Standard Fluorescein, Coumarin and Rhodamine Dyes

Fluorescein, coumarin and rhodamine are examples of core fluorescent scaffolds that form the basis of many commonly used fluorescent dye standards. They are useful in many different experimental settings: fluorescent imaging, flow cytometry, IHC/ICC, etc. The photophysical properties of each dye are different, making certain dyes particularly well suited to a particular application/experiment. Check out our product pages to find the relevant data and suggested applications for each fluorescent dye.

Literature (1)
Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
5440 FITC
Green fluorescent dye
6489 Ocean Blue, SE
Blue fluorescent dye; supplied as NHS ester
6488 5(6)-SFX (Fluorescein), SE
Green fluorescent dye for the labeling of primary amines
5442 Sulforhodamine 101 acid chloride
Red fluorescent dye; amine reactive

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