Amyloid β Peptide Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
6363 Avagacestat
Highly potent γ-secretase inhibitor; orally bioavailable
2870 BMS 299897
γ-secretase inhibitor; reduces Aβ levels
4924 CEP 1347
Neuroprotective; blocks Aβ-induced cortical neuron apoptosis. Also inhibitor of JNK signaling
2442 CGP 53353
Inhibitor of de novo Aβ42 assembly
2634 DAPT
γ-secretase inhibitor; reduces Aβ42 levels
6779 Davunetide
Highly potent active component of ADNP; prevents amyloid β aggregation; active in vivo
4524 EGCG
β-secretase inhibitor; inhibits formation of amyloid fibrils
2627 L-685,458
Potent and selective γ-secretase inhibitor; inhibits Aβ40 and Aβ42
7081 LY 2886721 Hydrochloride
Inhibits Aβ1-40 and 1-42 production in vitro and in vivo; potent and selective β-secretase inhibitor
4000 MRK 560
γ-secretase inhibitor; attenuates amyloid plaque deposition
5751 PF 3084014 hydrobromide
Potent γ-secretase inhibitor
2408 Ro 90-7501
Inhibitor of Aβ42 fibril formation
6762 Urolithin A
Inhibits amyloid-β fibrillation; also PI 3-K/Akt/mTOR signaling inhibitor

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