Miscellaneous Compounds

Cat No Product Name / Activity
3793 A 1120
High affinity retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4) ligand
4490 Alantolactone
Antiproliferative; induces activin/Smad3 signaling
2855 B2
Promotes inclusion formation in Huntington's and Parkinson's diseases
6117 CORM 2
Carbon monoxide-releasing molecule
5320 CORM 3
Water-soluble carbon monoxide-releasing molecule
3767 CP 20961
Non-immunogenic adjuvant
3976 Deoxynivalenol
Mycotoxin; potent protein synthesis inhibitor
3811 Emodin
Naturally occurring anthraquinone; displays anti-inflammatory, antitumor and neuroprotective activity
3764 Fluconazole
Triazole antifungal agent
3658 GYY 4137 morpholine salt
Slow-releasing H2S donor
5284 trans-ISRIB
Integrated stress response (ISR) inhibitor
5213 LL 37
Antimicrobial peptide derivative of human cathelicidin
3016 Miconazole nitrate
Antifungal agent
3399 Myelin Basic Protein (87-99)
Major antigenic component implicated in the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis
3277 Pentamidine isethionate
4325 Phosphocreatine disodium salt
Phosphate reservoir
3118 Ranolazine dihydrochloride
Antianginal and antiarrhythmic agent
4521 TAS 301
Inhibitor of smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation
4152 TMN 355
Cyclophilin A inhibitor
1098 Tranilast
Antiallergic; inhibits inflammatory mediator release from mast cells
2906 TRO 19622
Neuroprotective and neuroregenerative compound
3760 Voriconazole
Triazole antifungal agent