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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
2414 H 1152 dihydrochloride
Selective Rho-kinase (ROCK) inhibitor
2485 Glycyl-H 1152 dihydrochloride
Selective Rho-kinase (ROCK) inhibitor. More selective analog of H 1152 dihydrochloride (Cat. No. 2414)
6675 H 151
STING antagonist
2910 H 89 dihydrochloride
Protein kinase A inhibitor
6228 H10
PARP14 inhibitor; cell-permeable
5935 H2DCFDA
Fluorescent ROS indicator; cell permeable
4870 H2L 5765834
LPA1,3,5 antagonist
4878 H2L5186303
Potent and selective LPA2 receptor antagonist
6211 H3K27(Me) (15-34)
Histone H3 peptide; substrate for demethylase/methyltransferase enzymes
6212 H3K27(Me2) (15-34)
Histone H3 peptide; substrate for methyltransferase/demethylase enzymes
6213 H3K27(Me3) (15-34)
Histone H3 peptide; substrate for methyltransferase/demethylase enzymes
0542 H-7 dihydrochloride
Protein kinase inhibitor
0396 H-9 dihydrochloride
Protein kinase inhibitor
2415 HA 1100 hydrochloride
Cell-permeable, selective Rho-kinase inhibitor
4196 HA 130
Potent and selective autotaxin inhibitor
1541 HA14-1
Bcl-2 inhibitor. Induces apoptosis
0281 (R)-(+)-HA-966
NMDA partial agonist/antagonist; acts at glycine site
0282 (S)-(-)-HA-966
NMDA antagonist/partial agonist
6647 HADA
Blue fluorescent D-amino acid for labeling peptidoglycans in live bacteria
4285 HBX 41108
Selective USP7 inhibitor
2896 HC 030031
Selective TRPA1 blocker
4100 HC 067047
Potent and selective TRPV4 antagonist
0535 HEAT hydrochloride
Highly selective α1 antagonist
High affinity selective A3 agonist
3173 HEPES
Multipurpose buffer
3174 HEPES Sodium salt
Multipurpose buffer
5885 HEPPS
Used as a buffering agent
Buffering agent
4555 HI TOPK 032
Selective T-LAK-cell-originated protein kinase (TOPK) inhibitor
5961 HIOC
Selective TrkB receptor agonist; neuroprotectant
2217 (±)-HIP-A
Potent, non-competitive EAAT inhibitor
2218 (±)-HIP-B
Potent, non-competitive EAAT inhibitor
4844 HJC 0350
Selective Epac2 inhibitor
6110 HJC 0416 hydrochloride
STAT3 inhibitor
3580 HKI 357
Dual irreversible inhibitor of ErbB2 and EGFR
3503 HLI 373
Hdm2 inhibitor; activates p53-dependent transcription
5283 HLM 006474
E2F transcription factor inhibitor
5850 HM 50316
High affinity FABP4 inhibitor
5011 HMR 1556
Potent and selective Iks channel blocker
5154 HNGF6A
Humanin analog; increases insulin sensitivity
6994 HODHBt
STAT5-SUMO protein-protein interaction inhibitor
3014 HOE 140
Potent and selective B2 antagonist
3839 HPI 1
Inhibits Hedgehog signaling
3530 HQL 79
Human hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase (H-PGDS) inhibitor
2192 4-HQN
PARP inhibitor
1831 HS 014
Selective MC4 receptor antagonist
1832 HS 024
Highly potent MC4 receptor antagonist
5768 HS 38
ATP-competitive inhibitor of DAPK and ZIPK
5622 HTH 01-015
Potent and selective NUAK1 inhibitor
0646 HTMT dimaleate
H1/ H2 agonist
0966 HU 210
Highly potent cannabinoid receptor agonist
2861 HU 211
NMDA receptor antagonist; also NF-κB inhibitor
3088 HU 308
Potent and selective CB2 agonist
3912 HX 531
Potent RXR antagonist
3913 HX 630
RXR synergist
4991 HaXS8
Chemical dimerizer
1993 Halofuginone hydrobromide
High affinity competitive prolyl-tRNA synthetase inhibitor
0931 Haloperidol hydrochloride
Dopamine antagonist; displays some D2 selectivity
1132 Harmane
Putative endogenous imidazoline ligand. Also MAO inhibitor
5075 Harmine
Potent and selective DYRK1A inhibitor
5433 Heclin
HECT E3 ubiquitin ligase inhibitor
5222 Hematoxylin
Histologic stain; used to stain cell nuclei
2576 Hemokinin 1 (human)
Endogenous and selective NK1 agonist
1535 Hemokinin 1 (mouse)
Endogenous, high affinity and selective NK1 agonist
3791 Hemopressin (human, mouse)
Selective CB1 inverse agonist
1764 Hemopressin (rat)
Selective CB1 inverse agonist
