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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
5446 G 28UCM
FASN inhibitor
6051 G 5555
High affinity group I PAK inhibitor
3577 G-1
Potent and selective GPER agonist
3678 G-15
High affinity and selective GPER antagonist
4759 G-36
Selective GPER antagonist
4131 G418 disulfate salt
Aminoglycoside antibiotic; used in cell culture
6776 G5
Ubiquitin isopeptidase inhibitor; induces apoptosis
7561 G6PDi 1
Potent, reversible glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) inhibitor
0344 GABA
Endogenous agonist
3191 GANT 61
GLI antagonist; inhibits Hedgehog (Hh) signaling
0513 GBR 12783 dihydrochloride
Potent and selective DA uptake inhibitor
0421 GBR 12909 dihydrochloride
Selective DA uptake inhibitor; also σ ligand
4554 GC 1
High affinity thyroid receptor α (TRα) and TRβ agonist; thyromimetic
4453 GDC 0879
Potent B-Raf inhibitor
0741 GF 109203X
Protein kinase C inhibitor
2430 GGTI 298
Geranylgeranyltransferase I (GGTase I) inhibitor
4452 GGsTop
Inhibitor of γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT)
1922 [D-Lys3]-GHRP-6
Ghrelin receptor antagonist
3995 GI 254023X
Selective ADAM10 metalloprotease inhibitor
6689 GI 530159
K2P2.1 (TREK-1) and K2P10.1 (TREK-2) channel activator
2257 GIP (1-39)
Highly potent insulinotropic peptide; GIP agonist
2084 GIP (human)
Potent insulinotropic gut hormone; GIP agonist
6699 [D-Ala2]-GIP (human)
Highly potent GIP agonist
5838 [Pro3]-GIP (Mouse)
GIP receptor antagonist
3270 GIT 27
Immunomodulator; reduces production of pro-inflammatory cytokines
5133 GKA 50
Glucokinase activator
5374 GLP-1 (7-37)
Endogenous bioactive GLP-1 receptor ligand
3266 GLP-1 (9-36) amide
Metabolite of GLP-1-(7-36) (Cat. No. 2082)
7725 GLP-2 (3-33)
Peptide antagonist of glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) receptor
2258 GLP-2 (human)
Endogenous hormone; displays intestinotrophic activity
7059 GLPG 0187
Potent αv integrin inhibitor
5621 GLPG 0974
Potent FFA2 (GPR43) antagonist
3406 GLYX 13
NMDA partial agonist; acts at the glycine site
2983 GM 6001
Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
7265 GMB 475
5655 GN 44028
Potent HIF-1α inhibitor
6369 GNE 9278
Positive allosteric modulator of NMDA receptors; acts in transmembrane domain
4908 GNF 5
Selective allosteric inhibitor of Bcr-Abl; analog of GNF 2 (Cat. No. 4399)
4559 GNF 5837
Potent Trk inhibitor; inhibits TrkA, TrkB and TrkC
5607 GNF 7
Ras signaling inhibitor; inhibits Ack1 and GCK
2764 GP 1a
CB2 receptor inverse agonist
4478 GPBAR-A
GPBA receptor (TGR5) agonist
7445 GPR52 Comp-43
GPR52 receptor antagonist
1322 GR 113808
Potent and selective 5-HT4 antagonist
1658 GR 125487 sulfamate
Potent and selective 5-HT4 antagonist; active in vivo
1477 GR 127935 hydrochloride
Potent and selective 5-HT1B and 5-HT1D antagonist
1263 GR 144053 trihydrochloride
Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa (integrin αIIbβ3) receptor antagonist. Antithrombotic
4647 GR 203040
Potent and selective NK1 antagonist
1054 GR 55562 dihydrochloride
5-HT1B antagonist
1668 GR 64349
Potent, selective NK2 agonist
1669 GR 73632
Potent and selective NK1 agonist
1483 GR 89696 fumarate
Subtype-selective κ agonist
4779 GRI 977143
Selective LPA2 receptor non-lipid agonist
3594 GRK2i
GRK2 inhibitory polypeptide; Gβ/γ antagonist
7280 GRL 0617
Coronavirus PLpro inhibitor
1789 GRP (human)
Endogenous GRP receptor agonist
5636 GS 143
β-TrCP1 ligase inhibitor
2001 GS 39783
Positive allosteric modulator of GABAB receptors
7227 GS 441524
Viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP) inhibitor; broad spectrum antiviral nucleotide
4727 GS 6201
Selective A2B antagonist
3433 GSK 0660
Selective PPARδ antagonist
6433 GSK 1016790A
Potent TRPV4 agonist; active in vivo
6790 GSK 126
Very high affinity and selective EZH2 inhibitor
5257 GSK 137647
