Phospholipases are a group of enzymes that hydrolyze phospholipids into fatty acids and other lipophilic molecules. There are four major classes; phospholipase A, phospholipase B, phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C and phospholipase D.

Gene Data

Phospholipase Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1462 AACOCF3
Phospholipase A2 inhibitor
6316 ASB 14780
Potent and selective cytosolic phospholipase A2 alpha (cPLA2α) inhibitor; active in vivo; orally bioavailable
1437 D609
Selective PC-PLC inhibitor
6755 Darapladib
Potent lp-PLA2 inhibitor
7462 ET 18-OCH3
Selective PI-PLC inhibitor, also PAF receptor agonist
3600 FIPI
Phospholipase D inhibitor
7407 LEI 401
High affinity N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine phospholipase D (NAPE-PLD) inhibitor
4894 ML 299
Potent inhibitor of PLD1 and PLD2; CNS penetrant
1842 RHC 80267
Diacylglycerol lipase inhibitor. Weak inhibitor of PLC and PLA2
1268 U 73122
Phospholipase C inhibitor
4133 U 73343
Analog of U 73122 (Cat. No. 1268)
3575 VU 0155069
Potent and selective PLD1 inhibitor
4171 VU 0364739 hydrochloride
Potent and selective PLD2 inhibitor
2522 YM 26734
Secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2) inhibitor

Phospholipase Activators

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1160 Endothelin 1 (human, porcine)
Potent phospholipase C activator
1941 m-3M3FBS
Phospholipase C activator
1942 o-3M3FBS
Inactive analog of m-3M3FBS (Cat. No. 1941)

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    Phospholipases are a group of enzymes that hydrolyze phospholipids into fatty acids and other lipophilic molecules. There are four major classes of phospholipases; phospholipase A (PLA) (E.C., phospholipase B (E.C., phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C (PLC) (E.C. and phospholipase D (PLD) (E.C.

    PLA is subdivided into PLA1 which cleave phospholipids at the sn-1 ester bond and PLA2, which cleave at the sn-2 bond. Their most common substrate is phosphatidylcholine, which generates lysophosphatidylcholine and arachidonic acid. PLA is regulated by phosphorylation and by intracellular Ca2+ concentrations. PLC is subdivided into β, γ, δ, ε, ζ and η subtypes, which catalyze the hydrolysis of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) to inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) and 1,2-diacylglycerol (DAG). IP3 and DAG both have important second messenger functions. PLC-β is primarily activated by Gq/11 proteins and PLC-γ is activated by phosphorylation in response to a variety of growth factor and immune system signals. PLD is subdivided into PLD1 and PLD2, and catalyzes the hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine to phosphatidic acid and choline. PLD is regulated by several small GTPases, including ARF1 and RhoA, and protein kinase C-α.

    Phospholipases are ubiquitously expressed and have diverse biological functions including roles in inflammation, cell growth, signaling and death, and maintenance of membrane phospholipids.

