Voltage-gated Potassium (KV) Channels

Voltage-gated potassium channels (KV) belong to the 6-TM family of potassium channel that also comprises the Ca2+-activated Slo (actually 7-TM) and the Ca2+-activated SK subfamilies. The α-subunits contain a single pore-forming region and combine to form tetramers.

Gene Data

Voltage-gated Potassium (KV) Channel Modulators

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
4949 MaxiPost
Potassium channel modulator; exerts subtype-specific effects

Voltage-gated Potassium (KV) Channel Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
4687 ML 252
Potent and selective KV7.2 inhibitor; brain penetrant
7486 Roxadustat
Inhibitor of peak and late components of delayed rectifier potassium currents

Voltage-gated Potassium (KV) Channel Activators

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
2867 Flupirtine maleate
KV7 channel activator; also GABAA modulator and indirect NMDA antagonist
4305 ICA 069673
KV7.2/KV7.3 channel opener
4950 ICA 110381
KV7.2/7.3 activator; displays anticonvulsant properties
4519 ML 213
KV7.2 and KV7.4 channel opener
4777 ML 277
Selective KV7.1 (KCNQ1) potassium channel activator; augments IKs current
3062 NS 1643
KV11.1 (hERG) channel activator; antiarrhythmic
4462 NS 3623
KV11.1 (hERG) and KV4.3 channel activator; antiarrhythmic
4166 NS 5806
KV4.3 channel activator
5083 QO 58
Kv7 channel opener
6233 Retigabine
KV7 channel activator

Voltage-gated Potassium (KV) Channel Blockers

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0940 4-Aminopyridine
Non-selective KV channel blocker
3489 Astemizole
Potent KV11.1 (hERG) channel blocker. Also histamine H1 antagonist
6318 Azimilide dihydrochloride
Kv11.1 (hERG) channel blocker
hKV11.1 (hERG), hKV1.3 and hKV1.5 channel blocker. Also Ca2+ chelator
1412 Chromanol 293B
IKs blocker. Also blocks ICFTR
1475 (-)-[3R,4S]-Chromanol 293B
IKs blocker. Enantiomer of Chromanol 293B (Cat. No. 1412)
3757 Dofetilide
KV11.1 (hERG) channel blocker; inhibits rapid delayed rectifier K+ current (IKr)
2533 DPO-1
Blocker of KV1.5 channel and IKur current
1808 E-4031 dihydrochloride
KV11.1 (hERG) channel blocker; inhibits rapid delayed rectifier K+ current (IKr)
5676 Guangxitoxin 1E
Potent Kv2.1 and Kv2.2 channel blocker
5011 HMR 1556
Potent and selective Iks channel blocker
3899 JNJ 303
Potent and selective IKs blocker
4130 KN 92
K+ channel (Kv) blocker. Inactive analog of KN 93
1278 KN 93
K+ channel blocker (KV); also inhibitor of CaM Kinase II
1999 Linopirdine dihydrochloride
KV7 (KCNQ) channel blocker
3563 Margatoxin
Potent KV1.3 channel blocker
4367 Psora 4
Potent KV1.3 channel blocker
3948 Terfenadine
KV11.1 (hERG) and Kir6 (KATP) channel blocker. Also H1 antagonist
3068 Tetraethylammonium chloride
Non-selective K+ channel blocker
3829 UK 78282 hydrochloride
Blocker of KV1.3 and KV1.4 channels
2000 XE 991 dihydrochloride
Potent, selective KV7 (KCNQ) channel blocker; blocks M-currents


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
5462 AAQ chloride
Photoswitchable Kv channel blocker
2007 Fluticasone propionate
Selective glucocorticoid agonist; KV1 potentiator
6087 Perifosine
Modulates Kv2.1current; also PKB/Akt inhibitor
5470 QAQ dichloride
Photoswitchable Nav, Kv and Cav channel blocker

Voltage-gated potassium channels (KV) belong to the 6-TM family of potassium channel that also comprises the Ca2+-activated Slo (actually 7-TM) and the Ca2+-activated SK subfamilies. The pore-forming α-subunits contain a single pore-forming region and combine to form tetramers. Heteromeric channels can be formed within subfamilies e.g. KV1.1 with KV1.2 and KCNQ2 with KCNQ3.

