Phosphodiesterases (PDEs) are a family of phosphohydrolyases that catalyze the hydrolysis of 3' cyclic phosphate bonds in adenosine and/or guanine 3',5' cyclic monophosphate (cAMP and/or cGMP). PDEs regulate the second messengers by controlling their degradation.

Gene Data

Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
6313 A 33
Potent and selective PDE4B inhibitor
2237 BRL 50481
Selective PDE7 inhibitor
2793 Caffeine
Cyclic nucleotide PDE inhibitor
0915 Cilostamide
PDE3 inhibitor
1692 Cilostazol
PDE3A inhibitor. Also adenosine uptake inhibitor
0691 Dipyridamole
PDE5/6/8/10/11 inhibitor
1261 EHNA hydrochloride
PDE2 inhibitor
1693 Enoximone
PDE3 inhibitor
5202 Furamidine dihydrochloride
TDP-1 inhibitor; PRMT1 inhibitor
4165 Gisadenafil besylate
Potent PDE5 inhibitor; orally bioavailable
2845 IBMX
PDE inhibitor (non-selective)
1694 Ibudilast
PDE inhibitor (non-selective)
3053 Mesopram
Orally active PDE4 inhibitor
1504 Milrinone
PDE3 inhibitor
5915 PF 04449613
Potent PDE9 inhibitor; brain penetrant
6024 PF 04671536 hydrochloride
Potent and selective PDE8B/8A inhibitor
6405 PF 05180999
Potent and selective PDE2A inhibitor
4525 Piclamilast
Potent and selective PDE4 inhibitor
0415 Ro 20-1724
PDE4 inhibitor
0905 Rolipram
PDE4 inhibitor
1349 (R)-(-)-Rolipram
PDE4 inhibitor. More active enantiomer of rolipram (Cat. No. 0905)
3784 Sildenafil citrate
Potent PDE5 inhibitor; orally active
6311 Tadalafil
Potent and highly selective PDE5 inhibitor; orally bioavailable
2337 Trequinsin hydrochloride
Highly potent PDE3 inhibitor
0947 Zaprinast
PDE5/6/9/11 inhibitor
1046 Zardaverine
PDE3/4 inhibitor


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
5424 Deltarasin
High affinity PDEδ-KRAS interaction inhibitor

Phosphodiesterases (PDEs) are a family of related phosphohydrolyases that selectively catalyze the hydrolysis of 3' cyclic phosphate bonds in adenosine and/or guanine 3',5' cyclic monophosphate (cAMP and/or cGMP). They regulate the cellular levels, localization and duration of action of these second messengers by controlling the rate of their degradation.

There are 11 subtypes of PDEs, named PDE1-11; PDE4, 7 and 8 selectively degrade cAMP, PDE5, 6 and 9 selectively degrade cGMP and PDE1, 2, 3, 10 and 11 degrade both cyclic nucleotides. PDEs are expressed ubiquitously, with each subtype having a specific tissue distribution. These enzymes are involved in many signal transduction pathways and their functions include vascular smooth muscle proliferation and contraction, cardiac contractility, platelet aggregation, hormone secretion, immune cell activation, and they are involved in learning and memory.

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Phosphodiesterase Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
PDE1A Human PDE1A NM_005019 Q9C0L4
Mouse Pde1a NM_016744 Q61481
Rat Pde1a NM_030871 Q9EPR9
PDE1B Human PDE1B NM_000924 Q01064
Mouse Pde1b NM_008800 Q01065
Rat Pde1b NM_022710 Q01066
PDE1C Human PDE1C NM_005020 Q14123
Mouse Pde1c NM_001025568 Q64338
Rat Pde1c NM_031078 Q63421
PDE2A Human PDE2A NM_002599 O00408
Mouse Pde2a NM_001008548 Q922S4
Rat Pde2a NM_031079 Q01062
PDE3A Human PDE3A NM_000921 Q14432
Mouse Pde3a NM_018779 Q9Z0X4
Rat Pde3a NM_017337 Q62865
PDE3B Human PDE3B NM_000922 Q13370
Mouse Pde3b NM_011055 Q61409
Rat Pde3b NM_017229 Q63085
PDE4A Human PDE4A NM_001111309 P27815
Mouse Pde4a NM_183408 O89084
Rat Pde4a NM_013101 P54748
PDE4B Human PDE4B NM_002600 Q07343
Mouse Pde4b NM_019840 NP_062814
Rat Pde4b NM_017031 P14646
PDE4C Human PDE4C NM_001098818 Q08493
Mouse Pde4c NM_201607 Q3UEI1
Rat Pde4c XM_214325 P14644
PDE4D Human PDE4D NM_001104631 Q8IVD2
Mouse Pde4d AK032648 Q01063
Rat Pde4d NM_017032 P14270
PDE5A Human PDE5A NM_001083 O76074
Mouse Pde5a NM_153422 Q8CG03
Rat Pde5a NM_133584 O54735
PDE6A Human PDE6A NM_000440 P16499
Mouse Pde6a NM_146086 P27664
Rat Pde6a NM_001107386 XP_225895
PDE6B Human PDE6B NM_000283 P35913
Mouse Pde6b NM_008806 P23440
Rat Pde6b NM_001106024 XP_214126
PDE6C Human PDE6C NM_006204 P51160
Mouse Pde6c NM_033614 Q91ZQ1
Rat Pde6c NM_001108522 XP_342047
PDE6D Human PDE6D NM_002601 O43924
Mouse Pde6d NM_008801 O55057
Rat Pde6d NM_001108806 XP_343614
PDE6G Human PDE6G NM_002602 P18545
Mouse Pde6g NM_012065 P09174
PDE6H Human PDE6H NM_006205 Q13956
Mouse Pde6h NM_023898 P61249
Rat Pde6h NM_053688 P61250
PDE7A Human PDE7A NM_002603 Q13946
Mouse Pde7a NM_001122759 P70453
Rat Pde7a XM_215540 O08593
PDE7B Human PDE7B NM_018945 Q9NP56
Mouse Pde7b NM_013875 Q9QXQ1
Rat Pde7b NM_080894 Q8VIE2
PDE8A Human PDE8A NM_002605 O60658
Mouse Pde8a NM_008803 O88502
Rat Pde8a NM_198767 Q76KC6
PDE8B Human PDE8B NM_003719 O95263
Mouse Pde8b NM_172263 NP_758467
Rat Pde8b NM_199268 Q76KC5
PDE9A Human PDE9A NM_001001585 Q86WN4
Mouse Pde9a NM_008804 O70628
Rat Pde9a NM_138543 Q8QZV1
PDE10A Human PDE10A NM_006661 Q9Y233
Mouse Pde10a NM_011866 Q8CA95
Rat Pde10a NM_022236 Q9QYJ6
PDE11A Human PDE11A NM_001077358 Q9HCR9
Mouse Pde11a NM_001081033 P0C1Q2
Rat Pde11a NM_080893 Q8VID6