Arf GTPases

Arf GTPases regulate vesicle trafficking, budding and tethering, and cytoskeleton organization. The family contains Class I, II and III Arfs, as well as related GTPases. Aberrant activity and expression of specific family members has been linked to cancer progression and tumor invasion and proliferation.

Gene Data

Arf GTPase Inhibitors

Cat. No. Product Name / Activity
3584 Golgicide A
Potent, selective and reversible inhibitor of GBF1 ArfGEF
5986 NAV 2729
Selective ARF6 inhibitor
3324 QS 11
ARFGAP1 inhibitor; modulates Wnt/β-catenin signaling
2849 SecinH3
Sec7-specific GEF inhibitor; selective for cytohesin family

Arf (ADP-ribosylation factor) GTPases generally regulate vesicle trafficking, budding and tethering and cytoskeleton organization. Active, GTP-bound Arf proteins bind to vesicle coat proteins and adapters, including various phospholipids. There are 6 Arf isoforms in mammals, divided into three classes based on sequence homology; Class I (Arf1, Arf2 and Arf3), Class II (Arf4 and Arf5) and class III (Arf6). This family of GTpases also includes Arl (Arf-like), Arp (Arf-related) and the more remotely related Sar (secretion associated and ras related) proteins. Like other small GTPases, Arf proteins are regulated by GEFs and GAPs.

Aberrant activity or expression of Arf family members is reported to play a role in cancer cell migration, invasion and proliferation. Specifically, Arlf, Arf4 and Arf6 are abnormally expressed in different cancer cell types, including human breast, gastric, prostate and lung cancers. Arf specific GAPs and GEFs are also suggested as regulators of cancer progression and their expression has been correlated with higher grade tumors.

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    Arf GTPases Gene Data

    Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
    Arf1 Human ARF1 NM_001024227 P84077
    Mouse Arf1 NM_001130408 P84078
    Rat Arf1 NM_022518 NP_071963
    Arf3 Human ARF3 NM_001659 P61204
    Mouse Arf3 NM_007478 P61205
    Rat Arf3 NM_080904 NP_543180
    Arf4 Human ARF4 NM_001660 P18085
    Mouse Arf4 NM_007479 P61750
    Rat Arf4 NM_024151 NP_077065
    Arf5 Human ARF5 NM_001662 P84085
    Mouse Arf5 NM_007480 P84084
    Rat Arf5 NM_024149 NP_077063
    Arf6 Human ARF6 NM_001663 P62330
    Mouse Arf6 NM_007481 P62331
    Rat Arf6 NM_024152 NP_077066