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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
4650 I-BET 151 dihydrochloride
BET bromodomain inhibitor; also promotes differentiation of hiPSCs into megakaryocytes
6521 I-BET 762
Potent and high affinity BET bromodomain inhibitor; anti-inflammatory; orally bioavailable.
5591 I-BRD9
Potent and selective BRD9 inhibitor
4891 I-CBP 112
Selective CBP/p300 BRD inhibitor
7015 IA-Alkyne
Broad spectrum cysteine reactive probe
1066 IB-MECA
A3 selective agonist
2845 IBMX
PDE inhibitor (non-selective)
0748 4-IBP
σ ligand, σ1> σ2
6676 IC 261
CK1 inhibitor; displays selectivity for CK1δ and CK1ε
6226 IC 87201
nNOS-PSD95 protein-protein interaction inhibitor; also antinociceptive and antidepressant
4305 ICA 069673
KV7.2/KV7.3 channel opener
4950 ICA 110381
KV7.2/7.3 activator; displays anticonvulsant properties
5066 ICA 121431
Potent and selective NaV1.3 and NaV1.1 channel blocker
4505 ICG 001
Inhibits TCF/β-catenin-mediated transcription
0821 ICI 118,551 hydrochloride
Highly selective β2 inverse agonist
0827 ICI 154,129
δ selective peptide antagonist
0820 ICI 174,864
δ selective peptide antagonist
1047 ICI 182,780
Estrogen receptor antagonist
0778 ICI 199,441 hydrochloride
Potent κ agonist
0822 ICI 204,448 hydrochloride
κ agonist, acts peripherally
4015 IDE 1
Induces definitive endoderm formation in mouse and human ESCs
4016 IDE 2
Induces definitive endoderm formation in mouse and human ESCs
1219 IDRA 21
Inhibits AMPA desensitization
1636 IEM 1460
Open-channel blocker of AMPA currents; selective for non-GluA2-containing receptors
4198 IEM 1925 dihydrobromide
Voltage- and use-dependent open-channel AMPA blocker
5554 IHR 1
Potent Smo antagonist
5561 IHR-Cy3
Potent fluorescent Smo antagonist
2539 IKK 16
Selective inhibitor of IKK
2611 IMD 0354
Inhibitor of IKKβ; also exhibits antibacterial activity
6016 IN 1130
Potent and selective inhibitor of TGF-βRI
2162 INCA-6
Inhibitor of calcineurin-substrate association
6007 INCB 024360-analog
Potent indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) inhibitor
4306 INCB 3284 dimesylate
Selective CCR2 antagonist
4997 INDY
DYRK1A/B inhibitor
6341 INF 39
Irreversible NLRP3 inhibitor
6172 INF 4E
Caspase-1 and NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor
4464 IOX 1
Histone demethylase inhibitor; cell permeable
4451 IOX 2
Potent, selective HIF-1α prolyl hydroxylase-2 (PHD2) inhibitor
5699 IP7e
Potent Nurr1 activator
3622 IPA 3
Group I PAK inhibitor
0544 IPAG
Potent σ antagonist
3429 4-IPP
Inhibitor of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF); suicide substrate
5509 IPTG
Used in cloning procedures with X-GAL
4713 IQ 1
Enables Wnt/β-catenin-driven expansion of ESCs; prevents spontaneous differentiation
4550 IQ 3
Selective JNK3 inhibitor
5665 IRAK1/4 Inhibitor I
IRAK4 and IRAK1 inhibitor
1838 IRL-2500
Potent ETB antagonist
1196 IRL-1620
Highly selective ETB agonist
4288 ISO 1
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) inhibitor
5284 trans-ISRIB
Integrated stress response (ISR) inhibitor
4439 ISX 9
Neurogenic agent; induces neuronal differentiation of SVZ progenitors and also induces cardiomyogenic differentiation
5846 IT 901
NF-κB c-Rel subunit inhibitor
4596 IT1t dihydrochloride
Potent CXCR4 antagonist
5068 ITD 1
Selective inhibitor of TGF-β signaling; induces cardiomyocyte differentiation in ESCs
1803 ITE
Endogenous agonist for the transcription factor aryl hydrocarbon receptor
5692 ITH 12575
Mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchange (mNCX) inhibitor
3792 ITX 3
Selective TrioN RhoGEF activity inhibitor
