Adrenergic α1 Receptor Antagonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1006 BMY 7378 dihydrochloride
Selective α1D antagonist
2685 Carvedilol
Potent α1 antagonist; also potent and non-selective β antagonist
2964 Doxazosin mesylate
α1 antagonist
0535 HEAT hydrochloride
Highly selective α1 antagonist
0545 Ifenprodil hemitartrate
α1 antagonist. Also NMDA antagonist and σ ligand
0597 Naftopidil hydrochloride
α1 antagonist
1124 (R)-(-)-Niguldipine hydrochloride
α1 antagonist, L-type Ca2+ channel blocker. Less active enantiomer of Niguldipine hydrochloride (Cat. No. 1123)
1123 (S)-(+)-Niguldipine hydrochloride
α1 antagonist, L-type Ca2+ channel blocker
0623 Prazosin hydrochloride
α1 and α2B antagonist; also MT3 antagonist
1325 RS 100329 hydrochloride
Potent, subtype-selective α1A antagonist
0985 RS 17053 hydrochloride
α1A antagonist
6663 Silodosin
Selective α1A antagonist
3050 Tamsulosin hydrochloride
Selective α1A antagonist
1506 Terazosin hydrochloride
α1 and α2B antagonist (α1 > α2B). Orally active
6336 Trazodone hydrochloride
5-HT2A and α1 adrenoceptor antagonist; also enhances neural differentiation; antidepressant and neuroprotectant