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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0500 N1,N12-Diethylspermine tetrahydrochloride
Polyamine synthase inhibitor
0504 Diphenyleneiodonium chloride
GPR3 agonist; also inhibits NOS and NADPH oxidases
0506 Dimaprit dihydrochloride
Standard H2 selective agonist
0507 Dantrolene, sodium salt
Ca2+ release inhibitor
0513 GBR 12783 dihydrochloride
Potent and selective DA uptake inhibitor
0515 Dobutamine hydrochloride
α1, β1 and β2 agonist
0523 4F 4PP oxalate
Selective 5-HT2A antagonist
0535 HEAT hydrochloride
Highly selective α1 antagonist
0541 Fasudil hydrochloride
Inhibitor of cyclic nucleotide dependent- and Rho-kinases
0542 H-7 dihydrochloride
Protein kinase inhibitor
0544 IPAG
Potent σ antagonist
0545 Ifenprodil hemitartrate
Non-competitive NMDA antagonist; also σ ligand
0546 L-NIO dihydrochloride
NOS inhibitor
0549 Methylergometrine maleate
Active metabolite of methysergide (Cat. No. 1064)
0553 NAN-190 hydrobromide
5-HT1A antagonist
0554 FG 7142
Benzodiazepine inverse agonist
0569 (R)-(-)-α-Methylhistamine dihydrobromide
Potent, standard H3 agonist
0583 Minoxidil
Kir6 channel (KATP) opener
0589 PRE-084 hydrochloride
Highly selective σ1 agonist
0593 NPPB
Inhibits calcium-sensitive chloride currents
0598 SNAP
A stable analog of endogenous S-nitroso compounds
0599 Naloxone hydrochloride
Non-selective opioid antagonist

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