Potent and selective FFA4 (GPR120) agonist
6362 GSK 143
Syk inhibitor
5110 GSK 1562590 hydrochloride
High affinity, selective urotensin II (UT) receptor antagonist
6508 GSK 1702934A
Potent and selective TRPC3/6 activator
5111 GSK 1838705
Potent IR and IGF1R inhibitor; also inhibits anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)
6709 GSK 2018682
S1P1 and S1P5 agonist
5694 GSK 2033
Potent LXR antagonist
7818 GSK 215
Potent and selective focal adhesion kinase (FAK) Degrader (PROTAC®)
5106 GSK 2193874
Potent and selective TRPV4 antagonist; orally active
5303 GSK 2194069
Potent human fatty acid synthase (hFASN) inhibitor
7071 GSK 2239633A
Potent CCR4 antagonist
5401 GSK 2250665A
Itk inhibitor
7786 GSK 2256098
Potent focal adhesion kinase (FAK) inhibitor
4143 GSK 2334470
Highly potent, selective PDPK1 (PDK1) inhibitor
5107 GSK 2606414
Potent and selective PERK inhibitor; orally bioavailable
3752 GSK 264220A
Endothelial lipase and lipoprotein lipase inhibitor
4009 GSK 269962
Potent and selective ROCK inhibitor
6848 GSK 2795039
NADPH oxidase 2 (NOX2) inhibitor
5140 GSK 2830371
Potent and selective allosteric inhibitor of Wip1 phosphatase
6497 GSK 2833503A
Potent and selective TRPC6 and TRPC3 antagonist
5189 GSK 2837808A
Potent and selective LDHA inhibitor
5672 GSK 319347A
Potent and selective IKKε inhibitor
7637 GSK 329
Potent and selective TNNI3K inhibitor, orally bioavailable
6128 GSK 343
Potent and selective SAM-competitive EZH2 inhibitor
3961 GSK 3787
Potent and selective PPARδ antagonist
3663 GSK 4112
Selective Rev-Erbα agonist
3726 GSK 429286
Selective Rho-kinase (ROCK) inhibitor
3075 GSK 4716
Selective ERRγ and ERRβ agonist
6480 GSK 583
Potent RIPK2 inhibitor; orally bioavailable and cell permeable
5777 GSK 591 dihydrochloride
Potent and selective PRMT5 inhibitor
5385 GSK 5959
Potent and selective BRPF1 inhibitor
6638 GSK 626616
Potent and selective DYRK inhibitor; orally bioavailable.
3572 GSK 650394
Serum- and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase (SGK) inhibitor
6198 GSK 6853
Potent and selective BRPF1 inhibitor
4144 GSK 690693
Akt kinase inhibitor. Antitumor
4116 GSK 9027
Glucocorticoid receptor agonist
6837 GSK 923295A
Potent and selective centromere associated protein E (CENP-E) allosteric inhibitor
6203 GSK 9311 hydrochloride
Negative control for GSK 6853
4593 GSK J1
Potent JMJD3/UTX inhibitor
4688 GSK J2
Inactive isomer of GSK J1 (Cat. No. 4593)
4594 GSK J4
Histone KDM inhibitor; cell permeable
6935 GSK J5 HCl
Inactive isomer of GSK J4 (Cat. No. 4594); cell permeable
5361 GSK LSD 1 dihydrochloride
Potent and selective LSD1 inhibitor
4629 GSK2578215A
Potent, selective LRRK2 inhibitor; brain penetrant
6492 GSK'872
Potent and selective RIP3 kinase inhibitor
6578 GT 949
Potent and selective positive allosteric modulator of EAAT2
2229 GW 0742
Highly selective, potent PPARδ agonist
1664 GW 1929 hydrochloride
Selective PPARγ agonist. Orally active
5673 GW 2580
Selective cFMS kinase inhibitor; orally bioavailable
7030 GW 280264X
Potent ADAM10 and ADAM17 inhibitor
2474 GW 3965 hydrochloride
Orally active liver X receptor (LXR) agonist
2473 GW 4064
Selective farnesoid X receptor (FXR) agonist
2238 GW 441756
Potent, selective TrkA inhibitor
6741 GW 4869
Selective neutral sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase (N-SMase) inhibitor
5674 GW 501516
Potent and selective PPARδ agonist
1381 GW 5074
Potent, selective c-Raf1 kinase inhibitor
4311 GW 542573X
Selective KCa2.1 (SK) channel activator
2239 GW 583340 dihydrochloride
Potent dual EGFR/ErbB2 inhibitor; orally active
4618 GW 6471
PPARα antagonist
1677 GW 7647
Highly selective, potent PPARα agonist. Orally active
3264 GW 788388
Potent and selective inhibitor of TGF-βRI
4242 GW 803430
MCH1 antagonist
2977 GW 843682X
Selective inhibitor of PLK1 and PLK3
2649 GW 9508
