Glycine Receptor Agonists

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0206 β-Alanine
Endogenous glycine agonist, more selective than taurine (Cat. No. 0209)
0205 L-Alanine
Glycine receptor agonist
0219 Glycine
Endogenous glycine receptor agonist
0208 Hypotaurine
Non-selective endogenous glycine receptor agonist
6425 PSEM 308 hydrochloride
PSAML141F-GlyR chimeric ion channel agonist
6426 PSEM 89S
PSAML141F-GlyR chimeric ion channel agonist
0227 L-Serine
Weak endogenous glycine receptor agonist
0209 Taurine
Non-selective, endogenous glycine receptor partial agonist
6866 uPSEM 817 tartrate
Highly potent and selective PSAM4-GlyR and PSAM4-5-HT3 agonist