Other Lysine Methyltransferases


Other Lysine Methyltransferase Antagonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
7183 UNC 6934
Antagonizes PWWP1 interaction with nucleosomal H3K36me2, alters NSD2 nucleolar localization

Other Lysine Methyltransferase Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
6167 A 196
Potent and selective SUV420H1/H2 inhibitor
7648 AS 99
Selective ASH1L histone methyltransferase inhibitor
5991 BAY 598
Potent and selective SMYD2 inhibitor
6561 BAY 6035
Potent and selective SMYD3 inhibitor
6665 BI 9321
Nuclear receptor-binding SET domain (NSD) 3 antagonist; selectively binds PWWP1 domain
4504 Chaetocin
SUV39H1 inhibitor
7762 EED 226
Potent and selective EED inhibitor
5567 EPZ 004777
Highly potent DOT1L inhibitor
5648 Hydroxychloroquine sulfate
PRC2 inhibitor; also autophagy inhibitor and TLR9 inhibitor
6803 MRK 740
Potent PRDM9 inhibitor
4892 (R)-PFI 2 hydrochloride
Potent and selective SETD7 inhibitor
5400 (S)-PFI 2 hydrochloride
Negative control of (R)-PFI 2 hydrochloride (Cat. No. 4892)
2609 Ryuvidine
SETD8 inhibitor; also CDK4 inhibitor
4541 SGC 0946
Highly potent and selective DOT1L inhibitor; cell permeable

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