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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1100 Camptothecin
DNA topoisomerase inhibitor
1101 Cyclosporin A
Calcineurin inhibitor
1102 Procaterol hydrochloride
Potent β2 agonist
1103 Ketoconazole
Cytochrome P450c17 inhibitor
1104 2-Cl-IB-MECA
Highly selective A3 agonist
1105 AF-DX 116
Selective M2 antagonist
1107 ATPA
Potent and selective GluK1 kainate agonist
1110 Genistein
EGFR kinase inhibitor. Also estrogen and PPARγ ligand
1111 ACPT-I
Group III mGlu agonist
1112 ACPT-II
Competitive mGlu receptor antagonist
1114 CGP 37157
Antagonist of mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchange
1115 AM 281
Potent and selective CB1 inverse agonist
1116 AM 404
Anandamide transport inhibitor
1117 AM 251
Potent CB1 antagonist; also GPR55 agonist
1118 Nocistatin (bovine)
Opposes action of nociceptin
1119 NocII
Orphan neuropeptide
1120 AM 630
Selective CB2 inverse agonist
1122 Telenzepine dihydrochloride
Potent, selective M1 antagonist
1123 (S)-(+)-Niguldipine hydrochloride
α1 antagonist, L-type Ca2+ channel blocker
1124 (R)-(-)-Niguldipine hydrochloride
α1 antagonist, L-type Ca2+ channel blocker. Less active enantiomer of Niguldipine hydrochloride (Cat. No. 1123)
1125 Quercetin
Non-selective PI 3-kinase inhibitor
1126 Dexamethasone
Anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid
1127 Yohimbine hydrochloride
Selective α2 antagonist
1128 Picrotoxin
GABAA antagonist
1129 BRL 54443
Potent 5-ht1E and 5-HT1F agonist
1130 LY 294002 hydrochloride
Prototypical PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also inhibits other kinases
1131 KU14R
Antagonist of pancreatic imidazoline receptor
1132 Harmane
Putative endogenous imidazoline ligand. Also MAO inhibitor
1133 BRL 44408 maleate
Selective α2A antagonist
1134 CGP 12177 hydrochloride
β3 partial agonist. β12 antagonist
1136 Okadaic acid
Protein phosphatase 1 and 2A inhibitor
1138 Thapsigargin
Potent inhibitor of SERCA ATPase
1139 L-NIL hydrochloride
Selective iNOS inhibitor
1140 8-Bromo-cAMP, sodium salt
Cell-permeable cAMP analog
1141 Dibutyryl-cAMP, sodium salt
Cell-permeable cAMP analog
1144 U0126
Potent, selective inhibitor of MEK1 and 2
1145 L-733,060 hydrochloride
Potent NK1 antagonist
1147 SKF 96365 hydrochloride
TRPC channel blocker; also inhibits store-operated Ca2+ entry
1148 Siguazodan
PDE3 inhibitor
1149 Bombesin
Involved in gastrointestinal tract function
1151 CRF (human, rat)
Stimulates ACTH release
1152 Neurokinin A (porcine)
Endogenous tachykinin peptide
1153 Neuropeptide Y (human, rat)
Influences feeding and sexual behavior
1154 Pancreatic Polypeptide (human)
NPY Y4 agonist; involved in gastrointestinal tract function
1156 Substance P
Sensory neuropeptide; inflammatory mediator
1157 Somatostatin
Influences growth hormone release
1158 Angiotensin II
Potent vasoconstrictor peptide
1159 Calcitonin (salmon)
Affects bone formation and resorption
1160 Endothelin 1 (human, porcine)
Potent vasoconstrictor peptide
1161 CGRP (rat)
Potent vasodilator
1162 Endothelin 3 (human, rat)
Potent vasoconstrictor
1164 Endothelin 2 (human)
ETA/ETB agonist
1165 Somatostatin 1-28
sst agonist
1166 CCK Octapeptide, sulfated
C-terminal octapeptide of CCK
1167 Leupeptin hemisulfate
Inhibits trypsin-like/cysteine proteases
1169 CGRP 8-37 (rat)
CGRP antagonist
1171 DAMGO
Selective μ agonist
1173 Neuropeptide Y (porcine)
Influences feeding and sexual behavior
1175 Sarafotoxin S6c
Selective ETB agonist
1176 [Leu31,Pro34]-Neuropeptide Y (human, rat)
NPY Y1 receptor agonist
1178 [Sar9,Met(O2)11]-Substance P
Potent and selective NK1 agonist
1179 Galanin (1-30) (human)
Endogenous galanin receptor agonist
1180 [D-Ala2]-Deltorphin II
Selective δ agonist peptide
1181 CGRP 8-37 (human)
CGRP antagonist
1182 VIP (guinea pig)
Involved in neurotransmission and smooth muscle relaxation
1183 PACAP 1-27
Potent stimulator of adenylyl cyclase
1184 α-helical CRF 9-41
CRF antagonist
1185 Thrombin Receptor Agonist Peptide
Causes platelet aggregation and secretion
1186 PACAP 1-38
Potent stimulator of adenylyl cyclase
1188 BQ-123
Selective ETA antagonist
1189 BQ-3020
Selective ETB agonist
1190 Pepstatin A
Aspartic protease inhibitor
1191 Amyloid β-Peptide (1-40) (human)
Amyloid β-protein fragment
1192 Mastoparan
Activates Gi and Go
1193 Melittin
Inhibits Gs and stimulates Gi activity
1194 MDL 29,913
Selective NK2 antagonist
1196 IRL-1620
Highly selective ETB agonist
1197 [Ala1,3,11,15]-Endothelin
Selective ETB agonist
1198 Nocistatin (human)
Human putative counterpart of nocistatin
1199 NF 279
Potent and selective P2X1 antagonist

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