GTPases are a group of enzymes that catalyze hydrolysis of the γ phosphate bond in guanine triphosphate (GTP) to form guanine diphosphate (GDP). Mg2+ ions are essential for catalytic activity. GTPases, often coupled to G proteins, are essential in signal transduction.

Gene Data


Cat No Product Name / Activity
4793 CE3F4
Noncompetitive Epac1 inhibitor
5969 (R)-CE3F4
Epac inhibitor
1774 Dynamin inhibitory peptide
Dynamin inhibitor
1775 Dynamin inhibitory peptide, myristoylated
Cell-permeable dynamin inhibitor
1776 Dynamin inhibitory peptide, myristoylated (control)
Control peptide version of dynamin inhibitory peptide, myristoylated (Cat. No. 1775)
2897 Dynasore
Non-competitive dynamin inhibitor
4222 Dynole 34-2
Dynamin I inhibitor
6248 EHop 016
Rac inhibitor
3872 EHT 1864
Potent inhibitor of Rac family GTPases
6320 ESI 05
EPAC2 inhibitor
4773 ESI 09
EPAC inhibitor
6407 Fendiline Hydrochloride
K-Ras inhibitor; inhibits K-Ras localization to the plasma membrane
3584 Golgicide A
Potent, specific and reversible inhibitor of GBF1 ArfGEF
4844 HJC 0350
Selective Epac2 inhibitor
5364 Hydroxy Dynasore
Dynamin inhibitor; analog of dynasore (Cat. No. 2897)
3792 ITX 3
Selective inhibitor of TrioN RhoGEF activity
3982 Mdivi 1
Dynamin inhibitor; attenuates mitochondrial division and apoptosis
4224 MitMAB
Dynamin inhibitor
4266 ML 141
Selective inhibitor of Cdc42 Rho family GTPase
5986 NAV 2729
Selective ARF6 inhibitor
2161 NSC 23766
Selective inhibitor of Rac1-GEF interaction; antioncogenic
4225 OctMAB
Dynamin inhibitor
2222 Rac1 Inhibitor F56, control peptide
Control peptide version of Rac1 Inhibitor W56 (Cat. No. 2221)
2221 Rac1 Inhibitor W56
Selective inhibitor of Rac1-GEF interaction
5411 RBC8
RalA and RalB GTPase inhibitor
5003 Rhosin hydrochloride
Rho GTPase inhibitor
4989 Salirasib
Ras inhibitor; also induces autophagy
2849 SecinH3
Sec7-specific GEF inhibitor (cytohesins)
4794 ZCL 278
Cdc42 inhibitor


Cat No Product Name / Activity
1645 8-CPT-2Me-cAMP, sodium salt
Selective Epac activator
4853 8-pCPT-2-O-Me-cAMP-AM
Selective Epac activator; cell-permeable analog of 8CPT-2Me-cAMP (Cat. No. 1645)


Cat No Product Name / Activity
4568 CPYPP
DOCK2-Rac1 interaction inhibitor
5424 Deltarasin
High affinity PDEδ-KRAS interaction inhibitor
5475 Kobe 0065
H-Ras-cRaf1 interaction inhibitor; inhibits Raf signaling

GTPases are a group of enzymes that catalyze hydrolysis of the γ phosphate bond in guanine triphosphate (GTP) to form guanine diphosphate (GDP). Mg2+ is essential for catalytic activity. GTPases are often coupled to G proteins and have essential roles in signal transduction, protein synthesis and translocation, control of cell growth and differentiation and vesicular transport regulation.

There are six main groups of GTPases; heterotrimeric G protein GTPases (E.C., small monomeric GTPases (E.C., protein-synthesizing GTPases (E.C., signal-recognition-particle GTPase (E.C., dynamin GTPases (E.C. and tubulin GTPases (E.C.

