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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0208 Hypotaurine
Non-selective endogenous glycine receptor agonist
0209 Taurine
Non-selective, endogenous glycine receptor partial agonist
0218 L-Glutamic acid
Endogenous, non-selective glutamate receptor agonist
0219 Glycine
Endogenous potentiator of NMDA receptors
0223 Kynurenic acid
Broad spectrum glutamatergic antagonist
0226 D-Serine
Potentiator of NMDA recepors; acts at glycine site
0235 Isoguvacine hydrochloride
Selective GABAA agonist
0237 7-Chlorokynurenic acid
Potent competitive inhibitor of L-glutamate uptake
0245 2-Hydroxysaclofen
Selective GABAB antagonist; more potent than Saclofen (Cat. No. 0246)
0246 Saclofen
Selective GABAB antagonist
0247 (R)-CPP
Potent NMDA antagonist; more active enantiomer of (RS)-CPP
0254 (S)-AMPA
Selective AMPA agonist; active isomer of (RS)-AMPA (Cat. No. 0169)
0281 (R)-(+)-HA-966
NMDA partial agonist/antagonist; acts at glycine site
0284 (1S,3R)-ACPD
Group I and group II mGlu agonist; active isomer of (±)-trans-ACPD (Cat. No. 0187)
0285 Ibotenic acid
NMDA agonist; also non selective mGlu agonist
0286 5,7-Dichlorokynurenic acid
Potent NMDA antagonist; acts at glycine site
0289 Muscimol
Potent GABAA agonist; also GABAA-ρ partial agonist
0298 L-trans-2,4-PDC
Transportable EAAT1-4 inhibitor/non-transportable EAAT5 inhibitor

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