Cytochrome P450

Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) enzymes are a diverse group of catalysts that contains 57 members in humans. CYPs are usually membrane-bound and are localized to the inner mitochondrial or endoplasmic reticular membrane. CYPs have oxygenase activity.

Gene Data

Cytochrome P450 Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
6520 Abiraterone acetate
Potent CYP17A1 inhibitor
3388 Anastrozole
Potent aromatase (CYP19) inhibitor
6170 Cinacalcet hydrochloride
Potent CYP2D2 inhibitor; also CaSR allosteric agonist and Ca2+ channel blocker
4096 Clotrimazole
Cytochrome P450 inhibitor; antifungal
6108 Galeterone
CYP17 inhibitor; also androgen receptor antagonist
1103 Ketoconazole
Cytochrome P450c17 inhibitor
4382 Letrozole
Potent, reversible non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor
2705 Liarozole dihydrochloride
Cytochrome P450 (CYP26) inhibitor; blocks retinoic acid metabolism
3292 Metyrapone
Cytochrome P450 inhibitor
5680 Vatalanib succinate
Potent aromatase inhibitor; also VEGFR inhibitor


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
6204 7-Ethoxyresorufin
Fluorometric CYP450 substrate

Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) enzymes are a diverse group of catalysts that contains 57 members in humans. CYPs are usually membrane-bound and are localized to the inner mitochondrial or endoplasmic reticular membrane. CYPs have oxygenase activity and commonly catalyze redox reactions, involving the oxidation of the substrate and reduction of water. This group of enzymes contain a heme iron within the active site, which is essential for catalytic activity.

CYPs have been found in all organisms tested and are ubiquitously expressed. They are found at high levels in the liver, where they have an important role in metabolism of drugs and endogenous toxic compounds (for example bilirubin). Most CYPs can metabolize numerous substrates and this accounts for their major role in drug interactions. CYPs also have functions in steroid hormone synthesis, cholesterol synthesis and vitamin D metabolism.

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    Cytochrome P450 Gene Data

    Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
    CYP1A1 Human CYP1A1 NM_000499 P04798
    Mouse Cyp1a1 NM_009992 P00184
    Rat Cyp1a1 NM_012540 P00185
    CYP1A2 Human CYP1A2 NM_000761 P05177
    Mouse Cyp1a2 NM_009993 P00186
    Rat Cyp1a2 NM_012541 P04799
    CYP1B1 Human CYP1B1 NM_000104 Q16678
    Mouse Cyp1b1 NM_009994 Q64429
    Rat Cyp1b1 NM_012940 Q64678
    CYP2A4 Mouse Cyp2a4 NM_009997 P15392
    CYP2A5 Mouse Cyp2a5 NM_007812 P20852
    CYP2A6 Human CYP2A6 NM_000762 Q9UK48
    CYP2A7 Human CYP2A7 NM_030589 P20853
    CYP2A13 Human CYP2A13 NM_000766 Q16696
    CYP2A22 Mouse Cyp2a22 NM_001101467 NP_001094937
    CYP2B6 Human CYP2B6 NM_000767 P20813
    Rat Cyp2b6 M19973 AAA41048
    CYP2B9 Mouse CYP2B9 NM_010000 P12790
    CYP2B10 Mouse Cyp2b10 NM_009999 P12791
    CYP2B13 Mouse Cyp2b13 NM_007813 NP_031839
    Rat Cyp2b21 NM_198733 Q9JJ02
    CYP2B19 Mouse Cyp2b19 NM_007814 O55071
    CYP2C8 Human CYP2C8 NM_000770 P10632
    CYP2C9 Human CYP2C9 NM_000771 P11712
    CYP2C18 Human CYP2C18 NM_000772 P33260
    CYP2C19 Human CYP2C19 NM_000769 P33261
    CYP2C29 Mouse Cyp2c29 NM_007815 Q64458
    CYP2C37 Mouse Cyp2c37 NM_010001 P56654
    Rat Cyp2c37 XM_001063361 XP_001063361
    CYP2C40 Mouse Cyp2c40 NM_010004 P56657
    CYP2C55 Mouse Cyp2c55 NM_028089 Q9D816
    CYP2D6 Human CYP2D6 NM_000106 P10635
    Rat Cyp2d4v1 NM_138515 P13108
    CYP2E1 Human CYP2E1 NM_000773 P05181
    Mouse Cyp2e1 NM_021282 Q05421
    Rat Cyp2e1 NM_031543 Q71UV8
    CYP2F1 Human CYP2F1 NM_000774 P24903
    CYP2F2 Mouse Cyp2f2 NM_007817 P33267
    CYP2J2 Human CYP2J2 NM_000775 P51589
    CYP2J6 Mouse Cyp2j6 NM_010008 O54750
    CYP2R1 Human CYP2R1 NM_024514 Q6VVX0
    Mouse Cyp2r1 NM_177382 Q6VVW9
    Rat Cyp2r1 NM_001108499 XP_341910
    CYP2S1 Human CYP2S1 NM_030622 Q96SQ9
    Mouse Cyp2s1 NM_028775 Q9DBX6
    Rat Cyp2s1 NM_001107495 Q66H37
    CYP2U1 Human CYP2U1 NM_183075 Q7Z449
    Mouse Cyp2u1 NM_027816 Q9CX98
    Rat Cyp2u1 NM_001024779 Q4V8D1
    CYP2W1 Human CYP2W1 NM_017781 Q8TAV3
    Mouse Cyp2w1 XM_620268 XP_620268
    Rat Cyp2w1 XM_221971 XP_221971
    CYP3A4 Human CYP3A4 NM_017460 P08684
    CYP3A5 Human CYP3A5 NM_000777 P20815
    CYP3A7 Human CYP3A7 NM_000765 P24462
    CYP3A11 Mouse Cyp3a11 NM_007818 Q64459
    CYP3A13 Mouse Cyp3a13 NM_007819 Q64464
    CYP3A16 Mouse Cyp3a16 NM_007820 Q64481
    CYP3A25 Mouse Cyp3a25 NM_019792 O09158
    CYP3A41a Mouse Cyp3a41a NM_017396 Q9JMA7
    CYP3A41b Mouse Cyp3a41b NM_001105159 NP_001098629
    CYP3A43 Human CYP3A43 NM_057096 Q9HB55
    CYP3A44 Mouse Cyp3a44 NM_177380 NP_796354
    CYP4A10 Mouse Cyp4a10 NM_010011 O88833
    Rat Cyp4a10 NM_153307 NP_695219
    CYP4A11 Human CYP4A11 NM_000778 Q02928
    CYP4A22 Human CYP4A22 XM_208213 Q5TCH4
    CYP4B1 Human CYP4B1 NM_000779 P13584
    Mouse Cyp4b1 NM_007823 Q64462
    Rat Cyp4b1 NM_016999 P15129
    CYP4F2 Human CYP4F2 NM_001082 P78329
    CYP4F3 Human CYP4F3 NM_000896 Q08477
    CYP4F8 Human CYP4F8 NM_007253 P98187
    CYP4F11 Human CYP4F11 NM_021187 Q9HBI6
    CYP4F12 Human CYP4F12 NM_023944 Q9HCS2
