Orphan 7-TM Receptors

More Information »Orphan 7-TM receptors (orphan GPCRs) are receptors for which there are no defined ligands. Traditionally, receptors are characterized by specific ligands and stimuli; the search for ligands of orphan receptors is therefore akin to reverse-engineering this process.

Orphan 7-TM Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
6304 BigLEN (mouse)
GPR171 agonist
6306 BigLEN (rat)
Potent GPR171 agonist
6277 7α,25-Dihydroxycholesterol
Highly potent GPR183 (EBI2) agonist
0504 Diphenyleneiodonium chloride
GPR3 agonist; also inhibits NOS and NADPH oxidases
5666 JNJ 63533054
Potent and selective GPR139 agonist
4074 PF9 tetrasodium salt
Potent GPR17 agonist
5151 Prosaptide TX14(A)
Potent GPR37 and GPR37L1 agonist
5355 TC-G 1008
Potent and selective GPR39 agonist
4255 TC-O 9311
Potent and selective GPR139 agonist
Product Name / Activity
5203 NIBR 189
Potent and selective EBI2 (GPR183) receptor antagonist
Product Name / Activity
5722 Ogerin
Selective positive allosteric modulator at GPR68
Product Name / Activity
4402 26RFa
Ligand of GPR103; orexigenic neuropeptide
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