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A toxin is a poisonous substance produced by living cells or an organism. Toxins are often very potent and selective at their targets and these properties can make them valuable research tools.

The toxins below are defined as 'dual use' items. To purchase such items customers will need to supply the relevant license and documentation from the appropriate governing body. Please visit our Toxins customer support page for further information and assistance.

Toxins available from Tocris

Product Name / Activity
3205 ACV 1

α9α10-selective antagonist

4136 Conantokin G

NR2B-selective NMDA receptor antagonist

3125 Conantokin-R

Potent non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist

3122 Conantokin-T

Non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist

3120 α-Conotoxin AuIB

Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist

3124 α-Conotoxin EI

α1β1δγ selective nAChR antagonist

1085 ω-Conotoxin GVIA

Ca2+ channel blocker (N-type)

3119 α-Conotoxin ImI

α7 and α9 selective nAChR antagonist

1340 α-Conotoxin MII

Potent α3β2 and β3 subunit selective nicotinic antagonist

1084 ω-Conotoxin MVIIC

Ca2+ channel blocker (N, P and Q-type)

3121 α-Conotoxin PIA

Selective antagonist of α6-containing nicotinic receptors

3123 α-Conotoxin PnIA

Selective α3β2 nAChR antagonist

1078 Tetrodotoxin

Na+ channel blocker

1069 Tetrodotoxin citrate

Na+ channel blocker; citrate salt of tetrodotoxin (Cat. No. 1078)

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