RNA/DNA Polymerase

RNA and DNA polymerases are enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of RNA and DNA respectively. In eukaryotes, there are four forms of RNA polymerase (I-IV), which are classified on the basis of the type of RNA they produce.

Gene Data


Cat No Product Name / Activity
4148 Abacavir hemisulfate
Reverse transcriptase inhibitor; antiretroviral
1229 Actinomycin D
Inhibits RNA polymerase
2513 Acyclovir
Inhibits viral DNA polymerase; antiherpetic agent
5211 AM-TS23
DNA polymerase λ and β inhibitor
4025 α-Amanitin
Inhibitor of RNA polymerase II
5736 Aphidicolin
DNA polymerase α, δ and ε inhibitor
4150 Azidothymidine
Selective reverse transcriptase inhibitor; antiretroviral
5417 BMH 21
RNA polymerase 1 inhibitor; also p53 pathway activator
4149 Delavirdine mesylate
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor
6234 Entecavir
Potent and selective hepatitis B virus inhibitor
1489 Mithramycin A
Inhibitor of DNA and RNA polymerase
3666 Tenofovir
Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
1567 Thiolutin
Bacterial RNA polymerase inhibitor


Cat No Product Name / Activity
4723 T2AA
PCNA inhibitor; inhibits PCNA/DNA polymerase δ interaction
3253 Triptolide
Inhibits RNAPII-mediated transcription; antitumor, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive

RNA and DNA polymerases are enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of RNA and DNA respectively.

In eukaryotes, there are four forms of RNA polymerase (I-IV), which are classified on the basis of the type of RNA they produce. During transcription, these enzymes direct the synthesis of a RNA chain complementary to the DNA template, until a termination signal is reached. RNA polymerase activity is tightly controlled throughout the initiation, elongation and termination phases of transcription by diverse regulatory signals ranging from protein factors to small molecule inhibitors. Due to its intergral role in transcription, RNA polymerase also represents an important target in epigenetics research.

There are at least fifteen different DNA polymerases known in eukaryotes. These enzymes have roles in DNA repair, as well as DNA replication. DNA polymerases cannot initiate de novo DNA synthesis; they require a primer, formed by the enzyme primase. DNA polymerases are unidirectional and can only elongate DNA chains in a 5' to 3' direction. A unique feature of some of these enzymes is their 'proofreading' ability. DNA polymerases I, II and III have 3' to 5' exonuclease activity and they can remove incorrectly newly incorporated nucleotides. This makes the error rate during DNA replication very low, hence maintaining the integrity of the genome.

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Cancer Research Product Guide

A collection of over 750 products for cancer research, the guide includes research tools for the study of:

  • Cancer Metabolism
  • Epigenetics in Cancer
  • Receptor Signaling
  • Cell Cycle and DNA Damage Repair
  • Angiogenesis
  • Invasion and Metastasis

Epigenetics Scientific Review

Written by Susanne Müller-Knapp and Peter J. Brown, this review gives an overview of the development of chemical probes for epigenetic targets, as well as the impact of these tool compounds being made available to the scientific community. In addition, their biological effects are also discussed. Epigenetic compounds available from Tocris are listed.

