Myosins are a large family of motor proteins that share the common features of ATP hydrolysis (ATPase enzyme activity), actin binding and potential for kinetic energy transduction. Originally isolated from muscle cells, almost all eukaryotic cells are now known to contain myosins.

Gene Data


Cat No Product Name / Activity
1853 (R)-(+)-Blebbistatin
Selective inhibitor of myosin II ATPase activity. Inactive enantiomer of (±)-blebbistatin (Cat. No. 1760)
1852 (S)-(-)-Blebbistatin
Selective inhibitor of myosin II ATPase activity. Active enantiomer of (±)-blebbistatin (Cat. No. 1760)
1760 (±)-Blebbistatin
Selective inhibitor of myosin II ATPase activity
1870 BTS
Selective inhibitor of skeletal muscle myosin II ATPase activity

Myosins are a large family of motor proteins that share the common features of ATP hydrolysis (ATPase enzyme activity), actin binding and potential for kinetic energy transduction. Originally isolated from muscle cells (hence the name), almost all eukaryotic cells are now known to contain myosins.

Structurally, mysoins contain a 'head' domain that binds to actin filaments (microfilaments) and is the site of ATP hydrolysis. The 'tail' domain interacts with cargo molecules, and the 'neck' acts as a linker between the head and tail and is the site of regulatory myosin light chain binding.

There are 17 myosin families and the most well characterized is myosin II. Myosin II is found predominantly in myocytes and mediates plus-ended movement along microfilaments. It is involved in muscle contraction through cyclic interactions with actin-rich thin filaments, creating a contractile force. It is regulated by phosphorylation via Myosin Light Chain Kinase (MLCK) and by intracellular Ca2+ concentrations.

