Kainate Receptor Antagonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
2728 ACET
Potent kainate antagonist; displays selectivity for GluK1-containing receptors
0190 CNQX
Potent and selective non-NMDA iGluR antagonist
1045 CNQX disodium salt
Potent non-NMDA iGluR antagonist; more water soluble form of CNQX (Cat. No. 0190)
0189 DNQX
Selective non-NMDA iGluR antagonist
2312 DNQX disodium salt
Selective non-NMDA iGluR antagonist; water-soluble salt of DNQX (Cat. No. 0189)
0845 Evans Blue tetrasodium salt
Non-NMDA iGluR antagonist; P2X antagonist; also inhibits L-glutamate uptake into synaptic vesicles
2555 GYKI 53655 hydrochloride
Non-competitive non-NMDA iGluR antagonist
5032 Talampanel
Non-competitive non-NMDA iGluR antagonist
3620 Topiramate
GluK1 antagonist; inhibits carbonic anhydrase (CA) II and IV; also positive allosteric modulator of GABAA receptors
2078 UBP 296
Potent and selective kainate antagonist; selective for GluK1-containing receptors
1766 UBP 301
Kainate antagonist
2079 UBP 302
Potent and selective kainate antagonist; active enantiomer of UBP 296 (Cat. No. 2078)
3621 UBP 310
GluK1-selective kainate antagonist
2345 ZK 200775
Competitive non-NMDA iGluR antagonist