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GTPase Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
Rho GTPase 1 Human ARHGAP1 NM_004308 Q07960
Mouse Arhgap1 NM_146124 Q5FWK3
Rat Arhgap1 NM_001107747 XP_230284
Rho GTPase 4 Human ARHGAP4 NM_001666 P98171
Mouse Arhgap4 NM_138630 NP_619536
Rat Arhgap4 NM_144740 Q8K4G7
Rho GTPase 5 Human ARHGAP5 NM_001030055 Q13017
Mouse Arhgap5 NM_009706 P97393
Rat Arhgap5 NM_001047869 Q6TUE6
Rho GTPase 6 Human ARHGAP6 NM_013427 O43182
Mouse Arhgap6 NM_009707 O54834
Rho GTPase 8 Human ARHGAP8 NM_017701 Q9NVX8
Mouse Arhgap8 NM_028455 Q9CXP4
Rat Arhgap8 NM_001004242 Q6AYD8
Rho GTPase 9 Human ARHGAP9 NM_032496 Q9BRR9
Mouse Arhgap9 NM_146011 NP_666123
Rat Arhgap9 NM_001012198 Q6AXS7
Rho GTPase 10 Human ARHGAP10 NM_024605 A1A4S6
Mouse Arhgap10 NM_030113 Q6Y5D8
Rat Arhgap10 XM_001065808 XP_001065808
Rho GTPase 11A Human ARHGAP11A NM_014783 Q6P4F7
Mouse Arhgap11a NM_181416 Q80Y19
Rat Arhgap11a XM_230459 Q5U4E7
Rho GTPase 11B Human ARHGAP11B NM_001039841 Q3KRB8
Rho GTPase 12 Human ARHGAP12 NM_018287 Q8IWW6
Mouse Arhgap12 NM_001039692 Q8C0D4
Rat Arhgap12 NM_001107357 XP_225439
Rho GTPase 15 Human ARHGAP15 NM_018460 Q8IXX1
Mouse Arhgap15 NM_153820 Q811M1
Rat Arhgap15 NM_001013917 Q6AYC5
Rho GTPase 17 Human ARHGAP17 NM_018054 Q9BVF6
Mouse Arhgap17 NM_001122640 Q3UIA2
Rat Arhgap17 NM_022244 Q99N37
Rho GTPase 18 Human ARHGAP18 NM_033515 Q8N392
Mouse Arhgap18 NM_176837 Q8K0Q5
Rat Arhgap18 NM_001106354 XP_215247
Rho GTPase 19 Human ARHGAP19 NM_032900 Q8NF34
Mouse Arhgap19 NM_027667 Q8BRH3
Rho GTPase 20 Human ARHGAP20 NM_020809 Q9P2F6
Mouse Arhgap20 NM_175535 Q6IFT4
Rat Arhgap20 NM_213629 Q6REY9
Rho GTPase 21 Human ARHGAP21 NM_020824 Q5T5U3
Mouse Arhgap21 NM_001128084 Q6DFV3
Rat Arhgap21 XM_225628 XP_225628
Rho GTPase 22 Human ARHGAP22 NM_021226 Q7Z5H3
Mouse Arhgap22 NM_153800 Q8BL80
Rat Arhgap22 NM_001107297 XP_224637
Rho GTPase 23 Human ARHGAP23 XM_290799 Q9P227
Mouse Arhgap23 NM_021493 Q69ZH9
Rat Arhgap23 XM_220918 XP_220918
Rho GTPase 24 Human ARHGAP24 NM_031305 Q8N264
Mouse Arhgap24 NM_029270 Q8C4V1
Rat Arhgap24 NM_001012032 Q5U2Z7
Rho GTPase 25 Human ARHGAP25 NM_014882 P42331
Mouse Arhgap25 NM_001037727 Q8BYW1
Rat Arhgap25 NM_001109247 XP_575596
Rho GTPase 27 Human ARHGAP27 NM_199282 Q6ZUM4