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Myosin Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
Myosin IA Human MYO1A NM_005379 Q9UBC5
Mouse Myo1a NM_001081219 O88329
Rat Myo1a XM_238479 Q62774
Myosin IB Human MYO1B NM_012223 O43795
Mouse Myo1b NM_010863 P46735
Rat Myo1b NM_053986 Q05096
Myosin IC Human MYO1C NM_033375 O00159
Mouse Myo1c NM_001080774 Q9WTI7
Rat Myo1c NM_023092 Q63355
Myosin ID Human MYO1D NM_015194 O94832
Mouse Myo1d NM_177390 Q5SYD0
Rat Myo1d NM_012983 Q63357
Myosin IE Human MYO1E NM_004998 Q12965
Mouse Myo1e NM_181072 NP_851417
Rat Myo1e NM_173101 Q63356
Myosin IF Human MYO1F NM_012335 O00160
Mouse Myo1f NM_053214 P70248
Rat Myo1f NM_001108076 XP_234942
Myosin IG Human MYO1G NM_033054 B0I1T2
Mouse Myo1g NM_178440 Q5SUA5
Rat Myo1g NM_001134843 Q5M810
Myosin IH Human MYO1H NM_173597 Q8N1T3
Mouse Myo1h AK014505 Q9D6A1
Myosin IIIA Human MYO3A NM_017433 Q8NEV4
Mouse Myo3a NM_148413 Q8K3H5
Myosin IIIB Human MYO3B NM_001083615 Q96N94
Mouse Myo3b NM_177376 Q1EG27
Myosin VA Human MYO5A NM_000259 Q9Y4I1
Mouse Myo5a NM_010864 Q99104
Rat Myo5a NM_022178 Q9QYF3
Myosin VB Human MYO5B NM_001080467 Q9ULV0
Mouse Myo5b NM_201600 P21271
Rat Myo5b NM_017083 P70569
Myosin VC Human MYO5C NM_018728 Q9NQX4
Mouse Myo5c NM_001081322 NP_001074791
Rat Myo5c NM_001108167 XP_236411
Myosin VI Human MYO6 NM_004999 Q9UM54
Mouse Myo6 NM_001039546 Q64331
Rat Myo6 XM_236444 XP_236444
Myosin VIIA Human MYO7A NM_001127179 Q13402
Mouse Myo7a NM_008663 P97479
Rat Myo7a NM_153473 Q8CJE3
Myosin VIIB Human MYO7B XM_291001 Q6PIF6
Mouse Myo7b NM_032394 Q99MZ6
Rat Myo7b XM_574117 XP_574117
Myosin IXA Human MYO9A NM_006901 Q9NUY2
Mouse Myo9a AK029836 Q8C170
Rat Myo9a NM_134335 Q9Z1N3
Myosin IXB Human MYO9B NM_001130065 Q13459
Mouse Myo9b NM_001142322 Q9QY06
Rat Myo9b NM_012984 Q4W1H4
Myosin X Human MYO10 NM_012334 Q9HD67
Mouse Myo10 NM_019472 NP_062345
Rat Myo10 NM_001107657 XP_226874
Myosin XVA Human MYO15A NM_016239 Q9UKN7
Mouse Myo15 NM_010862 Q9QZZ4
Myosin XVB Human MYO15B NR_003587 Q96JP2
Mouse Myo15b AK173262 Q69ZA4
Myosin XVI Human MYO16 NM_015011 Q9Y6X6
Mouse Myo16 NM_001081397 Q5DU14
Rat Myo16 NM_138893 Q9ERC1
Myosin XVIIIA Human MYO18A NM_078471 Q92614
Mouse Myo18a NM_011586 Q9JMH9
Rat Myo18a XM_213551 -
Myosin XVIIIB Human MYO18B NM_032608 Q8IUG5
Mouse Myo18b BC145218 B7ZNF7
Rat Myo18b XM_239684 XP_239684
Myosin XIX Human MYO19 NM_025109 Q96H55
Mouse Myo19 BC060115 Q5SV80
Myosin Heavy Chain I Human MYH1 NM_005963 P12882
Mouse Myh1 NM_030679 Q5SX40
Rat Myh1 NM_001135158 Q0GC39
Myosin Heavy Chain II Human MYH2 NM_017534 Q9UKX2
Mouse Myh2 NM_001039545 NP_001034634
Rat Myh2 NM_001135157 Q0GC40
Myosin Heavy Chain III Human MYH3 NM_002470 P11055
Mouse Myh3 NM_001099635 P13541
Rat Myh3 NM_012604 P12847
Myosin Heavy Chain IV Human MYH4 NM_017533 Q9Y623
Mouse Myh4 NM_010855 Q5SX39
Rat Myh4 NM_019325 Q63350
Myosin Heavy Chain VI Human MYH6 NM_002471 P13533
Mouse Myh6 NM_010856 Q02566
Rat Myh6 NM_017239 P02563
Myosin Heavy Chain VII Human MYH7 NM_000257 Q9UMM8
Mouse Myh7 NM_080728 Q91Z83
Rat Myh7 NM_017240 P02564
Myosin Heavy Chain VIIB Human MYH7B NM_020884 A7E2Y1
Mouse Myo7b NM_001085378 A2AQP0
Rat Myo7b NM_001107794 XP_230774
Myosin Heavy Chain VIII Human MYH8 NM_002472 P13535
Mouse Myh8 NM_177369 P13542
Rat Myh8 XM_001080186 P04462
Myosin Heavy Chain IX Human MYH9 NM_002473 P35579
Mouse Myh9 NM_022410 Q8VDD5
Rat Myh9 NM_013194 Q62812
Myosin Heavy Chain X Human MYH10 NM_005964 P35580
Mouse Myh10 NM_175260 Q61879
Rat Myh10 NM_031520 Q62706
Myosin Heavy Chain XI Human MYH11 NM_001040113 P35749
Mouse Myh11 NM_013607 O08638
Rat Myh11 XM_001053321 Q63862
Myosin Heavy Chain XIII Human MYH13 NM_003802 Q9UKX3
Mouse Myh13 NM_001081250 NP_001074719
Rat Myh13 XM_001078857 Q9Z2B7
Myosin Heavy Chain XIV Human MYH14 NM_024729 Q9H882
Mouse Myh14 NM_028021 Q6URW6
Rat Myh14 NM_001100690 Q9EPH4
Myosin Heavy Chain XV Human MYH15 XM_036988 Q9Y2K3
Mouse Myh15 XM_992311 XP_997405
Myosin Light Chain I Human MYL1 NM_079420 P06741
Mouse Myl1 NM_021285 P05977
Rat Myl1 NM_001077656 P02600
Myosin Light Chain II Human MYL2 NM_000432 P10916
Mouse Myl2 NM_010861 P51667
Rat Myl2 NM_001035252 P08733
Myosin Light Chain III Human MYL3 NM_000258 P08590
Mouse Myl3 NM_010859 P09542
Rat Myl3 NM_012606 P16409
Myosin Light Chain IV Human MYL4 NM_001002841 P12829
Mouse Myl4 NM_010858 P09541
Myosin Light Chain V Human MYl5 NM_002477 Q02045
Myosin Light Chain VI Human MYL6 NM_021019 P60660
Mouse Myl6 NM_010860 Q60605
Rat Myl6 NM_001109484 XP_001070810
Myosin Light Chain VIB Human MYL6B NM_002475 P14649
Mouse Myl6b NM_172259 Q8CI43
Rat9003/td> Myl6b NM_001109486 XP_001065619
Myosin Light Chain VII Human MYL7 NM_021223 Q01449
Mouse Myl7 NM_022879 Q9QVP4
Rat Myl7 NM_001106017 XP_214074
Myosin Light Chain IX Human MYL9 NM_006097 P24844
Mouse Myl9 NM_172118 Q9CQ19
Rat Myl9 NM_001100885 Q64122
Myosin Light Chain X Human MYL10 NM_138403 BC002778