RNA and DNA Polymerase Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
RNA Polymerase
POLR1A Human POLR1A NM_015425 O95602
Mouse Polr1a NM_009088 O35134
Rat Polr1a NM_031772 O54889
POLR1B Human POLR1B NM_019014 Q9H9Y6
Mouse Polr1b NM_009086 P70700
Rat Polr1b NM_031773 O54888
POLR1C Human POLR1C NM_004875 O15160
Mouse Polr1c NM_009085 P52432
Rat Polr1c NM_001008330 Q5RJK9
POLR1D Human POLR1D NM_015972 Q9Y2S0
Mouse Polr1d NM_181730 P97304
POLR1E Human POLR1E NM_022490 Q9GZS1
Mouse Polr1e NM_022811 Q8K202
Rat Polr1e NM_001107938 XP_233004
POLR2A Human POLR2A NM_000937 P24928
Mouse Polr2a NM_009089 P08775
Rat Polr2a XM_343922 XP_343923
POLR2B Human POLR2B NM_000938 P30876
Mouse Polr2b NM_153798 Q8CFI7
Rat Polr2b NM_001106002 XP_214021
POLR2C Human POLR2C NM_032940 P19387
Mouse Polr2c NM_009090 P97760
Rat Polr2c NM_001012473 Q5EB90
POLR2D Human POLR2D NM_004805 O15514
Mouse Polr2d NM_027101 Q9D7M8
Rat Polr2d NM_001108886 XP_344660
POLR2E Human POLR2E NM_002695 P19388
Mouse Polr2e NM_025554 Q80UW8
Rat Polr2e NM_001109614 XP_001076333
POLR2F Human POLR2F NM_021974 P61218
Mouse Polr2f NM_027231 P61219
Rat Polr2f NM_031335 O88828
POLR2G Human POLR2G NM_002696 P62487
Mouse Polr2g NM_026329 P62488
Rat Polr2g NM_053948 P62489
POLR2H Human POLR2H NM_006232 P52434
Mouse Polr2h NM_145632 Q923G2
Rat Polr2h NM_001134789 Q9Z0W2
POLR2I Human POL2I NM_006233 P36954
Mouse Polr2i NM_027259 P60898
Rat Polr2i NM_001106244 XP_214895
POLR2J Human POLR2J NM_006234 P52435
Mouse Polr2j NM_011293 O08740
Rat Polr2j NM_001105921 XP_213753
POLR2K Human POLR2K NM_005034 P53803
Mouse Polr2k NM_001039368 Q63871
Rat Polr2k XM_219604 XP_219604
POLR2L Human POLR2L NM_021128 P62875
Mouse Polr2l NM_025593 P62876
Rat Polr2l NM_001143911 Q7TPA2
POLR3A Human POLR3A NM_007055 O14802
Mouse Polr3a NM_001081247 NP_001074716
Rat Polr3a XM_341388 Q5RK26
POLR3B Human POLR3B NM_018082 Q9NW08
Mouse Polr3b NM_027423 P59470
Rat Polr3b XM_343188 XP_343189
POLR3C Human POLR3C NM_006468 Q9BUI4
Mouse Polr3c NM_028925 Q9D483
Rat Polr3c NM_001012081 Q5XIL3
POLR3D Human POLR3D NM_001722 P05423
Mouse Polr3d NM_025945 Q91WD1
Rat Polr3d NM_001031653 Q4FZS9
POLR3E Human POLR3E NM_018119 Q9NVU0
Mouse Polr3e NM_025298 Q9CZT4
Rat Polr3e NM_001108503 XP_341920
POLR3F Human POLR3F NM_006466 Q9H1D9
Mouse Polr3f NM_029763 Q921X6
Rat Polr3f NM_001107784 XP_230642
POLR3G Human POLR3G NM_006467 O15318
Mouse Polr3g NM_001081176 Q6NXY9
Rat Polr3g NM_001109468 XP_001061237
POLR3H Human POLR3H NM_138338 Q9Y535
Mouse Polr3h NM_030229 Q9D2C6
Rat Polr3h NM_001127295 XP_216998
POLR3K Human POLR3K NM_016310 Q9Y2Y1
Mouse Polr3k NM_025901 Q9CQZ7
Rat Polr3k NM_001014259 Q5FVH1
DNA Polymerase
POLα1 Human POLA1 NM_016937 P09884
Mouse Pola1 NM_008892 P33609
Rat Pola1 XM_242396 O89042
POLα2 Human POLA2 NM_002689 Q14181
Mouse Pola2 NM_008893 P33611
Rat Pola2 NM_053480 O89043
POLβ Human POLB NM_002690 P06746
Mouse Polb NM_011130 Q8K409
Rat Polb NM_017141 P06766
POLγ Human POLG NM_001126131 P54098
Mouse Polg NM_017462 P54099
Rat Polg NM_053528 Q9QYV8
POLγ2 Human POLG2 NM_007215 Q9UHN1
Mouse Polg2 NM_015810 Q9QZM2
Rat Polg2 NM_001107060 XP_221047
POLδ1 Human POLD1 NM_002691 P28340
Mouse Pold1 NM_011131 P52431
Rat Pold1 NM_021662 O54747
POLδ2 Human POLD2 NM_001127218 P49005
Mouse Pold2 NM_008894 O35654
Rat Pold2 NM_001013050 Q6AXY4
POLδ3 Human POLD3 NM_006591 Q15054
Mouse Pold3 NM_133692 Q9EQ28
Rat Pol3d NM_001024750 Q4V7D0
POLδ4 Human POLD4 NM_021173 Q9HCU8
Mouse Pold4 NM_027196 Q9CWP8
Rat Pold4 NM_001013195 Q6P6U6
POLε Human POLE NM_006231 Q07864
Mouse Pole NM_011132 Q9WVF7
Rat Pole NM_001107152 XP_222255
POLε2 Human POLE2 NM_002692 P56282
Mouse Pole2 NM_011133 O54956
Rat Pole2 XM_216727 XP_216727
POLε3 Human POLE3 NM_017443 Q9NRF9
Mouse Pole3 NM_021498 Q9JKP7
Rat Pole3 NM_001007652 Q642A5
POLε4 Human POLE4 NM_019896 Q9NR33
Mouse Pole4 NM_025882 Q9CQ36
Rat Pole4 NM_001108634 XP_342711
POLζ Human REV3L NM_002912 O60673
POLη Human POLH NM_006502 Q9Y253
Mouse Polh NM_030715 Q9JJN0
Rat Polh NM_001108204 XP_236934
POLθ Human POLQ NM_199420 O75417
Mouse Polq NM_029977 NP_084253
Rat Polq NM_001105878 XP_221423
POLι Human POLI NM_007195 Q9UNA4
Mouse Poli NM_001136090 Q6R3M4
Rat Poli NM_001106137 XP_225844
POLκ mbolman POLK NM_016218 Q9UHC5
Mouse Polk NM_012048 Q9QUG2
Rat Polk NM_138516 Q8R253
POLλ Human POLL NM_013274 Q9UGP5
Mouse Poll NM_020032 Q9QXE2
Rat Poll NM_001014168 Q5RKI3
POLμ Human POLM NM_013284 Q9NP87
Mouse Polm NM_017401 Q9JIW4
Rat Polm NM_001011912 Q66HH0
POLν Human POLN NM_181808 Q7Z5Q5
Mouse Polm NM_181857 Q7TQ07
Rat Poln XM_573636 XP_573636
POLσ Human POLS NM_006999 Q5XG87
Mouse Pols NM_198600 Q6PB75
Rat Pols NM_001107333 XP_225072