Chloride Channels

More Information »Chloride channels are a family of anion-selective channels involved in the regulation of the excitability of neurons, skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle, cell volume regulation, transepithelial salt transport and the acidification of intra- and extracellular compartments.

Chloride Channel Products

Product Name / Activity
Activates Cl- conductance and hKCa3.1 channels
4876 Eact
Activator of Ca2+-activated Cl- channel transmembrane protein 16A (TMEM16A)
Product Name / Activity
5420 Benzbromarone
TMEM16A/B calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) blocker
4877 CaCCinh-A01
Calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) inhibitor
3430 CFTRinh 172
Voltage-independent, selective CFTR chloride channel blocker
1412 Chromanol 293B
Blocks ICFTR. Also IKs blocker
1540 DCPIB
Selective blocker of VSAC/ICl, swell. Inhibits glucose-stimulated insulin release
4523 DIDS
Chloride channel blocker; TRPV1 modulator; RAD51 recombinase inhibitor
4911 GaTx2
High affinity, selective ClC-2 blocker; inhibits slow-gating
0911 Glibenclamide
Blocks CFTR Cl- channels. Also KATP channel blocker
5485 GlyH 101
Reversible, voltage-dependent CFTR chloride channel blocker
1646 Lonidamine
CFTR Cl- channel blocker. Also anticancer agent
0593 NPPB
Inhibits calcium-sensitive chloride currents
4303 PPQ 102
Potent, voltage-independent CFTR chloride channel inhibitor
4538 T16Ainh - A01
Ca2+-activated Cl- channel transmembrane protein 16A (TMEM16A) inhibitor
2510 Talniflumate
CaCC blocker and Cl-/HCO3- exchange inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
0963 9-AC
Chloride transport inhibitor
3143 KM 11060
Corrects F508del-CFTR trafficking
3943 PG 01
CFTR mutants potentiator
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