New Compound Library for Drug Repurposing

Includes established therapeutics and recently approved compounds


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dTAG Awarded Highly Commended!

Our dTAG protein degradation platform has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Innovative Product of the Year category.

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New Tocriscreen 2.0 Compound Library!

A compound library that fits your needs

1280 compounds covering >400 targets, available in three size formats.

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Trusted and Reliable Neuroscience Reagents

Cited in >20,000 Neuroscience publications worldwide

Neurotransmitters | Ion Channel Modulators | Caged Compounds | DREADD Ligands

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Tocris Life Science Posters

A colorful and informative look at different research areas. Download or Request your free copy today!

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Highly-Cited Products

Our products are cited in many high-impact journals including Nature, Cell Press and PNAS, by researchers around the world. There are over 10,000 product citations on the Tocris website, with more being added every day. Check out the Citations tab on our product pages today!

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Featured New Products

Stem Cell Research Product Guide

Stem Cell Research Product Guide

Our new product guide provides a review of how small molecules have been used in stem cell research and lists over 200 products from Tocris to support your research in the field.


GMP XAV 939 now available


Now available – XAV 939 synthesized to cGMP guidelines, for use as an ancillary reagent in the manufacture of stem cell therapies. XAV 939 is a potent tankyrase inhibitor that antagonizes Wnt signaling.

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COVID-19 Compound Repurposing

Our new webpage highlights compounds that have potential to be repurposed for COVID-19, to advance your research into this highly infectious disease.

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