Tocriscreen PRO Custom Compound Library Service

The TocriscreenTM PRO service allows you to design a completely custom compound library to meet your exact screening requirements. With this cherry-picking service, you can choose compounds from a list over 3,700 products from the Tocris catalog (minimum order ~80 compounds), as well as customize the format of the compounds (dry powder or in solution), and the tubes they are supplied in.


The bioactive compounds available through the Tocriscreen PRO service cover a wide range of targets, such as GPCRs, ion channels, enzymes, kinases, nuclear receptors and transporters, and all major research areas and product actions. Included are commonly used research standards, novel research tools, and pharmacologically active components of FDA-approved therapeutics.


As well as requesting a completely custom library, the Tocriscreen PRO service also allows you to select a pre-defined list of compounds. Currently available lists are:

  • COVID-19 Compounds – this list is comprised of a subset of products from the Tocriscreen 2.0 compound library, for key targets within the SARS-CoV-2 viral life cycle and compounds that have been linked to coronaviruses in the scientific literature. The library is available in 10 mM DMSO solution (50 μL - 1 mL) or as dry powder (2 - 10 mg).
  • Additional New Products – If you previously purchased the Tocriscreen Plus, Plus Mini or Plus Micro Compound Libraries (Cat. Nos. 5840, 5481 and 6455, respectively), this list provides you with compounds recently added to the Tocriscreen 2.0 compound library list. These compounds will be supplied pre-dissolved in 10 mM DMSO, at a minimum volume of 250 μL.


The Tocris scientific team are ready to help you with choosing compounds and designing your bioactive compound library to fit your research needs. To help our team get started on your inquiry, please provide as much information as possible about your required compound format, research areas and targets, and if you require one of the pre-defined lists outlined above.

Please submit your requirements through the compound library inquiry form.


Customize your compound library


Major Research Areas Covered By Tocriscreen PRO

Major research areas covered by the Tocriscreen PRO

The Tocriscreen 2.0 Compound Library contains bioactive compounds covering a diverse range of biomedical research areas; Neuroscience (41%), Cancer (32%), Endocrinology (10%), Cardiovascular (6%), Immunology (6%), Stem Cells (4%), other research areas (2%).


Major Target Classes Covered By Tocriscreen PRO

Major target classes covered by the Tocriscreen PRO

The Tocriscreen 2.0 Compound Library contains bioactive compounds covering a diverse range of molecular targets; 7-TM receptors (GPCRs; 27%), non-kinase enzymes (21%), kinases including enzyme-linked receptors (20%), ion channels (13%), cell biology targets (9%), nuclear receptors (6%), and transporters and other pharmacological targets (5%).