Potent and selective FFA1 (GPR40) agonist
1508 GW 9662
Selective covalent PPARγ antagonist
7029 GX 201
Potent and selective Nav1.7 blocker; analgesic
1454 GYKI 52466 dihydrochloride
Selective non-competitive AMPA antagonist
2555 GYKI 53655 hydrochloride
Non-competitive non-NMDA iGluR antagonist
3658 GYY 4137 morpholine salt
Slow-releasing H2S donor
1798 Gabexate mesylate
Serine protease inhibitor; inhibits thrombin, trypsin, kallikrein and plasmin
4741 Gadolinium chloride
Stretch-activated calcium channel blocker; calcium-sensing receptor agonist
7780 β-GalNAc-PEG4-Azide
Asialoglycoprotein receptor ligand with PEG4 linker and azide group for onward chemistry
2696 Galanin (1-29) (rat, mouse)
Non-selective galanin receptor agonist
1179 Galanin (1-30) (human)
Endogenous galanin receptor agonist
0686 Galanthamine hydrobromide
Cholinesterase inhibitor
6108 Galeterone
CYP17 inhibitor; also androgen receptor antagonist
7229 Galidesivir dihydrochloride
Viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP) inhibitor; broad spectrum antiviral
6218 Galiellalactone
STAT3 inhibitor; active in vivo
3090 Gallein
Inhibitor of Gβ/γ signaling
4795 Galloflavin
Lactate dehydrogenase inhibitor; impairs aerobic glycolysis
6956 Galunisertib
ALK4 and ALK5 (TGFβRI) inhibitor
2531 Ganaxolone
Potent positive allosteric modulator of GABAA receptors
1476 Gap 27
Selective gap junction blocker
5353 Gap19
Cx43 hemichannel blocker
3006 Gastrin I (human)
Selective CCK2 agonist
2348 Gavestinel
Potent and selective NMDA antagonist; acts at the glycine site
6795 GeA-69
Selective allosteric PARP14 inhibitor
3387 Gedunin
Hsp90 inhibitor; exhibits anticancer and antimalarial activity
7258 Gefitinib-based PROTAC® 3
1368 Geldanamycin
Selective Hsp90 inhibitor
3259 Gemcitabine hydrochloride
DNA synthesis inhibitor
1110 Genistein
EGFR kinase inhibitor. Also estrogen and PPARγ ligand
6442 Gentamicin sulfate
Aminoglycoside antibiotic
1463 Ghrelin (human)
Endogenous ghrelin receptor agonist
1465 Ghrelin (rat)
Endogenous ghrelin receptor agonist
2951 [Des-octanoyl]-Ghrelin (rat)
Major circulating form of ghrelin; devoid of activity at GHS receptor
7891 Gilteritinib
Potent FLT3 inhibitor; also potently inhibits AXL
4165 Gisadenafil besylate
Potent PDE5 inhibitor; orally bioavailable
6249 Givinostat hydrochloride
Histone deacetylase inhibitor
0911 Glibenclamide
Kir6 (KATP) channel blocker
2216 des-His1-[Glu9]-Glucagon (1-29) amide
Glucagon receptor antagonist
6927 Glucagon (Human, Porcine)
Endogenous glucagon receptor agonist
1851 Glucagon-like peptide 1 (1-37) (human, rat)
Endogenous pancreatic peptide
2082 Glucagon-like peptide 1 (7-36) amide (human, rat)
Potent insulinotropic peptide
0218 L-Glutamic acid
Endogenous, non-selective glutamate receptor agonist
5485 GlyH 101
Reversible, voltage-dependent CFTR chloride channel blocker
0219 Glycine
Endogenous potentiator of NMDA receptors
2253 Go 6976
Potent protein kinase C inhibitor; selective for α and β isozymes
2285 Go 6983
Broad spectrum PKC inhibitor
5814 GoSlo SR 5-69
KCa1.1 (BK) channel activator
3584 Golgicide A
Potent, selective and reversible inhibitor of GBF1 ArfGEF
1964 Gossypol
Proapoptotic; downregulates Bcl-2 and Bcl-XL
2903 Granisetron hydrochloride
5-HT3 antagonist
4581 Grifolic acid
Selective partial FFA4 (GPR120) agonist
4912 GsMTx4
TRPC1 and TRPC6 inhibitor; inhibits mechanosensitive ion channels
7170 D-GsMTx4
TRPC1/6 and Piezo2 inhibitor; resistant to proteolytic digestion
0885 Guanabenz acetate
α2 agonist. Also I2 selective ligand
1030 Guanfacine hydrochloride
α2A agonist
5676 Guangxitoxin 1E
Potent Kv2.1 and Kv2.2 channel blocker
1898 Guanylin (human)
Endogenous activator of intestinal guanylyl cyclase
3570 Z-Guggulsterone
Broad spectrum steroid receptor ligand. More active isomer of guggulsterone (Cat. No. 2013)

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