Glutamate (Metabotropic) Group II Receptor Antagonists

Cat No Product Name / Activity
1073 (RS)-APICA
Selective group II mGlu antagonist
1009 E4CPG
Group I and II mGlu antagonist
0971 EGLU
Highly selective group II mGlu antagonist
1209 LY 341495
Highly potent and selective group II mGlu antagonist
4062 LY 341495 disodium salt
Potent and selective group II mGlu antagonist; disodium salt of LY 341495 (Cat. No. 1209)
0336 (RS)-MCPG
Non-selective mGlu antagonist
3696 (RS)-MCPG disodium salt
Non-selective mGlu antagonist
0337 (S)-MCPG
Non-selective mGlu antagonist; active isomer of Cat. No. 0336
0854 MSPG
Group III and group II mGlu antagonist
0855 MTPG
Group II/group III mGlu antagonist; more selective for group II than group III
2913 Ro 64-5229
Selective, non-competitive mGlu2 antagonist