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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
2201 PNU 22394 hydrochloride
5-HT2C agonist and 5-HT2A/2B partial agonist
2202 Zatebradine hydrochloride
Blocks hyperpolarization-activated current (If)
2206 2-Palmitoylglycerol
Endogenous lipid; enhances activity of 2-arachidonylglycerol (Cat. No. 1298)
2207 PDZ1 Domain inhibitor peptide
Disrupts interaction between GluK2 and PSD-95 PDZ1 domain
2208 LY 255283
Selective, competitive BLT2 receptor antagonist
2211 Carcinine ditrifluoroacetate
Highly selective H3 antagonist
2214 ABT 724 trihydrochloride
Potent and selective D4 partial agonist; proerectile
2216 des-His1-[Glu9]-Glucagon (1-29) amide
Glucagon receptor antagonist
2220 FURA-2AM
Fluorescent Ca2+ indicator
2221 Rac1 Inhibitor W56
Selective inhibitor of Rac1-GEF interaction
2222 Rac1 Inhibitor F56, control peptide
Control peptide version of Rac1 Inhibitor W56 (Cat. No. 2221)
2224 MNI-caged-NMDA
Caged NMDA
2226 Flutax 1
Fluorescent taxol derivative; microtubule stain
2227 CI 976
Selective ACAT inhibitor
2229 GW 0742
Highly selective, potent PPARδ agonist
2236 TCS 183
Fragment 1-13 of GSK-3β sequence
2237 BRL 50481
Selective PDE7 inhibitor
2238 GW 441756
Potent, selective TrkA inhibitor
2239 GW 583340 dihydrochloride
Potent dual EGFR/ErbB2 inhibitor; orally active
2250 SL 0101-1
Selective ribosomal S6 kinase (RSK) inhibitor
2251 Cisplatin
Potent pro-apoptotic anticancer agent; activates caspase-3
2252 Doxorubicin hydrochloride
Antitumor antibiotic agent. Inhibits DNA topoisomerase II
2253 Go 6976
Potent protein kinase C inhibitor; selective for α and β isozymes
2255 CGS 9343B
Calmodulin antagonist
2257 GIP (1-39)
Highly potent insulinotropic peptide; GIP agonist
2258 GLP-2 (human)
Endogenous hormone; displays intestinotrophic activity
2259 GLP-2 (rat)
Endogenous hormone; displays intestinotrophic activity
2260 [Des-octanoyl]-Ghrelin (human)
Major circulating form of ghrelin; devoid of activity at ghrelin receptor but is active in vivo
2261 L-692,585
Potent, non-peptide ghrelin receptor agonist
2262 WRW4
Selective FPR2 antagonist
2264 Motilin (human, porcine)
Endogenous peptide regulator of gastrointestinal motility
2265 Lyn peptide inhibitor
Inhibits Lyn-dependent activities of IL-5 receptor; cell-permeable
2266 DY131
Agonist selective for estrogen-related receptors ERRβ and ERRγ
2267 Lactacystin
Cell-permeable, potent and selective proteasome inhibitor
2268 NNC 55-0396 dihydrochloride
Highly selective CaV3.x blocker
2270 SCH 58261
Potent, highly selective A2A antagonist
2272 Ro 08-2750
Inhibits NGF binding to p75NTR and TrkA
2273 PMPA (NMDA antagonist)
Competitive NMDA antagonist
2274 PPPA
Competitive and GluN2A-selective NMDA antagonist
2275 TBB
Selective cell-permeable CK2 inhibitor
2276 FPL 55712
Leukotriene receptor antagonist
2277 MNI-caged-D-aspartate
Caged D-aspartate; NMDA agonist
2280 Raloxifene hydrochloride
Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)
2281 2'-MeCCPA
Very selective and potent A1 receptor agonist
2284 SEW 2871
Cell-permeable, selective S1P1 receptor agonist
2285 Go 6983
Broad spectrum PKC inhibitor
2287 K-252c
Protein kinase C inhibitor
2288 O-1918
Silent antagonist for putative abnormal-CBD (Cat. No. 1297) receptor
2289 Lamotrigine isethionate
Inhibits glutamate release. Water-soluble salt of lamotrigine (Cat. No. 1611)
2290 Sibutramine hydrochloride
5-HT and NA reuptake inhibitor (SNRI)
2292 AQ-RA 741
High affinity and selective M2 antagonist
2293 Zebularine
DNA methyltransferase and cytidine deaminase inhibitor
2294 Cordycepin
RNA synthesis inhibitor
2295 (±)-Cloprostenol sodium salt
Water-soluble PGF2α analog and potent FP receptor agonist
2296 Prostaglandin E2
Major endogenous prostanoid
2297 Misoprostol
Cytoprotective PGE1 analog
2299 SCH 39166 hydrobromide
High affinity D1-like antagonist

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