2812 Heparin sodium salt
1629 Herbimycin A
Src family kinase inhibitor. Also Hsp90 inhibitor
3988 Hesperadin hydrochloride
Potent Aurora kinase B inhibitor
4711 Hexa-D-arginine
Furin inhibitor
2291 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexabromocyclohexane
Inhibits JAK2 autophosphorylation
4111 Hexamethonium bromide
Non-competitive nAChR antagonist
0526 (±)-Hexanoylcarnitine chloride
Intermediate in lipid metabolism
1749 HexylHIBO
Group I mGlu antagonist
1750 (S)-HexylHIBO
Group I mGlu antagonist
2994 Signal Enhancer Hikari
Antibody-antigen signal enhancer
2174 Hispidulin
Partial positive allosteric modulator at the benzodiazepine site
3545 Histamine dihydrochloride
Endogenous histamine receptor agonist
1876 Histamine H3 Receptor Tocriset™
Selection of 5 histamine H3 receptor ligands (Cat. Nos. 0729, 0569, 0752, 0779 and 0644)
5824 Hoechst 33258
Fluorescent dye for labeling DNA
5117 Hoechst 33342
Fluorescent dye for labeling DNA
1416 Homoharringtonine
Inhibitor of protein synthesis. Antileukemic agent
0197 Homoquinolinic acid
Potent and selective NMDA agonist
2875 Homovanillic acid
Fluorimetric reagent and major catecholamine metabolite.
4590 Honokiol
Blocks NF-κB activation; also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
4718 Huwentoxin IV
Selective NaV1.7 channel blocker
5235 Huwentoxin XVI
Potent and reversible CaV2.2 blocker
4093 Hydrocortisone
Adrenal glucocorticoid; immunosuppressant
5364 Hydroxy Dynasore
Dynamin inhibitor; analog of dynasore (Cat. No. 2897)
5740 6-Hydroxy-DL-DOPA
Allosteric inhibitor of RAD52; also APE1 inhibitor
1080 (R)-(+)-8-Hydroxy-DPAT hydrobromide
Selective 5-HT1A agonist; enantiomer of 8-Hydroxy-DPAT hydrobromide (Cat. No. 0529)
0706 7-Hydroxy-DPAT hydrobromide
Dopamine agonist (D3 ≥ D2 < > D4)
0529 8-Hydroxy-DPAT hydrobromide
Selective 5-HT1A agonist; also has moderate affinity for 5-HT7
0797 8-Hydroxy-PIPAT oxalate
High affinity 5-HT1A agonist
0183 L-(-)-threo-3-Hydroxyaspartic acid
Transportable EAAT1-4 inhibitor/non-transportable EAAT5 inhibitor
5648 Hydroxychloroquine sulfate
Autophagy inhibitor; also TLR9 inhibitor
4474 20(S)-Hydroxycholesterol
Allosteric activator of Hedgehog (Hh) signaling; induces Smo accumulation
5741 25-Hydroxycholesterol
Antiviral; also α-crystallin (cryAB) chaperone
3907 27-Hydroxycholesterol
LXR agonist; also ER partial agonist
0538 trans-4-Hydroxycrotonic acid
GHB receptor ligand
2547 6-Hydroxydopamine hydrobromide
Selective catecholaminergic neurotoxin
6124 (R)-2-Hydroxyglutaric acid disodium salt
KDM4A inhibitor; also NF-κB activator
6094 2R,6R-Hydroxynorketamine hydrochloride
Enhances AMPA currents; decreases D-serine (a NMDA co-agonist); lacks ketamine-related side effects
6095 2S,6S-Hydroxynorketamine hydrochloride
Decreases D-serine (a NMDA co-agonist); antidepressant
5982 cis-6-Hydroxynorketamine hydrochloride
Enhances AMPA currents: antidepressant
0290 N-(4-Hydroxyphenylacetyl)spermine
Wasp toxin analog
0324 (RS)-3-Hydroxyphenylglycine
Group I mGlu agonist
0326 (S)-3-Hydroxyphenylglycine
Group I mGlu agonist; active isomer of (RS)-3-Hydroxphenylglycine (Cat. No. 0324)
0708 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin
Solubilization agent
0245 2-Hydroxysaclofen
Selective GABAB antagonist; more potent than Saclofen (Cat. No. 0246)
6406 Hydroxystilbamidine bis(methanesulfonate)
Displays different fluorescence emission wavelenghts when bound to DNA compared to RNA
3412 (Z)-4-Hydroxytamoxifen
Metabolite of tamoxifen (Cat. No. 0999)
4137 Hygromycin B
Aminoglycoside antibiotic; active against prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
1520 Hypericin
Inhibits tyrosine kinases
0208 Hypotaurine
Non-selective endogenous glycine receptor agonist

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