Labels & Stains

Labels and stains enable the visualization of cellular components and structures, such as nucleic acids, organelles and proteins, with high sensitivity and selectivity. Tocris also offers a wide selection of fluorescent probes and fluorescent dyes.

Literature (1)
Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
5218 Bromophenol Blue
Dye used in gel loading buffers
0846 Chicago Sky Blue 6B
Dye used as counterstain in histochemistry; also potent inhibitor of L-glutamate uptake into synaptic vesicles; also inhibits MIF
5167 Congo Red
Amyloid fibril binding dye; also a VGlut inhibitor
0845 Evans Blue tetrasodium salt
Dye for assessing cell viability and blood brain barrier permeability; also EAAT inhibitor and iGluR antagonist
6250 Filipin III
Fluorescent cholesterol stain; also polyene antibiotic
5222 Hematoxylin
Dye used to stain cell nuclei
3213 Methylene Blue
Biological stain
6444 MitoMark Green I
Green fluorescent mitochondrial stain
6445 MitoMark Red I
Red fluorescent mitochondrial stain
6182 Pimonidazole
Hypoxia detection reagent
5225 Ponceau S Staining Solution
Stain used to detect protein bands after Western blotting
5168 Rose Bengal
Stains exposed epithelium in eye. Also VGlut and VMAT inhibitor
5146 Sulforhodamine 101
Red fluorescent dye; selective astrocyte marker

Literature for Labels & Stains

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Fluorescent Probes and Dyes Research Product Guide

Fluorescent Probes and Dyes Research Product Guide

This product guide provides a background to the use of Fluorescent Probes and Dyes, as well as a comprehensive list of our

  • Fluorescent Dyes
  • Dyes for Flow Cytometry
  • Fluorescent Probes
  • Anti-fade Reagents
  • Bioluminescent Substrates
  • Fluorogenic Dyes for Light-Up Aptamers
  • Fluorescent Probes for Imaging Bacteria
  • TSA Reagents for Enhancing IHC, ICC & FISH Signals