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Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
Human KCNA1 NM_000217 Q09470
Mouse Kcna1 NM_010595 P16388
Rat Kcna1 NM_173095 P10499
Human KCNA2 NM_004974 P16389
Mouse Kcna2 NM_008425 P35561
Rat Kcna2 NM_012970 P63142
Human KCNA3 NM_002232 P22001
Mouse Kcna3 NM_008418 P16390
Rat Kcna3 NM_019270 P15384
Human KCNA4 NM_002233 P22459
Mouse Kcna4 NM_021275 Q61423
Rat Kcna4 NM_012971 P15385
Human KCNA5 NM_002234 P22460
Mouse Kcna5 NM_145983 Q61762
Rat Kcna5 NM_012972 P19024
Human KCNA6 NM_002235 P17658
Mouse Kcna6 NM_013568 Q61923
Rat Kcna6 CH473964 P17659
Human KCNA7 NM_031886 Q96RP8
Mouse Kcna7 NM_010596 Q17ST2
Human KCNA10 NM_005549 Q16322
Mouse Kcna10 NM_001081140 NP_001074609
KV β1 Human KCNAB1 NM_003471 Q14722
Mouse Kcnab1 NM_010597 P63143
Rat Kcnab1 NM_017303 P63144
KV β2 Human KCNAB2 NM_172130 Q13303
Mouse Kcnab2 NM_010598 P62482
Rat Kcnab2 NM_017304 P62483
KV β3 Human KCNAB3 NM_004732 O43448
Mouse Kcnab3 NM_010599 P97382
Rat Kcnab3 NM_031652 Q63494
Human KCNB1 NM_004975 Q14721
Mouse Kcnb1 NM_008420 Q03717
Rat Kcnb1 NM_013186 P15387
Human KCNB2 NM_004770 Q92953
Mouse Kcnb2 NM_001098528 A6H8H5
Rat Kcnb2 NM_054000 Q63099
Human KCNC1 NM_004976 P48547
Mouse Kcnc1 NM_008421 P15388
Rat Kcnc1 NM_012856 P25122
Human KCNC2 NM_153748 Q96PR1
Mouse Kcnc2 NM_001025581 Q14B80
Rat Kcnc2 NM_139216 P22462
Human KCNC3 NM_004977 Q14003
Mouse Kcnc3 NM_008422 Q63959
Rat Kcnc3 NM_053997 Q01956
Human KCNC4 NM_001039574 Q03721
Mouse Kcnc4 NM_145922 Q8R1C0
Human KCND1 NM_004979 Q9NSA2
Mouse Kcnd1 NM_008423 Q03719
Rat Kcnd1 NM_001105748 NP_001099218
Human KCND2 NM_012281 Q9NZV8
Mouse Kcnd2 NM_019697 Q9Z0V2
Rat Kcnd2 NM_031730 Q63881
Human KCND3 NM_172198 Q9UK17
Mouse Kcnd3 NM_001039347 Q9Z0V1
Rat Kcnd3 NM_031739 Q62897
KV5.1 Human KCNF1 NM_002236 Q9H3M0
Mouse Kcnf1 NM_201531 Q7TSH7
Rat Kcnf1 M81783 XP_001074279
KV6.1 Human KCNG1 NM_002237 Q9UIX4
Mouse Kcng1 NM_001081134 NP_001074603
Rat Kcng1 NM_001106545 NP_001100015
KV6.2 Human KCNG2 NM_012283 Q9UJ96
Mouse Kcng2 AK158780 Q3TYA3
Rat Kcng2 NM_001107372 Q9QYU3
KV6.3 Human KCNG3 NM_172344 Q8TAE7
Mouse Kcng3 NM_153512 P59053
Rat Kcng3 NM_001033957 Q8R523
KV6.4 Human KCNG4 NM_172347 Q8TDN1
Mouse Kcng4 NM_025734 Q80XM3
