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Tocris is the leading supplier of novel and exclusive tools for laboratory research. Our unique collection of over 4,000 life science reagents consists of GPCR ligands, neurotransmitters, ion channel modulators and signaling inhibitors.

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Potent and selective BRD9 and BRD7 inhibitor; orally active
5590 | BI 9564

Kd values are 14 and 239 nM, respectively. Exhibits selectivity for BRD9/7 over 48 other bromodomains, 324 kinases and 55 GPCRs. Inhibits proliferation of AML cell lines in vitro and reduces AML tumor xenograft growth in vivo. Cell permeable and orally active.

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Nrf2 activator; inhibits Nrf2/Keap1 interaction
5707 | RA 839

Kd = 6 μM. Suppresses LPS-induced iNOS and nitric oxide expression in macrophages. Anti-inflammatory.

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Potent and selective S1P5 agonist
5766 | A 971432

EC50 values are 4.1 and 5.7 nM in cAMP and GTPγS assays, respectively. Exhibits 60-fold selectivity over S1P1, and >1,600-fold selectivity over S1P2-4 and a panel of 129 kinases and 79 receptors. Improves blood-brain barrier integrity in vitro and reverses age-related cognitive decline in vivo. Orally available.

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Potent TNKS1/2 inhibitor
5775 | AZ 6102

IC50 values are 1 and 3 nM, respectively. Exhibits >100-fold selectivity for TNKS1/2 over PARP-1, PARP-2 and PARP-6. Inhibits Wnt signaling in DLD-1 cells (IC50 = 5 nM). Exhibits moderate oral bioavailability.

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Selective ASIC1a inhibitor; analgesic
5938 | Mambalgin 1

IC50 values are 192 and 72 nM for human ASIC1a and ASIC1a/1b dimer, respectively. Binds to closed/inactive channel. Selective for ASIC1a over ASIC2a, ASIC3, TRPV1, P2X2, 5-HT3, Nav1.8, Cav3.2 and Kv1.2 channels. Increases latency of tail and paw withdrawal in mouse tail-flick and paw-flick tests. Analgesic.

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