Nicotinic Receptors (Other Subtypes)

Nicotinic Receptor (Other Subtype) Agonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
3549 3-Bromocytisine
Potent α4β4, α4β2 and α7 nAChR agonist
5236 CC4
High affinity and subtype-selective α6β2 and α4β2 nAChR partial agonist
4831 NS 3861
α3β2 full agonist; also α3β4 partial agonist
4766 SIB 1508Y maleate
Potent agonist of α4β2, α2β4, α4β4 and α3β4 nACh receptors
4764 SIB 1553A hydrochloride
nAChR agonist; displays selectivity for β4 subunit-containing receptors
1348 UB 165 fumarate
Subunit selective nAChR agonist

Nicotinic Receptor (Other Subtype) Antagonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
3120 α-Conotoxin AuIB
Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist
1340 α-Conotoxin MII
Potent and selective α3β2 and β3 nAChR antagonist
3121 α-Conotoxin PIA
Selective antagonist of α6-containing nAChRs
3123 α-Conotoxin PnIA
Selective α3β2 nAChR antagonist
2349 Dihydro-β-erythroidine hydrobromide
α4β2, muscle type and Torpedo nAChR antagonist
4424 SR 16584
Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist

Nicotinic Receptor (Other Subtype) Modulators

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
3328 Desformylflustrabromine hydrochloride
Muscle-type nAChR inhibitor; also positive allosteric modulator of α4β2 nAChRs
4141 LY 2087101
Allosteric potentiator of α7, α4β2 and α4β4 nAChRs

Nicotinic Receptor (Other Subtype) Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
5963 CMPI hydrochloride
Inhibitor of (α4)2(β2)3, muscle-type and Torpedo nAChRs; also potent positive allosteric modulator of α4β2 nAChRs