Kinesin superfamily proteins (KIFs) are motor proteins that convert chemical energy into mechanical force, typically by hydrolysis of ATP. They act upon microtubules to move vesicles and organelles from the cell centre to the periphery and cause the beating of flagella and cilia.

Gene Data


Cat No Product Name / Activity
4676 ARRY 520 trifluoroacetate
Potent and selective kinesin spindle protein (KSP) inhibitor; induces Mcl-1 degradation
5454 BRD 9876
ATP non-competitive kinesin Eg5 inhibitor
5399 BTB1
Selective and ATP-competitive Kif18A inhibitor
5261 Dimethylenastron
Inhibitor of mitotic motor kinesin Eg5
5408 Ispinesib
High affinity and selective allosteric KSP inhibitor
3703 K 858
Selective ATP-uncompetitive mitotic kinesin Eg5 inhibitor
1305 Monastrol
Selective inhibitor of mitotic kinesin Eg5
4813 Paprotrain
Reversible inhibitor of MKLP-2
5109 SB 743921 hydrochloride
Potent kinesin spindle protein (KSP) inhibitor
2191 S-Trityl-L-cysteine
Potent, selective inhibitor of mitotic kinesin Eg5

Kinesin superfamily proteins (KIFs) are motor proteins that convert chemical energy, typically in the form of ATP, into mechanical force. They act upon microtubules to move vesicles and organelles within cells, cause the beating of flagella and cilia, and act within the mitotic and meiotic spindles to segregate replicated chromosomes to progeny cells.

Generally, kinesins mediate plus-end transport. Kinesins exist as dimers, with a catalytic 'head' domain and a 'stalk/tail' domain that is important in interactions with the cargo molecules. The 'neck' attaches the stalk to the head and is essential in determining direction of motility and regulation of activity. The head and neck (known collectively as the motor domain) are conserved across the family, whilst the stalk is highly divergent, reflecting the wide range of cellular functions of kinesins.

Some specific kinesins have been implicated in human diseases, including Alzheimer's (KIF5), polycystic kidney disease (KIF3A / KIF3B) and diabetes (KIF5B).

