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New products are an essential component of our range. Introductions are made on an ongoing basis, with hundreds of new small molecules and peptides being added every year. Our aim is to find the latest, otherwise unobtainable research tools, and bring them to the market as quickly as we can. New products can be identified throughout the Tocris website by the symbol.

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Cat. No. Product Name / Activity Date Added
7893 5-Ph-IAA-AM Mar 2023
Selective and potent TAG Degrader for auxin-inducible degron 2 system; 5-Ph-IAA analog
7511 ARN 3236 May 2023
Potent inhibitor of salt-inducible kinases
7699 AUTAC4 Apr 2023
Mitochondrial targeting AUTAC Degrader
7757 AZ 13824374 Feb 2023
Potent and selective ATAD2 bromodomain inhibitor
7823 AZD 4547 Feb 2023
Potent and selective FGFR inhibitor
7130 AZD 5248 Jan 2023
Potent cathepsin C inhibitor
7825 AZD 7648 Jan 2023
Potent and selective DNA-PK inhibitor
7840 AZD 8055 Feb 2023
Highly potent and selective mTOR inhibitor
7936 Ac-Cys-NHMe Mar 2023
Building block for the lysine acylation using conjugating enzymes (LACE) technique
7573 BAY 1797 Jan 2023
Selective P2X4 antagonist
7481 BCI May 2023
DUSP6 and DUSP1 inhibitor
7524 Biotin-PEG3-Azide May 2023
Biotin with PEG linker and reactive click handle
7715 C25-140 Jan 2023
TRAF6-Ubc13 interaction inhibitor
7812 CIMBA hydrochloride Jan 2023
Potent and selective G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) antagonist
7811 CITFA Jan 2023
Potent G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) agonist
7181 Caffeine Orange Jan 2023
Selective, BODIPY-based fluorescent caffeine chemosensor
7368 Cell Counting Kit-8 Mar 2023
Cell viability and proliferation assay test solution
7756 DAF FM diacetate Nov 2022
Cell permeable photostable nitric oxide (NO) fluorescent indicator
7480 DBCO PEG4 Biotin Jan 2023
Biotinylation reagent for labeling azide-containing biomolecules via Cu(I)-free click chemistry
7176 DC-Cholesterol hydrochloride Mar 2023
Liposomal transfection reagent
7628 DPTN Jan 2023
Potent and selective A3 adenosine receptor antagonist
7768 Disulfide biotin azide Jan 2023
Azide-activated biotinylation reagent; labels alkyne moieties via copper-catalyzed click chemistry
7762 EED 226 Jan 2023
Potent and selective EED inhibitor
7644 FHT 1015 Mar 2023
Potent and selective SMARCA4/2 inhibitor
7645 FHT 2344 Mar 2023
Potent SMARCA2/4 inhibitor
7561 G6PDi 1 Feb 2023
Potent, reversible glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) inhibitor
7818 GSK 215 May 2023
Potent and selective focal adhesion kinase (FAK) degrader
7786 GSK 2256098 Mar 2023
Potent focal adhesion kinase (FAK) inhibitor
7637 GSK 329 Mar 2023
Potent and selective TNNI3K inhibitor, orally bioavailable
7780 β-GalNAc-PEG4-Azide Feb 2023
Asialoglycoprotein receptor ligand with PEG4 linker and azide group for onward chemistry
7807 Hh-Ag1.5 Feb 2023
Potent and high affinity Smo receptor agonist
7749 ICG-d7 Feb 2023
Near-infrared fluorescent dye; partially deuterated form of Indocyanine Green (Cat. No. 7510)
7841 Imipramine hydrochloride Jan 2023
Potent inhibitor of 5-HT and noradrenalin transporters; promotes immunostimulatory tumor microenvironment
7761 Ivosidenib Jan 2023
Potent inhibitor of mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase (mIDH1)
7837 JB 300 Mar 2023
Aurora A Degrader (PROTAC®)
7576 (+)-JQ1 maleimide May 2023
JQ1-maleimide functionalized probe; induces proteasomal degradation of BRD4
6984 KIN001-266 Dec 2022
Potent and selective Tpl2 (MAP3K8) inhibitor
7813 LL-K9-3 May 2023
Selective HyT-based degrader of the CDK9-cyclin T1 complex
6617 LYN 1604 dihydrochloride Jan 2023
Potent UNC-51-like kinase 1 (ULK1) agonist
7677 Lenalidomide 5'-amine Dec 2022
Cereblon ligand with terminal amine for onward chemistry
7850 MK 2206 dihydrochloride Feb 2023
Potent and selective allosteric Akt1, Akt2 and Akt3 inhibitor
7821 ML 162 Feb 2023
Inhibits glutathione peroxidase (GPX4); induces ferroptosis
7926 MOMBA May 2023
Selective orthostatic agonist of hFFA2-DREADDs
7634 Me VH 032, amine Feb 2023
Amine functionalized VHL ligand for PROTAC® research
7577 3-Mercaptopicolinic acid hydrochloride Jan 2023
Phospoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK) inhibitor; inhibits gluconeogenesis
7853 Mpro 13b-H Dec 2022
Negative control for Mpro 13b-K (Cat. No. 7228)
7874 N-Acetylcysteine Jan 2023
Glutathione (GSH) precursor; maintains stem cell function in culture.
