ROS and Other Gaseous Donors


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
0663 L-Arginine
Endogenous substrate for NOS


Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
6117 CORM 2
Carbon monoxide-releasing molecule
5320 CORM 3
Carbon monoxide-releasing molecule
6077 DETA NONOate
Nitric oxide donor
5935 H2DCFDA
Fluorescent ROS indicator; cell permeable
5575 IQ 1S
JNK inhibitor; anti-inflammatory; also NO donor
2147 Nicorandil
NO donor and KATP channel opener
5735 S3QEL 2
Suppressor of complex III superoxide production
0756 SIN-1 chloride
Water-soluble NO donor
0598 SNAP
A stable analog of endogenous S-nitroso compounds
0603 SNOG
NO carrier. Breaks down to release NO
1135 Spermine NONOate
Slow NO releasing agent