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Tocris is the leading supplier of novel and exclusive tools for laboratory research. Our unique collection of over 4,000 life science reagents consists of GPCR ligands, neurotransmitters, ion channel modulators and signaling inhibitors.

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Potent fluorescent Smo antagonist
5561 | IHR-Cy3

IC50 = 100 nM. Non fluorescent analog IHR 1 also available.

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Potent and selective ERK5 inhibitor
5843 | AX 15836

IC50 = 8 nM. Exhibits >1,000-fold selectivity for ERK5 over a panel of over 200 kinases. Also exhibits selectivity over bromodomain BRD4 (Kd = 3,600 nM).

Related Products: XMD 8-92 BIX 02189 ERK5-IN-1
Potent and selective PARG inhibitor; cell permeable
5952 | PDD 00017273

IC50 = 26 nM. Exhibits >350-fold selectivity for PARG over a panel of ion channels, enzymes and receptors, including PARP1 and ARH3. Maintains PAR chains and induces DNA double stranded breaks in cells following DNA damage. Decreases colony formation of ZR-75-1 BRCA1 WT cells. Cell permeable.

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Potent and selective BRD1 and TAF1 inhibitor
5970 | BAY 299

IC50 values are 6 and 13 nM, respectively. Displays selectivity over other bromodomains (>30-fold over other members of the BRPF family; BRD9 and ATAD2; >300-fold over BRD4). Displays BRD1 and TAF1 inhibition in a NanoBRET cell assay.

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Potent ALK2/3 inhibitor; promotes neural induction of hPSCs
6053 | LDN 193189

IC50 values are 5 and 30 nM, respectively; inhibits BMP4-mediated Smad1/5/8 activation. Exhibits >200-fold selectivity for BMP signaling over TGF-β signaling. Also exhibits selectivity over AMPK, PDGFR and MAPK signaling. Promotes neural induction of hPSCs in combination with SB 431542 (Cat. No. 1614), SU 5402 (Cat. No. 3300), CHIR 99021 (Cat. No. 4423) and DAPT (Cat. No. 2634).

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