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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
3200 XAC
Adenosine receptor antagonist
5248 XAP 044
Potent and selective mGlu7 antagonist
3748 XAV 939
Potent tankyrase inhibitor
4220 XCC
Adenosine receptor antagonist
3928 XCT 790
Selective ERRα inverse agonist
2000 XE 991 dihydrochloride
Potent, selective KV7 (KCNQ) channel blocker; blocks M-currents
5422 XL 184
Potent VEGFR inhibitor; also inhibits other RTKs
4893 XL 388
Potent and selective mTOR inhibitor; antitumor
5493 XL 413 hydrochloride
Potent and selective Cdc7 inhibitor
6061 XMD 8-87
Potent Ack1/TNK2 inhibitor
4132 XMD 8-92
ERK5/BMK1 inhibitor; also BRD4 inhibitor
6482 XMU MP 1
Potent and selective MST1/2 inhibitor; orally bioavailable
6223 XY 018
RORγ antagonist; inhibits AR expression
5450 XY1
Negative control of SGC 707 (Cat. No. 5367)
0950 Xamoterol hemifumarate
Selective β1 partial agonist
3569 Xanomeline oxalate
Functionally selective M1 agonist
4686 Xanthohumol
p97 ATPase (VCP) inhibitor
1280 (-)-Xestospongin C
Reported inhibitor of IP3-dependent Ca2+ release

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