Protocol for CEPT Cocktail Kit

This is intended as a guide only.

CEPT Cocktail is a combination of small molecules, Chroman 1 (Cat. No. 7163), Emricasan (Cat. No. 7310), Polyamine Supplement x1000 (lyophilized) (Cat. No. 7739), and trans-ISRIB (Cat. No. 5284) available from Tocris, which improves the viability of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs). This combination has been shown to be effective in cryopreservation, routine long-term passaging, as well as embryoid body and organoid formation.

CEPT Cocktail Kit






Stock Solution



for Reconstitution

Chroman 1 7163 1 vial 10,000x 500 μL DMSO for a 0.5 mM
Emricasan 7310 1 vial 10,000x 500 μL DMSO for a 50 mM
trans-ISRIB 5284 1 vial 10,000x 500 μL DMSO for a 7 mM
Supplement x1000
7739 1 vial 1000x 5 mL ddH2O
DMSO, sterile filtered 3176 5 mL    

Reconstitution of stock solutions

1. Prepare stock solutions (10,000x) for Chroman 1 (0.5 mM), Emricasan (50 mM) and trans-ISRIB (7 mM) by adding 500 μL of DMSO, sterile filtered, to each vial. Mix thoroughly or gently warm the solutions in a 45-60ºC water bath to ensure complete reconstitution. Add 100 μL of resuspended 10,000x stock solution per 1 L of media.

2. Prepare a 1000x Polyamine Supplement stock solution by reconstituting vial contents in 5 mL of ddH2O and filter sterilize before use. Add 1 mL of sterile resuspended polyamines supplement (1000x stock) per 1 L of media.

3. Filter the prepared medium before use.


Storage and Handling

Store the stock solutions, once prepared, at -80°C and use them within 6 months, or at -20°C within 1 month.