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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
3700 Imiquimod
Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonist
3701 A 740003
Potent and selective P2X7 antagonist
3703 K 858
Selective ATP-uncompetitive mitotic kinesin Eg5 inhibitor
3705 Endoxifen
Potent antiestrogen; ERα ligand
3706 FR 180204
Selective ERK inhibitor
3707 VU 0361737
Selective positive allosteric modulator of mGlu4 receptors
3708 Scrambled 10Panx
Scrambled version of 10Panx (Cat. No. 3348), Panx-1 mimetic inhibitory peptide
3709 MDL 72527
Polyamine oxidase (PAO) inhibitor
Restores mutant p53 activity
3712 NU 7441
Potent and selective DNA-PK inhibitor
3713 Cryptotanshinone
STAT3 inhibitor. Also displays multiple other activities
3714 TCS PIM-1 4a
Selective, ATP-competitive Pim kinase inhibitor
3715 Narciclasine
Stimulates RhoA activation; antiproliferative agent that slows cell cycle progression
3716 Adaphostin
p210bcr/abl kinase inhibitor
3717 Anandamide - d4
Deuterated anandamide
3718 AS 1949490
SH2 domain-containing inositol 5'-phosphatase 2 (SHIP2) inhibitor
3719 Talabostat mesylate
Potent DPP IV inhibitor; activates NLRP1b inflammasome
3721 SR 48692
Selective non-peptide NTS1 antagonist
3722 Reversan
Selective MRP1 and P-gp inhibitor
3724 PD 161570
Selective FGFR inhibitor
3725 KU 0063794
Selective mTOR inhibitor
3726 GSK 429286
Selective Rho-kinase (ROCK) inhibitor
3727 VU 0255035
Highly selective M1 antagonist
3728 Indibulin
Microtubule destabilizer
3730 Boc-MLF
FPR1 antagonist
3731 Pristimerin
Potent, reversible MAGL inhibitor
3733 Efonidipine hydrochloride monoethanolate
CaV1.x and CaV3.x blocker
3734 BYK 204165
Selective PARP-1 inhibitor
3735 BYK 49187
PARP-1 and PARP-2 inhibitor
3736 UPF 1069
PARP-2 inhibitor
3737 Asenapine maleate
Non-selective 5-HT, dopamine, adrenalin and histamine receptor antagonist; antipsychotic agent
3739 Sarpogrelate hydrochloride
Selective 5-HT2A antagonist
3741 Stauprimide
Inhibits NME2 nuclear translocation; primes ESCs for differentiation
3742 RepSox
Potent and selective inhibitor of TGF-βRI
3743 BF 2649 hydrochloride
Potent and selective H3 inverse agonist
3744 RVD-Hpα
Selective CB1 agonist; also CB2 PAM
3745 RN 1747
Selective TRPV4 agonist
3746 RN 1734
Selective TRPV4 antagonist
3747 NCH 51
Histone deacetylase inhibitor
3748 XAV 939
Potent tankyrase inhibitor
3751 Pyr3
Selective TRPC3 blocker
3752 GSK 264220A
Endothelial lipase and lipoprotein lipase inhibitor
3753 A 943931 dihydrochloride
Potent and selective H4 antagonist
3754 Varenicline tartrate
Selective α4β2 nAChR partial agonist; orally active
3756 Maraviroc
Selective CCR5 antagonist
3757 Dofetilide
KV11.1 (hERG) channel blocker; inhibits rapid delayed rectifier K+ current (IKr)
3758 SC 51089
Selective EP1 receptor antagonist
3759 Exemestane
Steroidal aromatase (CYP19) inhibitor
3760 Voriconazole
Triazole antifungal agent
3761 Tolterodine L-tartrate
Potent, non-selective muscarinic receptor antagonist
3763 MCOPPB trihydrochloride
Potent NOP receptor agonist
3764 Fluconazole
Triazole antifungal agent
3765 Linezolid
Antibiotic; inhibits protein synthesis in gram-positive bacteria
3766 Nelfinavir mesylate
Potent HIV-1 protease inhibitor
3767 CP 20961
Non-immunogenic adjuvant
3768 Sunitinib malate
Potent VEGFR, PDGFRβ and KIT inhibitor
3771 Azithromycin
Antibiotic; inhibits 50S ribosomal subunit formation and elongation at transpeptidation
3775 Pregabalin
Anticonvulsant; selectively binds the α2δ subunit of voltage-sensitive calcium channels
3776 Atorvastatin hemicalcium salt
Potent HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor
3780 CP 471474
Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
3783 CP 135807
Selective 5-HT1D agonist
3784 Sildenafil citrate
Potent PDE5 inhibitor; orally active
3785 PD 166285 dihydrochloride
Potent Src inhibitor; also inhibits FGFR1, PDGFRβ and Wee1
3786 Celecoxib
Selective cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor
3787 Viomycin
Antibiotic; inhibits bacterial DNA synthesis
3788 L-DOPA
Dopamine precursor
3790 DADLE
Prototypical δ agonist
3791 Hemopressin (human, mouse)
Selective CB1 inverse agonist
3792 ITX 3
Selective TrioN RhoGEF activity inhibitor
3793 A 1120
High affinity retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4) ligand
3794 iMAC2
Suppressor of mitochondrial apoptosis
3796 Compstatin control peptide
Control peptide for Compstatin (Cat. No. 2585)
3797 BL 1249
K2P2.1 (TREK-1) and K2P10.1 (TREK-2) activator
3798 Losartan potassium
Selective, non-peptide AT1 antagonist

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