Tocrisolve™ 100

What is Tocrisolve™ 100?

Tocrisolve™ 100 is a formulation composed of a 1:4 ratio of soya oil/water which is emulsified with the block co-polymer, Pluronic F68. Lipids in Tocrisolve™ can be conveniently diluted with any aqueous medium for further use.

How does Tocris add the cannabinoid to the emulsion?

The cannabinoid or vanilloid is incorporated with the emulsion as part of a specialized innovative production process. The soya oil forms a coating around the cannabinoid molecule, and the block co-polymer is added to stabilize the emulsion, preventing the lipid droplets from coalescing (merging) in the surrounding water.

How should products supplied in Tocrisolve™ 100 be stored?

Tocrisolve products must not be stored at -20°C as freezing has an adverse effect on the stability of the formulation. Provided that the vial is kept tightly sealed, protected from exposure to light and stored at +4°C, the product should be stable for 1 month from the date of despatch.

Can I use cannabinoids in Tocrisolve™ for my usual experiments?

The emulsion can be diluted to any extent with aqueous medium, including water, saline and HEPES buffer. The solution can be used for in vitro or in vivo experiments, as has been reported for anandamide in Tocrisolve™ 100 (Cat. No. 1017) in the following papers:

  • Gardiner et al (2002) Complex regional haemodynamic effects of anandamide in conscious rats. Br.J.Pharmacol. 135 1889.
  • Kagaya et al (2002) Characterization of the anandamide-induced depolarization of guinea-pig isolated vagus nerve. Br.J.Pharmacol. 137 39.
  • Roberts et al (2002) Anandamide is a partial agonist at native vanilloid receptors in acutely isolated mouse trigeminal sensory neurons. Br.J.Pharmacol. 137 421.
  • Geraghty and Mazzone (2002) Respiratory actions of vanilloid receptor agonists in the nucleus of the solitary tract: comparison of resiniferatoxin with non-pungent agents and anandamide. Br.J.Pharmacol. 137 919.
  • Begg et al (2002) Modulation of the release of endogenous adenosine by cannabinoids in the myenteric plexus-longitudinal muscle preparation of the guinea-pig ileum. Br.J.Pharmacol. 137 1298.

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