    CYP4F13 Mouse Cyp4f13 NM_130882 NP_570952
    CYP4F14 Mouse Cyp4fr14 NM_022434 Q9EP75
    CYP4F15 Mouse Cyp4fr15 NM_134127 NP_598888
    CYP4F16 Mouse Cyp4fr16 NM_024442 NP_077762
    CYP4F18 Mouse Cyp4f18 NM_024444 Q99N16
    Rat Cyp4f18 NM_001033686 Q3MID2
    CYP4F22 Human CYP4F22 NM_173483 Q6NT55
    CYP4F39 Mouse Cyp4f39 NM_177307 NP_796281
    Rat Cyp4f39 XM_234837 XP_234837
    CYP4V2 Human CYP4V2 XM_209612 Q6ZWL3
    CYP4V3 Mouse Cyp4v3 NM_133969 Q9DBW0
    Rat Cyp4v3 NM_001135600 Q9EPX8
    CYP4X1 Human CYP4X1 NM_178033 Q8N118
    Mouse Cyp4x1 NM_001003947 NP_001003947
    Rat Cyp4x1 NM_145675 Q8K4D6
    CYP4Z1 Human CYP4Z1 NM_178134 Q86W10
    CYP5A1 Human TBXAS1 NM_001061 Q9HD80
    Mouse Tbxas1 NM_011539 P36423
    CYP7A1 Human CYP7A1 NM_000780 P22680
    Mouse Cyp7a1 NM_007824 Q64505
    Rat Cyp7a1 NM_012942 P18125
    CYP7B1 Human CYP7B1 NM_004820 O75881
    Mouse Cyp7b1 NM_007825 Q60991
    Rat Cyp7b1 NM_019138 Q63688
    CYP8A1 Human PTGIS NM_000961 Q16647
    Mouse Ptgis NM_008968 O35074
    Rat Ptgis NM_031557 Q62969
    CYP8B1 Human CYP8B1 NM_004391 Q9UNU6
    Mouse Cyp8b1 NM_010012 O88962
    Rat Cyp8b1 NM_031241 Q9WTN7
    CYP11A1 Human CYP11A1 NM_000781 P05108
    Mouse Cyp11a1 NM_019779 Q9QZ82
    Rat Cyp11a1 NM_017286 P14137
    CYP11B1 Human CYP11B1 NM_001026213 P15538
    Mouse Cyp11b1 NM_001033229 NP_001028401
    Rat Cyp11b1 NM_012537 P15393
    CYP11B2 Human CYP11B2 NM_000498 P19099
    Mouse Cyp11b2 NM_009991 P15539
    Rat Cyp11b2 NM_012538 P30099
    CYP17A1 Human CYP17A1 NM_000102 P05093
    Mouse CYP17A1 NM_007809 P27786
    Rat Cyp17a1 NM_012753 Q6LCX9
    CYP19A1 Human CYP19A1 NM_031226 P11511
    Mouse Cyp19a1 NM_007810 P28649
    Rat Cyp19a1 NM_017085 P22443
    CYP20A1 Human CYP20A1 NM_020674 Q6UW02
    Mouse Cyp20a1 NM_030013 Q8BKE6
    Rat Cyp20a1 NM_199401 Q6P7D4
    CYP21A1 Mouse Cyp21a1 NM_009995 P03940
    Rat Cyp21a1 NM_057101 Q8R402
    CYP21A2 Human CYP21A2 NM_000500 P08686
    CYP24A1 Human CYP24A1 NM_001128915 Q07973
    Mouse Cyp24a1 NM_009996 Q64441
    Rat Cyp24a1 NM_201635 Q09128
    CYP26A1 Human CYP26A1 NM_057157 O43174
    Mouse Cyp26a1 NM_007811 O55127
    Rat Cyp26a1 NM_130408 Q304P5
    CYP26B1 Human CYP26B1 NM_019885 Q9NR63
    Mouse Cyp26b1 NM_175475 NP_780684
    Rat Cyp26b1 NM_181087 Q80YE5
    CYP26C1 Human Cyp26c1 NM_183374 Q6V0L0
    Mouse Cyp26c1 NM_001105201 NP_001098671
    Rat Cyp26c1 XM_217935 XP_217935
    CYP27A1 Human CYP27A1 NM_000784 Q02318
    Mouse Cyp27a1 NM_024264 Q9DBG1
    Rat Cyp27a1 NM_178847 P17178
    CYP27B1 Human CYP27B1 NM_000785 O15528
    Mouse Cyp27b1 NM_010009 O35084
    Rat Cyp27b1 NM_053763 O35132
    CYP27C1 Human CYP27C1 NM_001001665 Q4G0S4
    CYP39A1 Human CYP39A1 NM_016593 Q9NYL5
    Mouse Cyp39a1 NM_018887 Q9JKJ9
    Rat Cyp39a1 NM_001106893 XP_236983
    CYP46A1 Human CYP46A1 NM_006668 Q9Y6A2
    Mouse Cyp46a1 NM_010010 Q9WVK8
    Rat Cyp46a1 NM_001108723 XP_343109
    CYP51A1 Human CYP51A1 NM_000786 Q16850
    Mouse Cyp51 NM_020010 NP_064394
    Rat Cyp51 NM_012941 Q64654