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Kinesin Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
KIF1A Human KIF1A NM_138483 Q63Z40
Mouse Kif1a NM_008440 P33173
Rat Kif1a XM_343630 Q2P9S1
KIF1B Human KIF1B NM_183416 O60333
Mouse Kif1b NM_207682 Q60575
Rat Kif1b NM_057200 O88658
KIF1C Human KIF1C NM_006612 O43896
Mouse Kif1c NM_153103 O35071
Rat Kif1c NM_145877 O35787
KIF2A Human KIF2A NM_004520 O00139
Mouse Kif2a NM_008442 P28740
Rat Kif2a XM_345150 Q9WV63
KIF2B Human KIF2B NM_032559 Q8N4N8
Mouse Kif2b NM_028547 Q8C0N1
Rat Kif2b XM_001074241 Q5XI51
KIF2C Human KIF2C NM_006845 Q99661
Mouse Kif2c NM_134471 Q922S8
Rat Kif2c NM_134472 Q62909
KIF3A Human KIF3A NM_007054 Q9Y496
Mouse Kif3a NM_008443 P28741
Rat Kif3a XM_001073405 Q2P9S3
KIF3B Human KIF3B NM_004798 O15066
Mouse Kif3b NM_008444 Q61771
Rat Kif3b NM_001106529 XP_215883
KIF3C Human KIF3C NM_002254 O14782
Mouse Kif3c NM_008445 O35066
Rat Kif3c NM_053486 O55165
KIF4 Human KIF4A NM_012310 O95239
Mouse Kif4 NM_008446 P33174
Rat Kif4 XM_343797 Q9WV61
KIF4B Human KIF4B NM_001099293 Q2VIQ3
Mouse Kif4b AK015499 XP_001475492
Rat Kif4b XM_234487 XP_234487
KIF5A Human KIF5A NM_004984 Q12840
Mouse Kif5a NM_001039000 P33175
Rat Kif5a NM_212523 Q6QLM7
KIF5B Human KIF5B NM_004521 P33176
Mouse Kif5b NM_008448 Q61768
Rat Kif5b NM_057202 Q2PQA9
KIF5C Human KIF5C NM_004522 O60282
Mouse Kif5c NM_008449 P28738
Rat Kif5c XM_241981 P56536
KIF6 Human KIF6 NM_145027 Q6ZMV9
Mouse Kif6 NM_177052 NP_796026
Rat Kif6 XM_343524 O54720
KIF7 Human KIF7 NM_198525 Q2M1P5
Mouse Kif7 NM_010626 NP_034756
Rat Kif7 XM_218828 XP_218828
KIF9 Human KIF9 NM_001134878 Q9HAQ2
Mouse Kif9 NM_010628 Q9WV04
Rat Kif9 XM_576475 XP_576475
KIF11 Human KIF11 NM_004523 P52732
Mouse Kif11 NM_010615 Q6P9P6
Rat Kif11 XM_001080591 O54723
KIF12 Human KIF12 NM_138424 Q96FN5
Mouse Kif12 NM_010616 Q9D2Z8
Rat Kif12 NM_001012102 Q5U2Z6
KIF13A Human KIF13A NM_001105567 Q9H1H9
Mouse Kif13a NM_010617 Q9EQW7
Rat Kif13a NM_001107462 XP_217893
KIF13B Human KIF13B NM_015254 Q9NQT8
Mouse Kif13b NM_001081177 NP_001074646
Rat Kif13b NM_213626 Q70AM4
KIF14 Human KIF14 NM_014875 Q15058
Mouse Kif14 NM_001081258 NP_001074727
Rat Kif14 NM_001108345 XP_341127
KIF15 Human KIF15 NM_020242 Q9NS87
Mouse Kif15 NM_010620 Q6P9L6
Rat Kif15 NM_181635 Q7TSP2
KIF16B Human KIF16B NM_017683 Q96L93
Mouse Kif16b NM_001081133 NP_001074602
Rat Kif16b NM_001107783 XP_230634
KIF17 Human KIF17 NM_020816 Q9P2E2
Mouse Kif17 NM_010623 Q99PW8
KIF18A Human KIF18A NM_031217 Q8NI77
Mouse Kif18a NM_139303 Q91WD7
Rat Kif18a NM_001137642 XP_342487
KIF18B Human KIF18B NM_001080443 Q86Y91
Mouse Kif18b NM_197959 Q6PFD6
Rat Kif18b NM_001039019 Q4KLL9
KIF19 Human KIF19 NM_153209 Q2TAC6
Mouse Kif19a NM_001102615 Q99PT9
Rat Kif19a XM_221082 XP_221082
KIF20A Human KIF20A NM_005733 O95235
Mouse Kif20a NM_009004 P97329
Rat Kif20a NM_001108426 XP_341593
KIF20B Human KIF20B NM_016195 Q9H3R8
Mouse Kif20b NM_183046 Q80WE4
Rat Kif20b NM_001107609 XP_220055
KIF21A Human KIF21A NM_017641 Q7Z4S6
Mouse Kif21a NM_001109040 Q9QXL2
Rat Kif21a NM_001106790 XP_217022
KIF21B Human KIF21B XM_371332 O75037
Mouse Kif21b NM_001039472 Q9QXL1
Rat Kif21b NM_001105990 XP_223090
KIF22 Human KIF22 NM_007317 Q14807
Mouse Kif22 NM_145588 Q3V300
Rat Kif22 NM_001009645 Q5I0E8
KIF23 Human KIF23 NM_138555 Q02241
Mouse Kif23 NM_024245 NP_077207
Rat Kif23 NM_001108155 XP_236313
KIF24 Human KIF24 NM_194313 Q5T7B8
Mouse Kif24 NM_024241 Q6NWW5
Rat Kif24 XM_232902 XP_232902
KIF25 Human KIF25 NM_030615 Q9UIL4
KIF26A Human KIF26A NM_015656 Q9ULI4
Mouse Kif26a NM_001097621 Q52KG5
Rat Kif26a XM_234565 XP_234565
KIF26B Human KIF26B XM_371354 Q2KJY2
Mouse Kif26b NM_177757 Q7TNC6
Rat Kif26b XM_222971 XP_222971
KIF27 Human KIF27 NM_017576 Q86VH2
Mouse Kif27 NM_175214 Q7M6Z4
Rat Kif27 NM_198050 O54722
KIFC1 Human KIFC1 NM_002263 Q9BW19
Mouse Kifc1 NM_053173 Q9QWT9
Rat Kifc1 NM_001005878 Q5XI63
KIFC2 Human KIFC2 NM_145754 Q96AC6
Mouse Kifc2 NM_010630 O08672
Rat KIFC2 NM_198752 Q712J0
KIFC3 Human KIFC3 NM_005550 Q9BVG8
Mouse Kifc3 NM_001145831 O35231
Rat Kifc3 NM_001103352 O54721