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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1800 WKYMVm
FPR1, FPR2 and FPR3 receptor agonist
1801 WAY 161503 hydrochloride
Potent and selective 5-HT2C agonist
1802 2B-(SP)
Selective GSK-3 phosphopeptide substrate
1803 ITE
Endogenous agonist for the transcription factor aryl hydrocarbon receptor
1804 SR 2640 hydrochloride
Potent, selective LTD4 /LTE4 receptor antagonist
1807 2-Methoxyestradiol
Apoptotic and antiangiogenic agent
1808 E-4031 dihydrochloride
KV11.1 (hERG) channel blocker; inhibits rapid delayed rectifier K+ current (IKr)
1809 Altanserin hydrochloride
5-HT2A receptor antagonist
1810 Raclopride
Potent and selective D2 and D3 antagonist
1811 Modafinil
1812 Threo-methylphenidate hydrochloride
Inhibitor of dopamine and noradrenalin transporters. Psychomotor stimulant
1813 Indirubin-3'-oxime
GSK-3β inhibitor; also inhibits cdks and other protein kinases
1814 N-ArachidonylGABA
Inhibits pain in vivo
1815 Palmitoylisopropylamide
Inhibitor of FAAH
1816 ICI 63197
PDE4 inhibitor
1818 Octreotide
sst2, sst3 and sst5 agonist
1819 Demethylasterriquinone B1
Selective insulin RTK activator
1820 (+)-Clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate
Selective P2Y12 antagonist
1831 HS 014
Selective MC4 receptor antagonist
1832 HS 024
Highly potent MC4 receptor antagonist
1836 Seglitide
sst2 and sst5 agonist
1838 IRL-2500
Potent ETB antagonist
1840 Fostriecin sodium salt
Potent PP2A and PP4 inhibitor
1842 RHC 80267
Diacylglycerol lipase inhibitor
1843 CYN 154806
Selective sst2 antagonist
1844 BIM 23056
sst ligand
1845 Ac2-26
Annexin/lipocortin 1-mimetic; inhibits leukocyte extravasation
1846 Ac2-12
Annexin/lipocortin 1-mimetic; inhibits leukocyte extravasation
1847 Eticlopride hydrochloride
D2 and D3 antagonist (D3 > D2)
1849 EMD 66684
Potent and selective non-peptide AT1 antagonist
1850 Exo1
Inhibits Golgi-ER traffic; blocks exocytosis
1851 Glucagon-like peptide 1 (1-37) (human, rat)
Endogenous pancreatic peptide
1852 (S)-(-)-Blebbistatin
Selective inhibitor of myosin II ATPase activity. Active enantiomer of (±)-blebbistatin (Cat. No. 1760)
1853 (R)-(+)-Blebbistatin
Selective inhibitor of myosin II ATPase activity. Inactive enantiomer of (±)-blebbistatin (Cat. No. 1760)
1854 Ro 60-0175 fumarate
Potent, selective 5-HT2C agonist
1856 L-165,041
Potent PPARδ agonist
1858 Impentamine dihydrobromide
Selective H3 antagonist
1862 PRIMA-1
Restores mutant p53 activity; induces apoptosis
1867 NSC 663284
Potent, selective Cdc25 phosphatase inhibitor
1868 U0124
Inactive analog of U0126 (Cat. No. 1144)
1869 Ipsapirone
Selective 5-HT1A agonist
1870 BTS
Selective inhibitor of skeletal muscle myosin II ATPase activity
1883 cGMP Dependent Kinase Inhibitor Peptide
Inhibitor of protein kinases G and A
1884 [D-Trp7,9,10]-Substance P
Inhibits M1 ACh receptor activation of Gq/11
1885 MLCK inhibitor peptide 18
Selective inhibitor of myosin light chain kinase
1889 [Leu5]-Enkephalin
Endogenous opioid agonist peptide
1891 Calcineurin Autoinhibitory Peptide
Selective calcineurin inhibitor
1893 Alytesin
Amphibian bombesin-like peptide
1894 Amyloid β-Peptide (12-28) (human)
Amyloid β-peptide; minimum required for binding to brain proteins
1898 Guanylin (human)
Endogenous activator of intestinal guanylyl cyclase

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