network is second to none

The Tocris custom sourcing team has spent many years developing relationships with hundreds of partner organisations that possess specialist skills and technical expertise. As a result we are able to provide access to an unrivalled range of high quality products in areas as diverse as natural product extraction, prostaglandins, fermentation products, carbohydrates, API's and peptide synthesis.

We work hard to ensure our customers have a reliable and sustainable source of high quality products. Every compound supplied by Tocris will be fully QC tested and must pass strict quality control tests in the Tocris analytical laboratory prior to delivery to our customers.

Examples of what we can source include:

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) sourced from a network of partners located in Asia, North America and Europe.
  • Natural products sourced from highly specialized phytochemical companies.
  • Specialized fine chemicals such as carbohydrates, nucleotides, prostaglandins, and fermentation products.
  • Technologies such as peptide synthesis, kilo scale production and GMP manufacturing.
  • Raw materials and chemical synthesis services from established providers.