6443 IU1-47
Potent USP14 inhibitor
5279 IWP 12
Potent PORCN inhibitor; active in vivo
3533 IWP 2
PORCN inhibitor; inhibits Wnt processing and secretion
5214 IWP 4
Potent inhibitor of Wnt/β-catenin signaling
4992 IWP L6
Potent PORCN inhibitor
3532 endo-IWR 1
Wnt/β-catenin signaling inhibitor; axin stabilizer
3947 exo-IWR 1
Negative control for endo-IWR 1 (Cat. No. 3532)
1086 Iberiotoxin
KCa (BK) channel blocker
0285 Ibotenic acid
NMDA agonist; also non selective mGlu agonist
6813 Ibrutinib
Potent and selective BTK inhibitor
1694 Ibudilast
PDE inhibitor (non-selective)
2796 (S)-(+)-Ibuprofen
Cyclooxygenase inhibitor (COX-1 > COX-2)
3908 Ibutilide hemifumarate
Blocks IKr, hERG and L-type Ca2+ channels; class III antiarrhythmic
1531 Icilin
Activates a novel cold receptor. Cooling agent
6904 Idasanutlin
Potent MDM2 inhibitor; inhibits MDM2-p53 interaction
0793 Idazoxan hydrochloride
α2 antagonist. Also I2 ligand
3002 Idebenone
Antioxidant and neuroprotective agent
0545 Ifenprodil hemitartrate
Non-competitive NMDA antagonist; also σ ligand
2892 threo Ifenprodil hemitartrate
GluN2B-selective NMDA antagonist; also σ agonist
2332 (+)-Igmesine hydrochloride
Selective σ1 ligand; antidepressant
2038 Iloprost
Prostacyclin (PGI2) analog
5906 Imatinib mesylate
Potent and selective v-Abl tyrosine kinase inhibitor; also inhibits PDGFR and c-kit
0729 Imetit dihydrobromide
Standard H3 and H4 agonist (H3 > H4)
0986 Imiloxan hydrochloride
Highly selective α2B antagonist
3700 Imiquimod
Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonist
0932 Immepip dihydrobromide
Standard H3 agonist. Also H4 agonist
2315 Immethridine dihydrobromide
Potent H3 agonist, highly selective over H4
1588 Indatraline hydrochloride
Potent 5-HT uptake inhibitor; also inhibits dopamine and noradrenalin uptake
3728 Indibulin
Microtubule destabilizer
1813 Indirubin-3'-oxime
GSK-3β inhibitor; also inhibits cdks and other protein kinases
6782 Indisulam
Molecular glue; pre-mRNA splicing modulator
6704 Indo 1AM
Fluorescent Ca2+ indicator
1708 Indomethacin
Cyclooxygenase inhibitor (COX-1 > COX-2)
1482 D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate, hexapotassium salt
Ca2+ mobilizing second messenger
3435 Insulin (human) recombinant
expressed in yeast
Endogenous peptide agonist
0737 2-Iodomelatonin
High affinity melatonin agonist
0779 Iodophenpropit dihydrobromide
Potent, selective H3 antagonist
1745 5-Iodotubercidin
Potent adenosine kinase inhibitor; also inhibits nucleoside transporters and a range of other kinases
0307 (S)-(-)-5-Iodowillardiine
Highly potent and subtype-selective kainate agonist
1704 Ionomycin calcium salt
Calcium ionophore
2092 Ionomycin free acid
Calcium ionophore
1869 Ipsapirone
Selective 5-HT1A agonist
5798 Irbesartan
Potent AT1 antagonist
3000 Iressa
Orally active, selective EGFR inhibitor
0992 Isamoltane hemifumarate
5-HT1B antagonist
4695 Ischemin sodium salt
CBP inhibitor; cell permeable
6483 Isoginkgetin
Pre-mRNA splicing inhibitor; cell permeable
0235 Isoguvacine hydrochloride
Selective GABAA agonist
1747 Isoproterenol hydrochloride
Standard selective β agonist
5408 Ispinesib
High affinity and selective allosteric KSP inhibitor
2004 Isradipine
CaV1.x blocker
5147 Istradefylline
Potent and selective A2A antagonist
5981 Itraconazole
SMO antagonist; acts at different binding site to cyclopamine (Cat No. 1623)
6542 Ivabradine hydrochloride
HCN channel blocker; inhibits If pacemaker current
1260 Ivermectin
Positive allosteric modulator of α7 nAChRs; also positive allosteric modulator of P2X4 receptors

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