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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
4986 K 02288
Type 1 BMP receptor inhibitor
6789 K 03861
Potent CDK2 inhibitor
7338 K 22
Inhibits coronavirus RNA replication; impairs double membrane vesicle (DMV) formation
1683 K 252a
Protein kinase inhibitor
2070 K 41498
Highly selective and potent CRF2 antagonist
3144 K 114
Amyloid fibril-specific fluorescent dye
5114 K34c
Potent and selective α5β1 integrin inhibitor
4660 KB SRC 4
Potent and selective c-Src inhibitor
1244 KB-R7943 mesylate
Na+/Ca2+ exchange inhibitor (reverse mode)
4324 KC7F2
HIF-1α inhibitor; down-regulates HIF-1α protein synthesis
2748 KF 38789
Selective inhibitor of P-selectin-mediated cell adhesion
5260 KG 5
PDGFRβ, B-Raf, c-Raf, FLT3 and KIT inhibitor
3834 KH 7
Selective soluble adenylyl cyclase inhibitor
4888 KHS 101 hydrochloride
Selective inducer of neuronal differentiation in hippocampal neural progenitors
6787 KI-7
Positive allosteric modulator of A2B receptors
6984 KIN001-266
Potent and selective Tpl2 (MAP3K8) inhibitor
7490 KISS1 305
Kisspeptin1 receptor agonist
5306 KJ Pyr 9
High affinity Myc inhibitor
4685 KL 001
Cryptochrome protein stabilizer; lengthens circadian period
4872 KML 29
Highly potent and selective MAGL inhibitor
4130 KN 92
Inactive analog of KN 93. K+ channel (Kv) blocker
5215 KN 93 phosphate
CaM kinase II inhibitor; water soluble version of KN 93 (Cat. No. 1278)
1277 KN-62
Non-competitive P2X7 antagonist
1278 KN 93
CaM kinase II inhibitor; also K+ channel blocker (KV)
5098 KRCA 0008
Potent Ack1 and ALK dual inhibitor; orally bioavailable
5480 KRIBB11
HSF1 inhibitor
7928 KRpep-2d
Potent and selective KRASG12D inhibitor
4169 KS 176
Selective BCRP inhibitor
6738 KT 182
Potent, selective and irreversible α/β-hydrolase domain 6 (ABHD6) inhibitor
1288 KT 5720
Selective protein kinase A inhibitor
1289 KT 5823
Selective protein kinase G inhibitor
4840 KU 0060648
Dual DNA-PK and PI 3-K inhibitor
3725 KU 0063794
Selective mTOR inhibitor
3544 KU 55933
Potent and selective ATM kinase inhibitor
4167 KW 3902
Selective A1 antagonist
4731 KY 02111
Inhibits canonical Wnt signaling. Promotes differentiation of human ESCs and iPSCs into cardiomyocytes
7002 KYA 1797K
Wnt/β-catenin signaling inhibitor
5290 KYL
EphA4 kinase inhibitor; neuroprotective
6272 KYP 2047
High affinity prolyl oligopeptidase inhibitor; anti-angiogenic, neuroprotective and brain penetrant
5026 KYT 0353
Potent and selective inhibitor of L-type amino acid transporter 1 (LAT1); active in vivo
3603 Kaempferol
Proapoptotic; downregulates PLK1 expression and activates mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter
7065 Kainic acid (synthetic)
Kainate agonist; excitant and neurotoxin
4513 Kartogenin
Potently induces chondrogenesis in MSCs
1398 Kenpaullone
GSK-3β inhibitor; also inhibits cdks
3131 Ketamine hydrochloride
Non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist
6751 (R)-(-)-Ketamine hydrochloride
NMDA antagonist; antidepressant; may not display psychotomimetic or addictive side effects of (S)-ketamine
4379 (S)-(+)-Ketamine hydrochloride
NMDA receptor antagonist; enantiomer of ketamine hydrochloride (Cat. No. 3131); neuroprotective
0908 Ketanserin tartrate
Selective 5-HT2A antagonist. Also antagonist at 5-HT1D
1103 Ketoconazole
Cytochrome P450c17 inhibitor
5056 Ki 16425
LPA1 and LPA3 receptor antagonist
4481 Ki 20227
c-Fms inhibitor; suppresses osteolysis and osteoclast accumulation
2542 Ki 8751
Potent, selective VEGFR-2 inhibitor
3207 Kifunensine
Inhibitor of class I α-mannosidases
6664 Kinesore
Kinesin-1 modulator; cell permeable
2570 Kisspeptin 10 (human)
Endogenous ligand for kisspeptin receptor
4243 Kisspeptin 10 (rat)
Endogenous ligand for kisspeptin receptor
3881 Kisspeptin 234
Kisspeptin receptor antagonist; kisspeptin 10 (Cat. No. 2570) analog
7830 Klotho-derived peptide 1
TGF-β receptor 2 (TβR2) binding peptide; disrupts the TGF-β/TβR2 interaction
7847 Klotho-derived peptide 6
Wnt/β-catenin signaling inhibitor
3241 Ko 143
Potent and selective BCRP inhibitor
0223 Kynurenic acid
Broad spectrum glutamatergic antagonist
3694 Kynurenic acid sodium salt
Sodium salt of kynurenic acid (Cat. No. 0223)
4393 L-Kynurenine
Tryptophan catabolite; endogenous aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand
7419 Kyoto Probe-1
Fluorescent probe that selectively identifies undifferentiated iPS/ES cells

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