Mouse Arhgap27 NM_133715 A2AB59
Rat Arhgap27 NM_198759 Q6TLK4
Rho GTPase 28 Human ARHGAP28 XM_371108 Q9P2N2
Mouse Arhgap28 NM_172964 Q8BN58
Rat Arhgap28 XM_237535 XP_237535
Rho GTPase 29 Human ARHGAP29 NM_004815 Q52LW3
Mouse Arhgap29 NM_172525 Q8CGF1
Rat Arhgap29 NM_001009405 Q5PQJ5
Rho GTPase 30 Human ARHGAP30 NM_181720 Q7Z6I6
Mouse Arhgap30 NM_001005508 Q640N3
Rat Arhgap30 NM_001109077 XP_573507
Atlastin GTPase 1 Human ATL1 NM_015915 Q8WXF7
Mouse Atl1 NM_178628 Q8BH66
Atlastin GTPase 2 Human ATL2 NM_022374 Q8NHH9
Mouse Atl2 NM_019717 Q6PA06
Atlastin GTPase 3 Human ATL3 NM_015459 Q6DD88
Mouse Atl3 NM_146091 Q91YH5
Rat Atl3 NM_001044241 Q0ZHH6
IAMP GTPase 1 Human GIMAP1 NM_130759 Q8WWP7
Mouse Gimap1 NM_008376 P70224
Rat Gimap1 NM_001034849 Q0R3W8
IAMP GTPase 2 Human GIMAP1 NM_015660 Q9UG22
IAMP GTPase 3 Mouse Gimap3 NM_031247 Q99MI6
IAMP GTPase 4 Human GIMAP4 NM_018326 Q9NUV9
Mouse Gimap4 NM_174990 Q99JY3
Rat Gimap4 NM_173153 Q0R3X4
IAMP GTPase 5 Human GIMAP5 NM_018384 Q96F15
Mouse Gimap5 NM_175035 Q8BWF2
Rat Gimap5 NM_001033913 Q0R3W6
IAMP GTPase 6 Human GIMAP6 NM_024711 Q6P9H5
Mouse Gimap6 NM_153175 Q8K349
Rat Gimap6 NM_001011968 Q5FVN6
IAMP GTPase 7 Human GIMAP7 NM_153236 Q8NHV1
Mouse Gimap7 NM_146167 NP_666279
Rat Gimap7 NM_001024328 Q5BK45
IAMP GTPase 8 Human GIMAP8 NM_175571 Q8ND71
Mouse Gimap8 NM_001077410 Q75N62
Rat Gimap8 NM_001033923 Q4KLG2
IAMP GTPase 9 Mouse Gimap9 NM_174960 NP_777620
Rat Gimap9 NM_001008398 Q3ZAV4
Ran GTPase Human RANGAP1 NM_002883 P46060
Mouse Rangap1 NM_011241 P46061
Rat Rangap1 NM_001012199 Q66H32
Arf GTPase 1 Human AGAP1 NM_014914 Q9UPQ3
Mouse Agap1 NM_178119 Q8BXK8
Rat Centg2 NM_001108230 XP_237381
Arf GTPase 2 Human AGAP2 NM_014770 Q99490
Mouse Agap2 NM_001033263 Q3UHD9
Rat Agap2 XM_576238 Q8CGU4
Arf GTPase 3 Human AGAP3 NM_031946 Q96P47
Mouse Agap3 NM_139153 Q8VHH5
Rat Agap3 NM_001108616 XP_342613
Arf GTPase 4 Human AGAP4 NM_133446 Q96P64
Arf GTPase 5 Human AGAP5 XM_001132585 A6NIR3
Arf GTPase 6 Human AGAP6 NM_001077665 Q5VW22
Arf GTPase 7 Human AGAP7 NM_001077685 Q5VUJ5
Arf GTPase 8 Human AGAP8 NM_001077686 Q5SRD3
Arf GTPase 9 Human AGAP9 XM_058363 Q5VTM2
Arf GTPase 10 Human AGAP10 XM_001714786 Q5T2P9
Rac GTPase Human RACGAP1 NM_013277 Q9H0H5
Mouse Racgap1 NM_012025 Q9WVM1
