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1,280 Biologically Active Compounds

The Tocriscreen Plus™ offers extensive target coverage and low overlap with other compound libraries giving researchers the perfect platform for phenotypic screening, target elucidation, and drug repurposing.

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Highly-Cited Products

Our products are cited in many high-impact journals including Nature, Cell Press and PNAS, by researchers around the world. There are over 10,000 product citations on the Tocris website, with more being added every day. Check out the Citations tab on our product pages today!

Introducing PROTACs

PROTACs selectively degrade proteins rather than inhibit their activity. Our new PROTAC, MZ 1, degrades BRD4 in cells, replicating the effects of SiRNA-induced knock-down.

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A colorful and informative look at different research areas. Download or Request your free copy today!

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Janelia Fluor™

New Janelia Fluor® Dyes Now Available

Tocris has introduced a new range of Janelia Fluor® dyes for advanced imaging techniques, including dSTORM in live and fixed cells. Try them in your research today!

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RAS Oncoproteins Webinar

RAS Oncoproteins Webinar

If you missed our Ras Webinar, by Dr Adrienne Cox, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology & Pharmacology, UNC Chapel Hill, you can still watch it on demand!

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