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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
2202 Zatebradine hydrochloride
Blocks hyperpolarization-activated current (If)
2208 LY 255283
Selective, competitive BLT2 receptor antagonist
2216 des-His1-[Glu9]-Glucagon (1-29) amide
Glucagon receptor antagonist
2220 FURA-2AM
Fluorescent Ca2+ indicator
2226 Flutax 1
Fluorescent taxol derivative; microtubule stain
2227 CI 976
Selective ACAT inhibitor
2229 GW 0742
Highly selective, potent PPARδ agonist
2237 BRL 50481
Selective PDE7 inhibitor
2238 GW 441756
Potent, selective TrkA inhibitor
2239 GW 583340 dihydrochloride
Potent dual EGFR/ErbB2 inhibitor; orally active
2250 SL 0101-1
Selective ribosomal S6 kinase (RSK) inhibitor
2251 Cisplatin
Potent pro-apoptotic anticancer agent; activates caspase-3
2252 Doxorubicin hydrochloride
Antitumor antibiotic agent. Inhibits DNA topoisomerase II
2253 Go 6976
Potent protein kinase C inhibitor; selective for α and β isozymes
2255 CGS 9343B
Calmodulin antagonist
2257 GIP (1-39)
Highly potent insulinotropic peptide; GIP agonist
2258 GLP-2 (human)
Endogenous hormone; displays intestinotrophic activity
2262 WRW4
Selective FPR2 antagonist
2264 Motilin (human, porcine)
Endogenous peptide regulator of gastrointestinal motility
2266 DY131
Agonist selective for estrogen-related receptors ERRβ and ERRγ
2267 Lactacystin
Cell-permeable, potent and selective proteasome inhibitor
2268 NNC 55-0396 dihydrochloride
Highly selective CaV3.x blocker
2270 SCH 58261
Potent, highly selective A2A antagonist
2272 Ro 08-2750
Inhibits NGF binding to p75NTR and TrkA
2275 TBB
Selective cell-permeable CK2 inhibitor
2280 Raloxifene hydrochloride
Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)
2281 2'-MeCCPA
Highly selective and potent A1 receptor agonist
2284 SEW 2871
Cell-permeable, selective S1P1 receptor agonist
2285 Go 6983
Broad spectrum PKC inhibitor
2288 O-1918
Silent antagonist for putative abnormal-CBD (Cat. No. 1297) receptor
2289 Lamotrigine isethionate
Inhibits glutamate release. Water-soluble salt of lamotrigine (Cat. No. 1611)
2292 AQ-RA 741
High affinity and selective M2 antagonist
2293 Zebularine
DNA methyltransferase and cytidine deaminase inhibitor
2294 Cordycepin
RNA synthesis inhibitor
2296 Prostaglandin E2
Promotes HSCs expansion; increases HSCs engraftment; also endogenous prostaglandin
2297 Misoprostol
Cytoprotective PGE1 analog
2299 SCH 39166 hydrobromide
High affinity D1-like antagonist

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