Rat Racgap1 NM_001108112 XP_235650
Dynamin 1 Human DNM1 NM_004408 Q05193
Mouse Dnm1 NM_010065 P39053
Rat Dnm1 NM_080689 P21575
Dynamin 2 Human DNM2 NM_004945 P50570
Mouse Dnm2 NM_001039520 P39054
Rat Dnm2 NM_013199 P39052
Dynamin 3 Human DNM3 NM_015569 Q9NQ68
Mouse Dnm3 NM_001038619 Q8BZ98
Rat Dnm3 NM_138538 Q08877
Tubulin α1A Human TUBA1A NM_006009 Q71U36
Mouse Tuba1a NM_011653 P68369
Rat Tuba1a NM_022298 P68370
Tubulin α1B Human TUBA1B NM_006082 P68363
Mouse Tuba1b NM_011654 P05213
Rat Tuba1b NM_001044270 Q6P9V9
Tubulin α1C Human TUBA1C NM_032704 Q9BQE3
Mouse Tuba1c NM_009448 P68373
Rat Tuba1c NM_001011995 Q6AYZ1
Tubulin α3A Mouse Tuba3a NM_009446 P05214
Rat Tuba3a NM_001040008 Q68FR8
Tubulin α3B Mouse Tuba3b NM_009449 P05214
Rat Tuba3b NM_001024336 Q68FR8
Tubulin α3C Human TUBA3C NM_006001 Q13748
Tubulin α3D Human TUBA3D NM_080386 Q13748
Tubulin α3E Human TUBA3E NM_207312 Q6PEY2
Tubulin α4A Human TUBA4A NM_006000 P68366
Mouse Tuba4a NM_009447 P68368
Rat Tuba4a NM_001007004 Q5XIF6
Tubulin α8 Human TUBA8 NM_018943 Q9NY65
Mouse Tuba8 NM_017379 Q9JJZ2
Rat Tuba8 NM_001024339 Q6AY56
Tubulin β Human TUBB NM_178014 P07437
Mouse Tubb5 NM_011655 P99024
Rat Tubb5 NM_173102 P69897
Tubulin β1 Human TUBB1 NM_030773 Q9H4B7
Mouse Tubb1 NM_001080971 NP_001074440
Tubulin β2A Human TUBB2A NM_001069 Q13885
Mouse Tubb2a NM_009450 Q7TMM9
Rat Tubb2a NM_001109119 P85108
Tubulin β2B Human TUBB2B NM_178012 Q9BVA1
Mouse Tubb2b NM_023716 Q9CWF2
Rat Tubb2b NM_001013886 Q3KRE8
Tubulin β2C Human TUBB2C NM_006088 P68371
Mouse Tubb2c NM_146116 P68372
Rat Tubb2c NM_199094 Q6P9T8
Tubulin β3 Human TUBB3 NM_006086 Q13509
Mouse Tubb3 NM_023279 Q9ERD7
Rat Tubb3 NM_139254 Q8K5B7
Tubulin β4 Human TUBB4 NM_006087 P04350
Mouse Tubb4 NM_009451 Q9D6F9
Rat Tubb4 NM_080882 Q8VIP3
Tubulin β6 Human TUBB6 NM_032525 Q9BUF5
Mouse Tubb6 NM_026473 Q922F4
Rat Tubb6 NM_001025675 Q4QQV0
Tubulin γ1 Human TUBG1 NM_001070 P23258
Mouse Tubg1 NM_134024 P83887
Rat Tubg1 NM_145778 P83888
Tubulin γ2 Human TUBG2 NM_016437 Q9NRH3
Mouse Tubg2 NM_134028 Q8VCK3
Rat Tubg2 XM_001059827 XP_001059827
Tubulin δ1 Human TUBD1 NM_016261 Q9UJT1
Mouse Tubd1 NM_019756 Q9R1K7
Rat Tubd1 NM_001105826 XP_213412
Tubulin ε1 Human TUBE1 NM_016262 Q9UJT0
Mouse Tube1 NM_028006 Q9D6T1
Rat Tube1 NM_001108536 XP_342152