7842 NAMPT PROTAC® A7 Mar 2023
Potent and selective nicotinamide phosphoribosyl transferase (NAMPT) Degrader (PROTAC®)
7136 NIKi Mar 2023
Potent NIK inhibitor
7626 NIR Dye s775z, NHS Dec 2022
Bright and photostable non-aggregating near-IR cyanine dye. Reactive group: NHS ester
7572 NR 162 Feb 2023
Potent and selective calcium/calmodulin-dependent serine protein kinase (CASK) inhibitor
7974 P3S May 2023
Reagent for modifying RNA at 2'-OH position, for SHAPE-MAP experiments
7858 PD 4'-oxyacetic acid Jan 2023
Functionalized cereblon ligand for PROTAC development
7859 PD 4'-piperazine Feb 2023
Stable cereblon ligand, for PROTAC synthesis
7854 PEI STAR™ transfection reagent Dec 2022
Polyethylenimine (PEI) transfection reagent, chemically-defined
7902 PIK 90 Mar 2023
Potent PI3K inhibitor, also used in hPSCs mesendoderm differentiation
6603 RIPK2 inhibitor 1 Jan 2023
Potent RIPK2 inhibitor
7721 SJ 11646 May 2023
Potent and selective LCK Degrader (PROTAC®)
TB1496-RMU SP 600125 Mar 2023
SP 600125 synthesized to Ancillary Material Grade
7449 Se-NADA Jan 2023
Orange fluorescent benzoselenadiazole D-amino acid (FDAA) for imaging bacteria; also photosensitizer
7760 Selinexor Jan 2023
Selective exportin 1 (XPO1/CRM1) inhibitor
7555 SenTraGor™ Mar 2023
Reagent for staining and detection of lipofuscin in senescent cells
7826 Sonidegib Feb 2023
Potent Smoothened receptor antagonist
7690 T 112 Dec 2022
Estrogen-related receptor γ agonist; promotes maturation of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
7962 TAT-SAMβA Peptide May 2023
Selective antagonist of Mfn1-βIIPKC association
7862 TBTA Mar 2023
Click chemistry auxiliary reagent; stabilizing ligand for copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition reaction
7809 TEPP 46 Apr 2023
Potent and selective pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) allosteric activator
7863 THPTA May 2023
Click chemistry auxiliary reagent; accelerating ligand for copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition reaction
7844 Tocriscreen Kinase Inhibitor 3.0 Nov 2022
A bioactive compound library of 210 kinase inhibitors (100 μL 10 mM DMSO solutions) for high-throughput screening, high-content screening and chemical biology applications
7759 UNC 1215, acid Dec 2022
Functionalized L3MBTL3 ligand for PROTACs
7183 UNC 6934 Jan 2023
Antagonizes PWWP1 interaction with nucleosomal H3K36me2, alters NSD2 nucleolar localization
7867 VH 032 amide-alkylC5-azide Feb 2023
VHL ligand with alkylC5 linker and terminal azide for onward chemistry
7861 VH 032, thiol Feb 2023
Functionalized VHL ligand for PROTAC® development
7884 VH 101, thiol Mar 2023
Thiol functionalized VHL ligand
7791 WS 6 Apr 2023
Induces growth and proliferation of pancreatic islet cells, murine totipotent stem cells, GABAergic neurons and hippocampal neurons
7898 ZZL 7 Mar 2023
Inhibitor of the interaction between the 5-HT transporter (SERT) and neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS)
7883 dTAG-Biotin Mar 2023
Affinity probe for mutant FKBP12F36V proteins
7892 dTAG-Fluorescein Apr 2023
Fluorescent probe for labeling mutant FKBP12F36V proteins
7806 preQ1-alkyne Dec 2022
preQ1 with alkyne handle for click chemistry
7833 preQ1-azide Apr 2023
preQ1 with azide handle for click chemistry
7804 preQ1-biotin Dec 2022
PreQ1 with biotin handle for RNA labeling and purification
7860 sBADA Dec 2022
Green fluorescent D-amino acid for labeling peptidoglycans in bacteria
7781 tri-GalNAc-C5-amine Jan 2023
Asialoglycoprotein receptor ligand with alkylC5 linker and amine group for onward chemistry