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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0900 MRS 2179 tetrasodium salt
Selective P2Y1 antagonist
0902 Cimetidine
H2 antagonist, I1 agonist
0904 AIDA
Potent and selective group I mGlu antagonist
0905 Rolipram
PDE4 inhibitor
0906 Betaxolol hydrochloride
Selective β1 antagonist
0907 L-701,324
NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
0908 Ketanserin tartrate
Selective 5-HT2A antagonist. Also antagonist at 5-HT1D
0910 Nociceptin
Endogenous NOP agonist
0911 Glibenclamide
Kir6 (KATP) channel blocker
0912 RU 24969 hemisuccinate
5-HT1A and 5-HT1B agonist
0915 Cilostamide
PDE3 inhibitor
0921 SB 205607 dihydrobromide
Selective, high affinity non-peptide δ1 agonist
0922 SKF 38393 hydrobromide
Selective D1-like agonist
0923 SR 141716A
Selective CB1 inverse agonist
0924 (+)-MK 801 maleate
Non-competitive NMDA antagonist; acts at ion channel site
0925 SCH 23390 hydrochloride
Selective D1-like antagonist; also 5-HT2C agonist and Kir3 channel blocker
0927 Fluoxetine hydrochloride
5-HT reuptake inhibitor
0928 ARC 239 dihydrochloride
α2B antagonist
0931 Haloperidol hydrochloride
Dopamine antagonist; displays some D2 selectivity
0932 Immepip dihydrobromide
Standard H3 agonist. Also H4 agonist
0934 Olvanil
Potent TRPV agonist
0937 Pimozide
D2-like antagonist; also high affinity 5-HT7 antagonist
0938 p-Chlorophenylalanine
Tryptophan hydroxylase inhibitor
0940 4-Aminopyridine
Non-selective KV channel blocker
0941 MK 212 hydrochloride
5-HT2C agonist
0942 NS 398
Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor
0947 Zaprinast
GPR35 agonist
0948 BRL 37344, sodium salt
β3 agonist
0950 Xamoterol hemifumarate
Selective β1 partial agonist
0952 Sotalol hydrochloride
β antagonist
0955 (-)-MK 801 maleate
NMDA antagonist; less active enantiomer of (+)-MK 801
0956 BD 1047 dihydrobromide
σ1 selective antagonist
0958 Spermine tetrahydrochloride
Modulator at polyamine site
0964 Diazoxide
Inhibits AMPA desensitization
0970 Cycloheximide
Inhibitor of protein synthesis
0972 CPPG
Potent group III mGlu antagonist
0975 DCG IV
Highly potent group II mGlu agonist; also NMDA agonist
0984 SCH 50911
Selective and competitive GABAB antagonist; orally bioavailable
0985 RS 17053 hydrochloride
α1A antagonist
0986 Imiloxan hydrochloride
Highly selective α2B antagonist
0987 RS 79948 hydrochloride
Potent and selective α2 antagonist
0991 RS 39604 hydrochloride
5-HT4 antagonist
0993 Cyanopindolol hemifumarate
5-HT1A and 5-HT1B antagonist; also β-adrenergic antagonist
0999 Tamoxifen citrate
Estrogen receptor partial agonist/antagonist

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