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    Phospholipase Gene Data

    Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
    Phospholipase A
    PLA1A Human PLA1A NM_015900 Q53H76
    Mouse Pla1a NM_134102 Q8VI78
    Rat Pla1a NM_138882 P97535
    PLA2GIB Human PLA2G1B NM_000928 P04054
    Mouse Pla2g1b NM_011107 Q9Z0Y2
    Rat Pla2g1b NM_031585 P04055
    PLA2GIIA Human PLA2G2A NM_000300 P14555
    Mouse Pla2g2a NR_002926 P31482
    Rat Pla2g2a NM_031598 P14423
    PLA2GIIC Human PLA2G2C NM_001105572 Q5R387
    Mouse Pla2g2c NM_008868 P48076
    Rat Pla2g2c NM_019202 P39878
    PLA2GIID Human PLA2G2D NM_012400 Q9UNK4
    Mouse Pla2g2d NM_011109 Q9WVF6
    Rat Pla2g2d NM_001013428 Q5BK35
    PLA2GIIE Human PLA2G2E NM_014589 Q9NZK7
    Mouse Pla2g2e NM_012044 Q9QUL3
    Rat Pla2g2e NM_001106696 XP_238421
    PLA2GIIF Human PLA2G2F NM_022819 Q9BZM2
    Mouse Pla2g2f NM_012045 Q9QZT4
    Rat Pla2g2f NM_001109587 XP_001070942
    PLA2GIII Human PLA2G3 NM_015715 Q9NZ20
    Mouse Pla2g3 NM_172791 NP_766379
    Rat Pla2g3 NM_001106015 XP_223553
    PLA2GIVA Human PLA2G4A NM_024420 P47712
    Mouse Pla2g4a NM_008869 P47713
    Rat Pla2g4a NM_133551 Q6IRF5
    PLA2GIVB Human PLA2G4B NM_001114633 P0C869
    Mouse Pla2g4b NM_145378 P0C871
    Rat Pla2g4b NM_001107764 XP_230486
    PLA2GIVC Human PLA2G4C NM_003706 Q9UP65
    Mouse Pla2g4c NM_001004762 NP_001004762
    Rat Pla2g4c XM_001079728 XP_001079728
    PLA2GIVD Human PLA2G4D NM_178034 Q86XP0
    Mouse Pla2g4d NM_001024137 Q50L43
    Rat Pla2g4d XM_001080889 XP_001080051
    PLA2GIVE Human PLA2G4E NM_198442 Q3MJ16
    Mouse Pla2g4e NM_177845 Q50L42
    Rat Pla2g4e XM_230487 XP_230487
    PLA2GIVF Human PLA2G4F NM_213600 Q68DD2
    Mouse Pla2g4f NM_001024145 Q50L41
    Rat Pla2g4f XM_001080892 XP_001080892
    PLA2GV Human PLA2G5 NM_000929 P39877
    Mouse Pla2g5 NM_001122954 P97391
    Rat Pla2g5 NM_017174 P51433
    PLA2GVI Human PLA2G6 NM_003560 O60733
    Mouse Pla2g6 NM_016915 P97819
    Rat Pla2g6 NM_001005560 Q66HD1
    PLA2GVII Human PLA2G7 NM_005084 Q13093
    Mouse Pla2g7 NM_013737 Q60963
    Rat Pla2g7 NM_001009353 Q5M7T7
    PLA2GX Human PLA2G10 NM_003561 O15496
    Mouse Pla2g10 NM_011987 Q9QXX3
    Rat Pla2g10 NM_017176 Q6DQ95
    PLA2GXIIA Human PLA2G12A NM_030821 Q9BZM1
    Mouse Pla2g12a NM_023196 Q9EPR2
    Rat Pla2g12a NM_001108565 XP_342341
    PLA2GXIIB Human PLA2G12B NM_032562 Q9BX93
    Mouse Pla2g12b NM_023530 Q99P27
    Rat Pla2g12b XM_346131 XP_346132
    PLA2GXV Human PLA2G15 NM_012320 Q8NCC3
    Mouse Pla2g15 NM_133792 Q8VEB4
    Rat Pla2g15 NM_001004277 Q675A5
    PLA2GXVI Human PLA2G16 NM_001128203 P53816
    Mouse Pla2g16 NM_139269 Q8R3U1
    Rat Pla2g16 NM_017060 P53817
    Phospholipase C
    PLCβ1 Human PLCB1 NM_015192 Q9NQ65
    Mouse Plcb1 NM_019677 Q9Z1B3
    Rat Plcb1 NM_001077641 P10687
    PLCβ2 Human PLCB1 NM_004573 Q00722
    Mouse Plcb2 NM_177568 A3KGF7
    Rat Plcb2 NM_053478 O89040
    PLCβ3 Human PLCB3 NM_000932 Q01970
    Mouse Plcb3 NM_008874 P51432
    Rat Plcb3 NM_033350 Q45QJ4
    PLCβ4 Human PLCB4 NM_000933 Q9UJQ2
    Mouse Plcb4 NM_013829 NP_038857
    Rat Plcb4 NM_024353 Q9QW07
    PLCγ1 Human PLCG1 NM_182811 P19174
    Mouse Plcg1 NM_021280 Q62077
    Rat Plcg1 NM_013187 P10686
    PLCγ2 Human PLCG2 NM_002661 P16885
    Mouse Plcg2 NM_172285 Q8CIH5
    Rat Plcg2 NM_017168 P24135
    PLCδ1 Human PLCD1 NM_006225 P51178
    Mouse Plcd1 NM_019676 Q8R3B1
    Rat Plcd1 NM_017035 P10688
    PLCδ3 Human PLCD3 NM_133373 Q8N3E9
    Mouse Plcd3 NM_152813 Q8K2J0
    Rat Plcd3 NM_001105845 XP_221004
    PLCδ4 Human PLCD4 NM_032726 Q9BRC7
    Mouse Plcd4 NM_148937 Q8K3R3
    Rat Plcd4 NM_080688 Q62711
    PLCε1 Human PLCE1 NM_016341 Q9P212
    Mouse Plce1 NM_019588 Q8K4S1
    Rat Plce1 NM_053758 Q99P84
    PLCζ1 Human PLCZ1 NM_033123 Q86YW0
    Mouse Plcz1 NM_054066 Q8K4D7
    Rat Plcz1 NM_001012234 Q5FX52
    PLCη1 Human PLCH1 NM_014996 Q4KWH8
    Mouse Plch1 NM_183191 Q4KWH5
    Rat Plch1 XM_227208 XP_227208
    PLCη2 Human PLCH2 NM_014638 O75038
    Mouse Plch2 NM_175556 A2AP18
    Rat Plch2 XM_233728 XP_233728
    Phospholipase D
    PLD1 Human PLD1 NM_002662 U38545
    Mouse Pld1 NM_001164056 Q9Z280
    Rat Pld1 NM_030992 U69550
    PLD2 Human PLD2 NM_002663 AF035483
    Mouse Pld2 NM_008876 Q6NV49
    Rat Pld2 NM_033299 P70498