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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0600 Nimodipine
CaV1.x blocker
0601 Nitrendipine
CaV1.x blocker
0603 SNOG
NO carrier. Breaks down to release NO
0605 (±)-Octanoylcarnitine chloride
Intermediate in lipid metabolism
0607 17-ODYA
LTB ω-hydroxylase inhibitor
0609 (±)-Palmitoylcarnitine chloride
Intermediate in fatty acid oxidation
0610 Parthenolide
5-HT release inhibitor
0611 (±)-Propionylcarnitine chloride
Intermediate in lipid metabolism
0620 4-PPBP maleate
Specific σ ligand, NMDA antagonist
0622 Physostigmine hemisulfate
Cholinesterase inhibitor
0623 Prazosin hydrochloride
α1 and α2B antagonist; also MT3 antagonist
0624 Propranolol hydrochloride
β antagonist
0625 PPADS tetrasodium salt
Non-selective P2 antagonist
0629 Quipazine dimaleate
5-HT3 agonist
0631 Spiroxatrine
Potent α2C antagonist
0633 D-erythro-Sphingosine (synthetic)
Protein kinase C inhibitor
0634 Salbutamol hemisulfate
β agonist (β2 > β1)
0638 CGS 12066B dimaleate
5-HT1B agonist
0640 MDL 72222
5-HT3 antagonist
0644 Thioperamide
H3 antagonist; also H4 inverse agonist
0645 2-TEDC
5-, 12-, 15-Lipoxygenase inhibitor
0646 HTMT dimaleate
H1/ H2 agonist
0649 (S)-Timolol maleate
β1 antagonist
0652 Thalidomide
Binds cereblon; also TNF-α synthesis inhibitor
0653 (±)-Vesamicol hydrochloride
Inhibits ACh transport
0654 Verapamil hydrochloride
CaV1.x blocker
0658 FGIN-1-27
Potent, specific ligand for mitochondrial DBI receptor
0660 Mepyramine maleate
Selective H1 inverse agonist
0663 L-Arginine
Endogenous substrate for NOS
0665 L-NAME hydrochloride
Non-selective NOS inhibitor
0668 Amthamine dihydrobromide
Highly selective standard H2 agonist
0670 PK 11195
Antagonist at peripheral benzodiazepine receptors
0671 AH 6809
EP1 and EP2 receptor antagonist
0677 Naltrexone hydrochloride
Non-selective opioid antagonist
0680 2-Phenylmelatonin
Potent melatonin agonist
0681 L-690,330
Inositol monophosphatase inhibitor
0683 iso-PPADS tetrasodium salt
Non-selective P2X antagonist
0684 (±)-Epibatidine
High affinity nAChR agonist
0685 Diltiazem hydrochloride
CaV1.x blocker
0686 Galanthamine hydrobromide
Cholinesterase inhibitor
0690 Clonidine hydrochloride
α2 agonist. Also I1 ligand
0691 Dipyridamole
Adenosine transport inhibitor
0693 Pancuronium dibromide
Neuromusclar nAChR antagonist
0694 Pilocarpine hydrochloride
Muscarinic agonist
0695 Retinoic acid
Endogenous retinoic acid receptor agonist
0699 BRL 52537 hydrochloride
Potent and selective κ agonist

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