Our Ethos

Why we do what we do

Our Mission

The Tocris Bioscience mission is to drive life science research forward and make new discoveries possible by providing the highest performing and most innovative range of research reagents available.

Who We Are

For over a quarter of a century Tocris Bioscience has been established as a leading supplier of innovative high performance life science research reagents. We have satisfied customers throughout the world's pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes.

Our range of over 4,500 life science reagents consists of small molecules and peptides, and represents a unique collection of novel and exclusive research tools. Our products include GPCR ligands, neurotransmitters, ion channel modulators, signaling inhibitors and much more.

Depend on Tocris for:

  • A Unique Collection of Innovative Products
    From the latest exclusively licensed research tools to established biochemical standards
  • Unrivaled Product Quality
    Certified high purity, typically greater than 99% by HPLC
  • Specialist Technical Support
    Our team of scientifically trained personnel are here to help
  • An Intuitive and Comprehensive Website
    Pinpoint the most relevant research tools for your target in seconds

Commitment to our Customers

Tocris is committed to putting customers first. We know that scientists need to trust our products and our aim is to only ever supply materials of exceptional quality. By adhering to good practice and listening to our customers, Tocris Bioscience fulfills its mission to drive life science research forward and make new discoveries possible.