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Calculate the volume of solvent required to reconstitute your vial

The reconstitution calculator allows you to quickly calculate the volume of a reagent to reconstitute your vial. Simply enter the mass of reagent and the target concentration and the calculator will determine the rest.


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Featured Product Range: Janelia Fluor® Dyes

Janelia Fluor® dyes are innovative small molecule fluorophores, which are very bright and photostable and importantly, they are cell-permeable, enabling live-cell intracellular imaging. Janelia Fluor® dyes are supplied with a number of reactivity groups including as free acid, maleimide, tetrazine and NHS esters, allowing for easy conjugation to antibodies (protocols available). The amine reactive versions are compatible with self-labeling tag systems. Janelia Fluor® dyes are suitable for use with both conventional imaging and super resolution microscopy (SRM) techniques, including dSTORM. In addition, photoactivatable derivatives have been developed that are applicable in PALM microscopy too. Our Janelia Fluor® range spans the color spectrum from the green/yellow Janelia Fluor® 525, to the far red Janelia Fluor® 669.

We also offer Janelia Fluor® conjugated antibodies and custom conjugation services with our sister company Novus Biologicals. Multiplex experiments can be planned on our spectra viewer.

Application of Janelia Fluor® Dyes in Cardiac Tissue

Application of Janelia Fluor® Dyes in Cardiac Tissue - Left - displaying the distribution of collagen VI in the interstitial space between muscle cells. Labeled with a primary ab against collagen VI and a secondary ab conjugated to JF549 (#6147). Scale: 50 μm. Middle - An adult pig heart tissue section, 10 μm thick, labeled with abs against SERCA2ATPase, displays sarcoplasmic reticulum. Top: super-resolution image (dSTORM), bottom: diffraction limited widefield image. Scale: 200 nm. Right - Cardiomyocyte stained against α-actinin, displaying its periodic structure localised at the ends of sarcomeres (Z-discs). (left) Widefield fluorescence of JF549 (right) dSTORM super-resolution image (right). Scale: 1 μm.

All images kindly provided by Prof. Christian Soeller, University of Exeter; acquired by Alex Clowsley and Anna Meletiou