PI 3-kinase Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
5595 A66
Potent and selective PI 3-kinase p110α inhibitor
6324 Autophinib
Potent VPS34 inhibitor
4839 AZD 6482
Potent and selective PI 3-Kβ inhibitor
3606 BAG 956
Dual PI 3-kinase and PDPK1 (PDK1) inhibitor
1699 CGS 15943
Selective inhibitor of PI 3-kinase p110γ
7631 Idelalisib
Potent PI 3-Kinase δ isoform inhibitor
4840 KU 0060648
Dual DNA-PK and PI 3-K inhibitor
1130 LY 294002 hydrochloride
Prototypical PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also inhibits other kinases
3977 3-Methyladenine
Class III PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also inhibits autophagy
6792 Omipalisib
Highly potent PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also potent inhibitor of mTOR and DNA-PK
2930 PI 103 hydrochloride
Inhibitor of PI 3-kinase, mTOR and DNA-PK
5919 PI 3065
Potent and selective PI 3-kinase p110δ inhibitor
2814 PI 828
PI 3-kinase inhibitor, more potent than LY 294002 (Cat. No. 1130)
7902 PIK 90
Potent PI3K inhibitor, also used in hPSCs mesendoderm differentiation
3894 PP 121
Dual kinase inhibitor; inhibits PI 3-K family kinases
1125 Quercetin
Non-selective PI 3-kinase inhibitor
5832 TGX 221
Potent and selective PI 3-kinase β inhibitor
1232 Wortmannin
Potent, irreversible inhibitor of PI 3-kinase. Also inhibitor of PLK1