KV7.1 Human KCNQ1 NM_000218 P51787
Mouse Kcnq1 NM_008434 P97414
Rat Kcnq1 NM_032073 Q9Z0N7
KV7.2 Human KCNQ2 NM_172109 O43526
Mouse Kcnq2 NM_001003824 Q9Z351
Rat Kcnq2 NM_133322 O88943
KV7.3 Human KCNQ3 NM_004519 O43525
Mouse Kcnq3 NM_152923 Q8K3F6
Rat Kcnq3 NM_031597 O88944
KV7.4 Human KCNQ4 NM_004700 P56696
Mouse Kcnq4 NM_001081142 Q9JK97
Rat Kcnq4 CH473968 Q9JK96
KV7.5 Human KCNQ5 NM_019842 Q9NR82
Mouse Kcnq5 NM_023872 Q9JK45
Rat Kcnq5l AF525937 Q8K3W7
KV8.1 Human KCNV1 NM_014379 Q6PIU1
Mouse Kcnv1 NM_026200 Q8BZN2
Rat Kcnv1 NM_021697 P97557
KV9.1 Human KCNS1 NM_002251 Q96KK3
Mouse Kcns1 NM_008435 O35173
Rat Kcns1 NM_053954 O88758
KV9.2 Human KCNS2 NM_020697 Q9ULS6
Mouse Kcns2 NM_181317 O35174
Rat Kcnq4 NM_023966 Q9ER26
KV9.3 Human KCNS3 NM_002252 Q9BQ31
Mouse Kcns3 NM_173417 Q8BQZ8
Rat Kcns3 NM_031778 O88759
Human KCNH1 NM_002238 O95259
Mouse Kcnh1 NM_010600 Q60603
Rat Kcnh1 NM_031742 Q63472
Human KCNH5 NM_139318 Q8NCM2
Mouse Kcnh5 NM_172805 Q920E3
Rat Kcnh5 NM_133610 Q9EPI9
Human KCNH2 NM_000238 Q12809
Mouse Kcnh2 NM_013569 O35219
Rat Kcnh2 NM_053949 O08962
Human KCNH6 NM_030779 Q9H252
Mouse Kcnh6 NM_001037712 NP_001032801
Rat Kcnh6 NM_053937 O54853
Human KCNH7 NM_033272 Q9NS40
Mouse Kcnh7 NM_133207 Q9ER47
Rat Kcnh7 NM_131912 O54852
Human KCNH8 NM_144633 Q96L42
Mouse Kcnh8 NM_001031811 P59111
Rat Kcnh8 NM_145095 Q9QWS8
Human KCNH3 NM_012284 Q9ULD8
Mouse Kcnh2 NM_010601 Q9WVJ0
Rat Kcnh3 NM_017108 O89047
Human KCNH4 NM_012285 Q9UQ05
Mouse Kcnh4 NM_001081194 NP_001074663
Rat Kcnh4 NM_053630 Q9R1T9
minK Human KCNE1 NM_000219 P15382
Mouse Kcne1 NM_008424 P23299
Rat Kcne1 NM_012973 P15383
KChIP1 Human KCNIP1 NM_014592 Q9NZI2
Mouse Kcnip1 NM_027398 Q9JJ57
Rat Kcnip1 NM_022929 Q8R426
KChIP2 Human KCNIP2 NM_173194 Q9HD10
Mouse Kcnip2 NM_145703 Q9JJ69
Rat Kcnip2 NM_020095 Q9JM59
KChIP3 Human KCNIP3 NM_013434 Q9Y2W7
Mouse Kcnip3 NM_001111331 Q9QXT8
KChIP4 Human KCNIP4 NM_025221 Q6PIL6
Mouse Kcnip4 NM_030265 Q6PHZ8
Rat Kcnip4 NM_181365 Q99MG9
MiRP1 Human KCNE2 NM_172201 Q9Y6J6
Mouse Kcne2 NM_134110 Q9D808
Rat Kcne2 NM_133603 P63161
MiRP2 Human KCNE3 NM_005472 Q9Y6H6
Mouse Kcne3 NM_020574 Q9WTW2
Rat Kcne3 NM_022235 Q9JJV7
MiRP3 Human KCNE4 NM_080671 Q8WWG9
Mouse Kcne4 NM_021342 Q9WTW3
Rat Kcne4 NM_212526 Q71FD8