Cytokine Receptors

Cytokine receptors are a large family of receptors that are grouped into six categories based upon their three-dimensional structure. The categories are: type I, type II, immunoglobulin superfamily, tumor necrosis factor family, chemokine and TGF-β receptors.

Gene Data

Cytokine Receptor Antagonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
1793 AF 12198
Potent, selective human type I IL-1 receptor antagonist

Cytokine Receptor Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
7010 EM 163
TIR-TIR interaction inhibitor


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
5602 6877002
CD40-TRAF6 interaction inhibitor
5432 R 7050
Inhibitor of TNF-α receptor 1 signaling

Cytokine receptors are a large family of receptors that are grouped into six categories: type I, type II, immunoglobulin superfamily, tumor necrosis factor family, chemokine and TGF-β receptors.

  1. Type I cytokine receptors: include the IL-2 receptor, growth hormone receptor and erythropoietin receptor, are linked to JAK tyrosine kinases.
  2. Type II cytokine receptors: include interferon receptors are also linked to JAK tyrosine kinases.
  3. Immunoglobulin superfamily receptors: also classed as cell adhesion molecules, and family members include the IL-1 and IL-18 receptors.
  4. The tumor necrosis factor family: also known as death receptors as they have a role in the extrinsic apoptotic pathway.
  5. Chemokine receptors: G-protein-coupled receptors that have a role in innate and adaptive immunity.
  6. TGF-β receptors: serine/threonine kinase-coupled receptors with a role in the regulation of cellular processes, including cell division, differentiation, motility, adhesion and death.

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    Cytokine Receptor Gene Data

    Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
    Type I Cytokine Receptors
    IL-2Rα Human IL2RA NM_000417 P01589
    Mouse Il2ra NM_008367 P01590
    Rat Il2ra NM_013163 P26897
    IL-2Rβ Human IL2RB NM_000878 P14784
    Mouse Il2rb NM_008368 P16297
    Rat Il2rb NM_013195 P26896
    IL-2Rγ Human IL2RG NM_000206 P31785
    Mouse Il2rg NM_013563 P34902
    Rat Il2rg NM_080889 Q7TP53
    IL-3Rα Human IL3RA NM_002183 P26951
    Mouse Il3ra NM_008369 P26952
    Rat Il3ra NM_139260 Q9JM46
    IL-4R Human IL4R NM_000418 Q9H187
    Mouse Il4ra NM_001008700 P16382
    Rat Il4ra NM_133380 Q63257
    IL-5Rα Human IL5RA NM_175724 Q01344
    Mouse Il5ra NM_008370 P21183
    Rat Il5ra NM_053645 Q920B8
    IL-6R Human IL6R NM_181359 P08887
    Mouse Il6ra NM_010559 P22272
    Rat Il6ra NM_017020 P22273
    IL-7R Human IL7R NM_002185 P16871
    Mouse Il7r NM_008372 P16872
    Rat Il7r NM_001106418 XP_226824
    IL-8Rα Human IL8RA NM_000634 Q8N6T6
    Mouse Il8ra NM_178241 Q810W6
    Rat Il8ra NM_019310 P70612
    IL-8Rβ Human IL8RB NM_001557 P25025
    Mouse Il8rb NM_009909 P35343
    Rat Il8rb NM_017183 P35407
    IL-9R Human IL9R NM_002186 Q01113
    Mouse Il9r NM_001134458 Q01114
    Rat Il9r NM_017021 Q63216
    IL-11Rα Human IL11RA NM_004512 Q14626
    Mouse Il11ra1 NM_010549 Q64385
    Rat Il11ra1 NM_139116 Q99MF4
    IL-12Rβ1 Human IL12RB1 NM_005535 P42701
    Mouse Il12rb1 NM_008353 Q60837
    Rat Il12rb1 XM_344493 Q9Z0Z2
    IL-12Rβ2 Human IL12RB2 NM_001559 Q99665
    Mouse Il12rb2 NM_008354 P97378
    Rat Il12rb2 XM_231873 Q9Z0Z1
    IL-13Rα1 Human IL13RA1 NM_001560 P78552
    Mouse Il13ra1 NM_133990 O09030
    Rat Il13ra1 NM_145789 Q561K3
    IL-13Rα2 Human IL13RA2 NM_000640 Q14627
    Mouse Il13ra2 NM_008356 NP_032382
    Rat Il13ra2 NM_133538 Q8VHK6
    IL-15Rα Human IL15RA NM_172200 Q13261
    Mouse Il15ra NM_133836 Q60819
    Rat Il15ra XM_344628 -
    IL-21R Human IL21R NM_181079 Q9HBE5
    Mouse Il21r NM_021887 Q9JHX3
    Rat Il21r NM_001012469 Q5EBB1
    IL-23R Human IL23R NM_144701 Q8IW84
    Mouse Il23r NM_144548 Q8K4B4
    Rat Il23r XM_001072576 XP_001072576
    IL-27R Human IL27RA NM_004843 Q6UWB1
    Mouse Il27ra NM_016671 O70394
    Rat Il27ra NM_001105943 XP_222455
    Erythropoietin Receptor Human EPOR NM_000121 P19235
    Mouse Epor NM_010149 P14753
    Rat Epor NM_017002 O35545
    GM-CSF Receptor Human CSF2RA NM_172246 P15509
    Mouse Csf2ra NM_009970 Q00941
    Rat Csf2ra NM_001037660 Q701L2
    G-CSF Receptor Human CSF3R NM_156039 Q99062
    Mouse Csf3r NM_007782 P40223
    Rat Csf3r NM_001106685 XP_233514
    Growth Hormone Receptor Human GHR NM_000163 P10912
    Mouse Ghr NM_010284 P16882
    Rat Ghr NM_017094 P16310
    Prolactin Receptor Human PRLR NM_000949 P16471
    Mouse Prlr NM_011169 Q08501
    Rat Prlr NM_001034111 P05710
    Oncostatin M Receptor Human OSMR NM_003999 Q99650
    Mouse Osmr NM_011019 O70458
    Rat Osmr NM_001005384 Q65Z14
    Leukemia Inhibitory Ractor Receptor Human LIFR NM_002310 P42702
    Mouse Lifr NM_013584 P42703
    Rat Lifr NM_031048 O70535
    Type II Cytokine Receptors
    Interferon Receptor α1 Human IFNAR1 NM_000629 P17181
    Mouse Ifnar1 NM_010508 P33896
    Rat Ifnar1 NM_001105893 XP_213649
    Interferon Receptor α2 Human IFNAR2 NM_000874 P48551
    Mouse Ifnar2 NM_010509 O35664
    Interferon Receptor γ1 Human IFNGR1 NM_000416 P15260
    Mouse Ifngr1 NM_010511 P15261
    Rat Ifngr1 NM_053783 P70599
    Interferon Receptor γ2 Human IFNGR2 NM_005534 P38484
    Mouse Ifngr2 NM_008338 NP_032364
    Rat Ifngr2 NM_001108313 XP_340968
    IL-10Rα Human IL10RA NM_001558 Q13651
    Mouse Il10ra NM_008348 Q61727
    Rat Il10ra NM_057193 Q99ND6
    IL-10Rβ Human IL10RB NM_000628 Q08334
    Mouse Il10rb NM_008349 Q61190
    Rat Il10rb NM_001107111 XP_221655
    IL-20Rα Human IL20RA NM_014432 Q9UHF4
    Mouse Il20ra NM_172786 Q6PHB0
    Rat Il20ra NM_001107521 XP_218776
    IL-20Rβ Human IL20RB NM_144717 Q6UXL0
    Mouse Il20rb NM_001033543 NP_001028715
    Rat Il20rb XM_576456 XP_576456
    IL-22Rα1 Human IL22RA1 NM_021258 Q8N6P7
    Mouse Il22ra1 NM_178257 Q80XZ4
    Rat Il22ra1 XM_342947 XP_342948
    IL-22Rα2 Human IL22RA2 NM_181309 Q969J5
    Mouse Il22ra2 NM_178258 Q80XF5
    Rat Il22ra2 NM_001003404 Q7TNI4
    IL-28Rα Human IL28RA NM_170743 Q8IU57
    Mouse Il28ra NM_174851 Q8CGK5
    Rat Il28ra XM_342946 XP_342947