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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1000 ZD 7288
Inhibits pacemaker (If) current
1001 Chlorisondamine diiodide
nAChR antagonist; slow offset
1002 L-745,870 trihydrochloride
Highly selective D4 antagonist
1003 L-741,626
High affinity D2 antagonist
1004 L-741,742 hydrochloride
Highly selective D4 antagonist
1006 BMY 7378 dihydrochloride
Selective α1D antagonist
1007 N-Desmethylclozapine
5-HT2C antagonist
1014 QX 314 bromide
Na+ channel blocker
1015 RS 16566 dihydrochloride
5-HT3 ligand; shows affinity for zacopride binding site
1018 LY 225910
Potent CCK2 antagonist
1019 LY 235959
Competitive NMDA antagonist
1024 CGP 20712 dihydrochloride
Highly potent and selective β1 antagonist
1025 Nisoxetine hydrochloride
Noradrenalin re-uptake inhibitor
1027 PHCCC
Potent group I mGlu antagonist
1028 CPCCOEt
Selective non-competitive mGlu1 antagonist
1029 Methyllycaconitine citrate
Selective α7 neuronal nAChR antagonist
1030 Guanfacine hydrochloride
α2A agonist
1031 Piribedil dihydrochloride
Dopamine agonist
1032 CP 93129 dihydrochloride
5-HT1B agonist
1033 Fluvoxamine maleate
5-HT reuptake inhibitor
1034 4-P-PDOT
MT2 antagonist
1035 8-M-PDOT
Melatonin agonist
1036 ZM 241385
Potent and highly selective A2A antagonist
1037 PD 153035 hydrochloride
EGFR-kinase inhibitor
1038 WIN 55,212-2 mesylate
Selective high affinity CB2 agonist
1040 TPMPA
Selective GABAA-ρ antagonist
1041 1-EBIO
Epithelial KCa channel activator
1042 N-Methyllidocaine iodide
Enhances biosynthesis of phosphatidylinositol
1043 QX 222
Na+ channel blocker
1044 NBQX disodium salt
Potent AMPA antagonist; more water soluble form of NBQX (Cat. No. 0373)
1045 CNQX disodium salt
Potent non-NMDA iGluR antagonist; more water soluble form of CNQX (Cat. No. 0190)
1046 Zardaverine
PDE3/4 inhibitor
1047 ICI 182,780
Estrogen receptor antagonist
1049 CHPG
mGlu5 selective agonist
1050 RS 102221 hydrochloride
Selective 5-HT2C antagonist
1051 Zinterol hydrochloride
Selective β2 agonist
1052 A 61603 hydrobromide
α1A agonist
1053 RJR 2403 oxalate
Selective α4β2 nAChR agonist
1054 GR 55562 dihydrochloride
5-HT1B antagonist
1055 Endomorphin-1
Potent and selective μ agonist
1056 Endomorphin-2
Potent and selective μ agonist
1057 WIN 64338 hydrochloride
Bradykinin B2 antagonist
1059 BW 723C86 hydrochloride
5-HT2B agonist
1060 (S)-(-)-Pindolol
β3 partial agonist; also 5-HT1A and 5-HT1B antagonist; more active enantiomer of pindolol (Cat. No. 0994)
1061 (-)-Quinpirole hydrochloride
Selective D2-like agonist
1062 2-Methylthioadenosine triphosphate tetrasodium salt
Non-selective P2 agonist
1063 CGS 21680 hydrochloride
A2A agonist
1064 Methysergide maleate
5-HT1/5-HT2 antagonist
1065 PD 168077 maleate
High affinity, selective D4 agonist
1066 IB-MECA
A3 selective agonist
1067 Oxotremorine M
Muscarinic agonist
1068 Senktide
Tachykinin NK3 agonist
1069 Tetrodotoxin citrate
Na+ channel blocker; citrate salt of tetrodotoxin (Cat. No. 1078)
1070 Zolantidine dimaleate
Potent, centrally active H2 antagonist
1071 Pirenzepine dihydrochloride
Selective M1 antagonist
1072 AGN 192403 hydrochloride
I1 selective ligand
1073 (RS)-APICA
Selective group II mGlu antagonist
1074 (RS)-AMPA hydrobromide
Selective AMPA agonist; more water soluble form of (RS)-AMPA (Cat. No. 0169)
1075 Nifedipine
CaV1.x blocker
1076 Ouabain
Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitor
1077 (-)-Lobeline hydrochloride
Nicotinic partial agonist
1078 Tetrodotoxin
Na+ channel blocker
1079 (+)-SK&F 10047 hydrochloride
σ1 selective agonist
1080 (R)-(+)-8-Hydroxy-DPAT hydrobromide
Selective 5-HT1A agonist; enantiomer of 8-Hydroxy-DPAT hydrobromide (Cat. No. 0529)
1081 SKF 89976A hydrochloride
Potent GAT-1 inhibitor; brain penetrant
1082 CFM-2
Non-competitive AMPA antagonist
1084 ω-Conotoxin MVIIC
CaV2.x blocker
1085 ω-Conotoxin GVIA
CaV2.2 blocker
1086 Iberiotoxin
KCa (BK) channel blocker
1087 Charybdotoxin
KCa (BK) channel blocker
1088 CGP 54626 hydrochloride
Potent and selective GABAB antagonist
1089 8-Bromo-cGMP, sodium salt
cGMP analog; activates PKG
1091 BU 226 hydrochloride
Potent, highly selective I2 ligand
1092 [Phe1Ψ(CH2-NH)Gly2]Nociceptin(1-13)NH2
Selective nociceptin receptor agonist
1093 Pirfenidone
Antifibrotic agent; regulates cytokine levels in vivo
1095 (R)-(-)-Deprenyl hydrochloride
MAO-B inhibitor
1097 Taxol
Promotes assembly and inhibits disassembly of microtubules
1098 Tranilast
Antiallergic; inhibits inflammatory mediator release from mast cells
1099 Forskolin
Adenylyl cyclase activator

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